Los Angeles residence house manual

4. Kitchen

4.1 Stove

Turn the desired burner to light position then adjust the flame. Turn oven dial to the desired temp. If any burners are inactive, they may be lit with a lighter in the left-hand drawer by the stove. Turn the range hood fan “ON” to absorb cooking odors and be sure all burners and oven are in the “OFF” position before leaving the house.

4.2 Microwave

Select desired time, then press “START”. Dishes and glass are microwave safe; do not place metal in the microwave.

4.3 Dish towels and pot holders

There are clean dish towels and potholders in the left-hand side drawer next to the stove.

4.4. Dishwasher

  1. Load the dishwasher properly by placing smaller items on the top rack and larger items on the lower rack. Be sure not to obstruct the path of the circular rinse/wash arms on each level. Do not place wood cutting boards or wooden spoons in the dishwasher.
  2. Load dishwashing soap into the grey soap dispenser on the inside of the door, close the latch to the dispenser.
  3. Turn the machine “ON” by pushing the power button on the left-hand side of the inner control panel and choose the cycle on the right.
  4. Simply close the door which will start the wash cycle.
  5. The machine will beep when the cycle is finished. Open the door to let the steam out and finish drying (about another hour or so if desired) but watch out for hot steam.
  6. Dish soap for handwashing dishes is on the counter by the kitchen sink in the black steel dispenser. There is more dish soap stored under the kitchen sink.

4.5 Setting the table

There is a selection of serving platters, a table runner, tablecloths, candlesticks, and placemats in the bank of cabinets beneath the glass dining room area cabinets.

4.6 Dishware and glassware

Dishware and glassware are located in the pantry cabinet area by the Dutch door in the kitchen.

4.7 Water

There is a filtered water spigot on the inside left-hand side of the inside of the fridge.

4.8 Coffee

Nespresso machine:

Pods are located on the same counter as the machine.

  1. Fill the reservoir with water
  2. Place the coffee pod (larger) or espresso pod (smaller) in the chamber and turn to the locked position.
  3. Place your cup on the grill under the spout.
  4. Turn the lever clockwise until it “clicks”.
  5. Press the coffee icon button on top of the machine until the cycle stars and the button is blinking.
  6. When pod reservoir is full, place used pods in the recycling bags provided under the cabinet beneath the machine to you right. Fill bags completely before sealing.

FOR LONG TERM BOOKINGS: Nespresso pods for the VertuoLine can be reordered on Amazon. Place any full sealed Nespresso recycling bags in the lower cabinet to the right of the trash cabinet.

Coffee pot (Recommended for larger or long-term groups):

  1. Open the top lid of the coffee maker.
  2. Place basket style coffee filter in bowl area (filters are in the upper righthand cabinet by the stove).
  3. Fill with desired amount of coffee grounds, about 1 heaping tablespoon per cup.
  4. Swing the plastic spout back over the basket area.
  5. Pour desired amount of water from the carafe into the reservoir.
  6. Press the “ON” button

You will need to purchase ground coffee and basket filters at the local grocer.