Villa Vikan Rental guide, cabins 1 and 2

8. General

8.1 Emergency number

Dial the general emergency number 112 to reach the emergency services (ambulance, police or fire and rescue). No area code is required.

The nearest hospital is 23 kilometres away:

West Uusimaa Hospital
Itäinen Rantakatu 9
10601 Tammisaari
Telephone (Mon-Fri 7:30-18, Sat-Sun 10-16): 019-2241 on call 24 h: 019-224 2800

Joint on-call service for health centres: 019-224 2890

8.2 Windows and doors

Windows and doors must be kept closed when the apartment is empty.

8.3 Internet

The cabins have an unsecured WLAN connection with no password.

8.4 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

The waste container enclosure is located, if viewed from the main door, on the left below the hill. You should take the rubbish to the container whenever needed and definitely when you leave. You should also clear away any empty bottles.

8.5 Books, newspapers and magazines

If you want to leave books in the cabin, future guests will thank you. We recommend not leaving newspapers or magazines since they will soon turn into big piles. Also, do not leave unnecessary items, such as advertising materials, in the residence. There is a paper recycling container in the waste container enclosure.

8.6 Pets

Cabin no. 2 can also accommodate pets. Pets are not allowed in the other buildings.

8.7 Heating

The building has electrically heated radiators and an air heat pump. The heating is remote controlled. Contact the Union office, if the heating does not work or works erratically.

8.8 Cleaning

The weekly cleaning takes place on Mondays between 10.00 and 12.00. The cleaners use their own keys to enter. The cleaners are expected to clean the floors, tables and other surfaces, remove used bed linen, towels and sauna seat covers and make the beds. The cleaners also tidy up the terrace, the sauna and the washroom. If you have any complaints regarding the work of the cleaners, you should contact the Union office immediately.

8.9 Electricity

The electricity bill is Vikan’s biggest single expense. Please use electricity sparingly. If not necessary, do not keep the lights on or the doors and windows open.

8.10 Smoking

Smoking inside the cabins is strictly prohibited. When smoking on terraces, use an ashtray.

8.11 Safety

Ensure safety especially when swimming and using the pier. Keep children under supervision when they swim or spend time near the shore, and do not swim if you are intoxicated.

8.12 Damage and deficiencies

If something is missing or has been broken, please inform the Union office at the earliest opportunity. Outside office hours, you can send an email or text message.

8.13 Visitors

You can invite a reasonable number of visitors to the cabins at your own responsibility. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight in the cabins. For security reasons, we do not recommend letting complete strangers inside. The guest has full responsibility for the cabin and its movables at all times.