Villa Vikan Rental guide, main villa

11. General

11.1 Safety and emergency number

Ensure safety especially when swimming in the lake. Keep children under supervision when they swim, and do not swim if you are intoxicated.

Dial the general emergency number 112 to reach the emergency services (ambulance, police or fire and rescue). No area code is required.

The nearest hospital is 23 kilometres away:

West Uusimaa Hospital
Itäinen Rantakatu 9
10601 Tammisaari
telephone (Mon-Fri 7:30-18, Sat-Sun 10-16): 019-2241, on call 24 h: 019-224 2800

Joint on-call service for health centres: 019-224 2890

11.2 Visitors

You can invite a reasonable number of visitors to the apartment at your own responsibility. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight in the apartment.

For security reasons, we do not recommend letting complete strangers inside. The guest is fully responsible for the apartment and its movables at all times.

11.3 Surroundings

A revamped path starting near the gate next to the rapids goes around the Vikan site. The area around the rapids and the river is protected because dichelyma moss is found there.

The Vikan cape (Vikaudden) is open for use by all guests. However, the area in the immediate vicinity of each building is reserved for its guests. In the case of the cabins, that area includes the pier and the shore, and in the case of the main building, the sauna and the shore. The revamped path that goes around the site is open to everyone; however, you are not allowed to walk the path along the shore of cabin 1 or near cabin 2 when it is dark, or at any other time if you cause disturbance.

Avoid unnecessary movement in the area surrounding the river as it is protected. The old bridge leading to the island in the middle of the rapids must not be used until it is rebuilt. Do not litter or damage the environment.

11.4 Convenience store

The nearest convenience store is located in Pohja 9 km away:

S-Market Pohja

Pohjantie 2
(010) 7626350
Mon-Fri 8-21, Sat 10-18, Sun 12-18