Villa Vikan Rental guide, main villa

8. Other devices and items

8.1 Televisions

There is a high quality 65-inch LG 65LA965W 4K 3D LED TV in the living room. To operate the remote control, point it at the desired location on the screen and the cursor will follow accordingly. If the cursor does not appear on the screen, scroll the selector in the middle up or down.

Do not touch the screen. Take particular care if there are children around.

The Denon preamplifier is connected to the TV’s HDMI1 channel which you should select on the TV when using a Blu-Ray player or the PS4 console.

If you want to use your own signal source, such as a laptop, connect it with the HDMI cable next to the center speaker to a DVD input. By selecting DVD input your laptop screen is mirrored to the TV screen and the sound is coming from the speakers. You can mirror your phone to the TV by using Miracast-connection.

The TV’s sound comes from the 5.1-channel speaker system via the preamplifier if you select the following in the TV’s “Asetukset” (Settings) menu (indicated by a gear symbol in the SMART menu): “Ääni” (Audio) – “Äänilähtö” (Audio output) – “Ulkoinen kaiutin” (External speaker). Restore the setting to “TV-kaiutin” (TV speaker) when you leave, since regular TV users will not hear the TV’s sound otherwise.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses, 4 pairs of which are available on the shelf of the TV stand.

The downstairs workroom has a 40-inch Philips 42PUS7809 Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV that can also be used as an additional computer display through the HDMI channel. The 3D glasses are kept in the desktop drawer.

8.2 Bicycles

There are four bicycles shared by the main building and the cabins which are kept behind the left-most door of the rather large utility building on the left hand side of the entrance road. Do not leave the bicycles in the rain, or they will soon rust and get destroyed.

Basically, two bicycles are reserved for the main building and one for each cabin. The black bicycles are intended for the main building, the brown one for cabin 1 and the orange one for cabin 2. If you need more than your allocated number of bicycles, ask the guests of the other buildings whether you can use theirs. If there is a building with no guests, its bicycle(s) are available for use by the other guests on a first-come-first-served basis. The bicycles are not available for use in the winter if there is snow or ice on the ground.

The bicycles are 3-speed small-size women’s models that can be used by almost anyone. The bicycles have a front basket, a carrier, an automatic hub dynamo light (on/off switch at the rear of the lamp) and mudguards. A foot pump with a meter can be found in the bicycle storage where it should always be kept. You can take the smaller hand pump with you when you go on a ride, but you must also leave that one in the bicycle basket in the storage area after use. Keep the tyres at a sufficient pressure (50 to 75 PSI depending on the cyclist’s weight) to ensure that riding is not too strenuous and the rims are not damaged.

Next to the bicycles on top of the refrigerator, there are tool bags with items such as a box spanner for adjusting the height of the saddle. In the same place, you will also find chain oil.

All bicycles are equipped with a number lock the code of which is 1897 (the year when the Vikan villa was built). Always use the wire lock to attach the bicycles to a solid object when you leave them somewhere other than the bicycle storage.

When riding, be careful since winding roads have limited visibility. A helmet is necessary when cycling, but you should bring your own helmets with you.

You are expected to perform minor adjustments, such as pumping tyres and oiling chains, yourself. If you do not know how, you can contact the caretaker or the Union office.

8.3 Hair dryer

The apartment has a hairdryer which is kept in the upstairs bathroom.

8.4 Ironing

The iron and the ironing board are kept in the downstairs cupboard below the stairs.

8.5 Outdoor furniture

The seat cushions for the outdoor furniture on the downstairs terraces are kept in the linen cupboard of the bedroom above the control room.

The seat cushions for the upstairs terrace are kept in the linen cupboard of the small upstairs bedroom. Do not leave the cushions on the roof terrace where they are subject to rain, and place all cushions (dry) in cupboards before leaving Vikan. In the linen cupboard of the control room, there are also 8 blankets which guests can use, for instance, to keep warm on the terraces. Also put the blankets (dry) in the cupboard before leaving Vikan.

To switch the terrace heater on, pull the cord provided. It is also used for choosing the heating power from three settings (max. 2,000W).

Do not move the heater unnecessarily, and not at all when it is switched on. Be careful not to turn the pole sideways. The infrared heater only heats objects and people, not air. Apply appropriate heating power and switch the heater off whenever it is not needed because it consumes a lot of electricity.

8.6 Boat and pier

Be careful when on the pier and especially watch over small children.

There is a fibreglass rowing boat down by the lake with a set of oars kept on the sauna terrace. Do not remove the drain bung; instead, empty the boat of rainwater with a ladle or by tilting it. The caretaker takes care of the boats, but it may be necessary, for instance, to brush them every now and then. Turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline when you stop using it.

There are a couple of life jackets on the coat rack in the entryway, but you might want to bring your own life jackets for extra protection. This is especially important if you have small children who need appropriately sized life jackets. If the life jackets get wet, dry them thoroughly before hanging them on the coat rack.

8.7 Maps, books, newspapers and magazines

There is a map of the area on the kitchen wall.

If you choose to leave books at the residence, future guest will thank you. However, do not leave any newspapers or magazines since they will soon turn into big piles. Also, do not leave unnecessary items, such as advertising materials, in the residence. There is a paper recycling container in the waste container enclosure.