Villa Vikan Rental guide, main villa

9. Kitchen

9.1 Dining table

The dining table in the kitchen is extendable. The extension piece that can be added to the end which is nearest the facade is kept in the cupboard under the stairs..

9.2 Cooking

The apartment has basic equipment for cooking, but nothing special. If you wish, you can leave items such as basic spices behind for future guests. However, do not rely on the fact that there will be a particular spice or things such as flour in the cupboard.

Instructions for the household machines are available in a plastic box in the the kitchen cupboard. Put them back after use.

9.3 Tableware and cutlery

The kitchen has a basic set of dishes, cutlery and cookware as well as a dishwasher.

Please wash the dishes and put them back in place before leaving. Washing dishes is not included in the weekly cleaning service.

9.4 Refrigerator/freezer

Do not leave any perishable foods or ingredients in the refrigerator/freezer. You can leave small quantities of unopened products that keep well and are clearly marked with use-by and best before dates as well as unopened beverages to be consumed by future guests. Therefore, before you leave, go through the contents of the refrigerator and remove any useless items. Basically, the refrigerator should be (almost) empty when you leave so that the next guest can use it normally.