Villa Vikan Rental guide, cabins 1 and 2

Villa Vikan’s log cabins which were built by Teosto in the 1980s are located by the Långträsket lake in Raasepori, address: Vikan 30, 10420 Pohjankuru. The cabins were donated to the Residence Fund of the Finnish Music Foundation as part of the Vikan donation. The Residence Fund renovated the main building and the cabins in 2014.

The cabins have separate beds for four people (two double bedrooms). Cabin users have a sauna, a pier, a rowing boat and a bicycle at their disposal. The cabins have a work space equipped for electronic music work and with Internet access. The cabins, which are available year round, have identical facilities.

If you find something essential to be missing, please contact the Union office.


1. Arrival, departure and keys

1.1 Arrival to the residence and access to the cabins

1.2 Public transportation and taxis

1.3 Departure

1.4 Keys and the alarm system

1.5 Contact

2. Movies, music and Playstation 4

2.1 Watching Blu-Rays and DVDs

2.2 Movies

2.3 Speakers

2.4 Listening to music

2.5 Playstation 4 (PS4)

3. Work space

3.1 Work space

4. Towels, sauna and beds

4.1 Towels and sauna seat covers

4.2 Sauna

4.3 Shower

4.4 Beds and bed linen

4.5 Water and sewers

5. Surroundings

5.1 Pier

5.2 Other buildings

5.3 Surroundings

5.4 Boat

6. Other devices and items

6.1 Bicycles

6.2 Television

6.3 Hair dryer

7. Kitchen and cooking

7.1 Tableware and cutlery

7.2 Grill

7.3 Refrigerator/freezer

7.4 Household appliances

7.5 Cooking and convenience store

8. General

8.1 Emergency number

8.2 Windows and doors

8.3 Internet

8.4 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

8.5 Books, newspapers and magazines

8.6 Pets

8.7 Heating

8.8 Cleaning

8.9 Electricity

8.10 Smoking

8.11 Safety

8.12 Damage and deficiencies

8.13 Visitors