Mijas residence rental guide

3. Facilities

3.1 Bathrooms

As hot water is limited, please prefer short showers to make sure there is enough water for everyone else.

There are also hairdryers in the bathrooms.

3.2 Kitchen and cutlery

The apartments are equipped with basic kitchenware, cooking and dining utensils, and dishwashers and washing machines.

Cueva’s dishwasher is on the terrace. Wash your dishes before you leave and put them away.

The water from the tap comes from a mountain spring and is drinkable.

Please do not leave any perishable food in the fridge or freezer when you leave. Unopened products that keep well can be left behind.

3.3 Pool area

The pool area is free to use until 11 pm.

The pool is emptied for the winter. The timing depends on the weather.

3.4 Air conditioning

There are two air-source heat pumps in Ático and one in Cueva. Air-source heat pumps are equipped with a mode for cooling.

3.5 Drinking water

The water from the tap in the residency is drinkable. The water comes from its own spring.