Los Angeles residence house manual

1. Arrival, departure & keys

1.1 Arrival and departure

Arrival: Monday after 3 pm or any weekday after that.
Departure: Monday at the latest at 12 pm (noon)

This is to ensure that new arrivals have a clean room when they arrive in the residence.

1.2 Before your stay

Make sure to read through the house manual and guidelines. All the necessary information and contacts are in this manual. Please contact your home organization representative or the L.A. House Manager for any questions you might have.

1.3 Keys

A set of keys for entry is in a lockbox on the right side of the driveway (when facing the house) attached to the black iron gate. The code will be provided to you before your arrival.

PLEASE NOTE: There should always be a set of keys left inside the lockbox. Please make sure of this when leaving the house. This is to ensure that Heidi, the cleaning service, and any potential maintenance crew will have access to the house.

Do not share the lockbox code to outside people.

1.4 House address and contacts

The address of the property is 6080 Rodgerton Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068.

Don’t hesitate to call/text/or message day or night with any questions or concerns:

House Manager: Heidi Luukkonen +1 323 241-7310 (main contact) heidi.luukkonen@icloud.com

House owner/landlord: Miranda Lee Richards +1 213 445-8758

1.5 Entering and exiting the property

PLEASE NOTE: The front door does not automatically lock, so you will need to lock the house when leaving and lock the front door from the inside when entering to ensure security of the property. The key is a master key and works with all points of entry.

1.6 Transportation from LAX to the house

Easiest way to get to the house is by using rideshare services Uber or Lyft. You can find free LAX-it shuttles outside baggage claim on level one to LAX-it lot where you can order your ride. More info >

If you are renting a car, all car rental services offer free shuttles from the airport to their locations. See more about parking at the house below.

You can find information about all the different transportation options from LAX here >

1.7 Parking

There is parking for 1–2 cars in the driveway and street parking for 2 or more cars. A parking pass is required only on the weekends for street parking, the rest of the time, you can park freely where there is space in front of the property. Parking passes and additional key sets are in the basket at the top of the inside stairwell.

1.8 Check out

To save time for housekeeping before the next guests, we ask that you:

  1. Start a full load of white laundry with bleach (see washing machine instructions above).
  2. Load and start the dishwasher.
  3. Leave parking passes and keys in the basket at the top of the stairs.
  4. Lock the front door.
  5. Place the last set of keys in the lockbox before departure.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $50 charge for lost parking passes.