Mijas residence rental guide

Musicians’ Union’s Mijas residence consists of two furnished apartments near Costa del Sol, on the hills of Mijas Pueblo.

The residence is located in a peaceful neighborhood near services and good transportation possibilities. The Mijas residence is perfect for working that requires peace and quiet, relaxation and also for exploring culture. The tenants can network with local colleagues.


1. Arrival, departure and keys

1.1 Arrival

1.2 Arrival from airport

1.3 Departure

1.4 Keys

1.5 Contact details

2. Instruments and working

2.1 Instruments

2.2 Wifi

3. Facilities

3.1 Bathrooms

3.2 Kitchen and cutlery

3.3 Pool area

3.4 Air conditioning

4. Cleaning, towels and sheets

4.1 Cleaning

4.2 Towels and sheets

4.3 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

5. General

5.1 Transportation

5.2 Pets

5.3 Grocery stores

5.4 Smoking

5.5 Rental bikes