Villa Vikan Rental guide, main villa

2. Listening to music

2.1 CDs

In the living room, CDs can be listened to with the Blu-ray player (LG BP730), the Playstation 4 console or by connecting your own player to the AV preamplifier (Denon DN-500AV). For mobile and other devices, the preamplifier is equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo jack cable which must be left on top of the amplifier. If you decide to use the preamplifier, select “DVD” as the signal source. You can also listen to music with the speakers in the downstairs workroom by connecting your player to the mixer.

There are some CDs available on the equipment shelf in the living room. Put them back after use. You can leave disks behind for use by future guests.

2.2 Bluetooth

You can use the Bluetooth receiver (Nokia MD-310) located on the shelf of the TV stand and connected to the DOCK input of the preamplifier, to listen to music on Bluetooth devices, such as your mobile phone. First, pair your device with the Bluetooth receiver. Check that the power indicator of the speakers used is lit when the signal is being transmitted. To adjust the volume, use the remote control of the preamplifier, the volume knob and/or the volume control of the player.

Do not change the connections of the equipment, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem. There are more operating instructions in the desk drawer of the downstairs workroom. Put them back after use.