Los Angeles residence house manual

7. Other information

7.1 Fireplace

Before using the fireplace, please make sure you have a tutorial first. It takes two people
to light it. It is a gas fireplace and burning wood inside the fireplace is not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: The fireplace use is only permitted during the cool winter months and not during the spring, summer and fall fire season!

7.2 Upstairs lighting

As you walk into the property, the first bank of switches on your right will turn on ½ of the upstairs lighting and outdoor lighting. The 2nd bank of switches, located on the half wall of the kitchen, turn on the rest of the upstairs interior lighting. The switch for the disposal is on the right-hand side of the sink behind the microwave. All the switches in the house have been labeled.

7.3 Receiving packages

Receiving packages is very easy, just make sure they are addressed with your name, so they don’t get mixed up with another guest!

Signature confirmation is not recommended unless you are sure you will be home to receive the package.

7.4 Outdoor areas

PLEASE NOTE: Supervise young children and pets on front patio, back deck, and side master bedroom deck. Please be sure to lock the entry doors after using the outdoor areas, and don’t forget the Dutch door in the kitchen area! Please use the indoor stairway only during your stay.