Villa Vikan Rental guide, cabins 1 and 2

1. Arrival, departure and keys

1.1 Arrival to the residence and access to the cabins

Villa Vikan’s cabins are located at the shore of Lake Långträsket in Raasepori. The address is:

Vikan 30
10420 Pohjankuru

The tenants can arrive to the cabins after 16.00 on Sundays, which is when the rental period starts.

Cabin 1 is located near the shore on the right when viewed from the main building entrance. The road to the cabin goes between the main building and the small caretaker’s cottage and then downwards to the front yard of Cabin 1.

Cabin 2 is located at the end of a rocky cape farther away from the main building. The road to the cabin goes straight from Vikan’s entrance gate between the residential building on the right and the utility building on the left. You will find Cabin 2 at the end of the road.

1.2 Public transportation and taxis

The nearest bus stop is located on the Kuninkaantie road to the west of the Skarpkullantie intersection about 2.5 km away. The bus journey to Karjaa takes about half an hour.

There is a train connection from the Karjaa Railway Station to Helsinki and Turku (coastal rail line). The distance between the station and Vikan is just under 19 km.

You can order a taxi from the Karjaa or Tammisaari Taxi Centre:

KARJAA 019 1069 1169
TAMMISAARI 019 1069 191

It is best to order a taxi from the centre which is in the direction where you are going. A taxi ride between Karjaa and Vikan costs approximately 35 euros depending on the time of day and the number of people.

You can also order a taxi from the following local taxi operators (within a 10 km radius, from nearest to farthest):

Roger Fyrqvist 040 558 9924
Matts Malmberg 050 593 2704
Leif-Erik Lindman 0400 840 390
Tage Lindblom 0400 471 149

1.3 Departure

The rental period ends on Sunday at 10.00, when guests must leave the cabins at the latest. At that time, the cleaner will arrive and must be allowed to work undisturbed.

Before leaving, you should

  • wash the dishes and put them away
  • take the rubbish to the waste container
  • put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers and bed linen in the laundry basket in the entranceway to the sauna
  • ensure that all items and furniture are in their proper places and that any changes made to equipment connections are restored
  • switch off electrical appliances and lights (except for the Genelec speakers)
  • return the keys back to their original place
  • close the windows and external doors
  • empty the sauna firebox and ash drawer and tidy up the sauna if you have used it
  • turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline if you have used it
  • put the PS4 controllers on the charging cradle
  • write in the guest book
  • lock all doors
  • activate the alarm system.

Cleaning of the grill and barbecue shed is the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant fails to clean the grill and the shed, an additional invoice will be sent to the tenant.

1.4 Keys and the alarm system

The main entrance of all rental buildings at Vikan is equipped with a code lock. No keys are necessary, since the lock opens with a four-digit code provided when signing the rental agreement. If the door is locked, enter the code to open it. If the alarm is on, use the door code to enter, not the keys.

To activate the alarm system, close the door and enter the code twice in succession (wait a few seconds in between). When the alarm system is activated, the motion detectors will sense if there is movement in the building.

The doors can also be opened with the keys found on the wall of the entrance way. You must leave them there upon departure.

The cabins are equipped with an alarm system. When the building is vacated, the alarm system must be activated.

To deactivate the alarm system, enter the door code once, and the door will open. If the alarm is on, use the door code to enter, not the keys.

When you exit the building, activate the alarm system by entering the door code twice in succession.

1.5 Contact

Office of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585

Heikki Isokoski, Caretaker of Vikan:
+358 (0) 400 706 521