Villa Vikan Rental guide, main villa

4. Working

4.1 Grand piano

The grand piano is a fully restored Steinway & Sons model B-211 from 1939 (New York). Cover the piano when you leave and when it is not being used. It is the cleaner’s job to fill the humidifier tank of the piano, but you might want to check it just in case. The water in the humidifier tank should not run out. The indicators below the keyboard show the level of water in the tank. The filling jug and the additive as well as instructions are provided on the shelf of the chest of drawers in the entryway.

The piano includes microphones (2 x DPA d:vote 4099) that you can use for recording.

The piano is tuned from time to time, but if you need extra tuning for a recording project, for example, contact the Union office. The piano may not be tuned without the consent of the Union office.

4.2 Workroom facilities

The downstairs work space is intended for electronic music work, such as recordings. You can set up a control centre in the workroom, and the wall cabling makes it possible to make recordings in the living room (on both sides) and the bedroom above the workroom.

Basic connections have already been made. Do not change them needlessly, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving.

For more details, see the “Recording” section below.

4.3 Music and microphone stands

There are 6 music stands with lights and 10 microphone stands (8 long and 2 short). They are kept in the cupboard below the stairs. Be careful not to to damage the walls when moving the stands.

4.4 Internet

The apartment has a broadband connection and a wireless network (WLAN).

Network: Musiikki

Password: Vikan312021

The wireless network works everywhere in the building, but the signal strength may vary.

If the connection is lost and cannot be re-established, restart your device and wait for the the connection to start working again. If this does not help, you can reset the modem which is located on a shelf in the electrical cabinet in the entryway. Follow the operating instructions (under the device on the shelf).

4.5 Speakers

All the speakers in the apartment are Genelec powered speakers made in Finland. Each speaker you intend to use must be switched on when listening. If no sound is heard even though the signal is being transmitted to the speaker, first check that the power indicator is lit on the front panel of the speakers. On the living room floor, there is a powered subwoofer which must be switched on for the audio signal to reach the other speakers (3 in the front and 2 in the rear). Normally, the speakers are always switched on and you do not need to switch them off when leaving. Do not change the connections.

4.6 Recording

Vikan’s main building has basic equipment for making recordings, etc. for music work. Depending on your requirements, you may need to bring your own equipment for added functionality.

In the living room (on both sides), in the downstairs workroom and in the bedroom above the workroom, there are wall sockets for connecting microphones and audio devices.

It is easiest to set up the control centre in the downstairs workroom where all the lines from the wall sockets come together in a box and which has monitor speakers, 2 displays and a desk available.

In the living room, there is also a monitoring camera which is connected to the terminal box in the workroom (HDMI). If the camera is switched off, gently press the power switch on the camera (you can find a ladder in the small shed in the yard). For monitoring, there is a digital system with all necessary components enabling four simultaneous personal listening sessions. On the control centre table, there is also a 12-channel standard mixer, but you can naturally also use your own.

The grand piano is set up with microphones.

Equipment list:

  • Monitor speakers: 2 x Genelec 8040
  • Headphones: AKG K.240 and 4 x Audio-Technica ATH-M40 X
  • Mixer: Soundcraft Spirit M12
  • Display 1: Philips 42-inch 42PUS7809 Smart 4K UltraHD 3D LED, 600 Hz(HDMI)
  • Display 2: Samsung 27-inch LED FullHD (HDMI, VGA)
  • Grand piano microphones: 2 x DPA d:vote 4099 condenser microphone
  • Monitoring converter: Behringer Powerplay P16I Module 16 ch AD Converter
  • Monitoring distributor: Behringer Powerplay P16D Ultranet Distributor
  • Monitor mixers: 4 x Behringer Powerplay P16M Personal Mixer, 16 ch, brackets for the microphone stand
  • Master keyboard: Yamaha P 155
  • DI boxes: 2 x Radial Engineering Pro D2 – passive stereo Dl
  • Microphone stands: 8 x K&M 210/2 (normal), 2 x K&M 25935 (low)
  • Microphone screen: SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro
  • Equipment rack: a 4U standard rack on the desk with 3U empty
  • Microphone cables: 10 x 10 m Cordial CXM 10, 24 x 5 m Cordial CXM 5 (Neutrik NC3 connectors)
  • Music stands and lights: 6 x Thomann Orchestra Stand Deluxe, 10 x Mighty Bright Duet 2 (AAA batteries)

For more details, search for the equipment on the Internet. User guides are available in the desk drawers. Put them back after use.