London residence rental guide

9. General

9.1 Staircase

London residence isn’t unobstructed.

Be careful when moving on the stairs. Keep an eye on small children when they use the stairs.

While carrying suitcases and other things, take care not to damage the walls of the staircase and avoid noise for the neighbours’ sake.

9.2 Electricity

Finnish electrical appliances can be used with London electricity. The voltage is the same, 230 V, but you need a plug adapter, several of which are available in the apartment. The wall outlets have a switch which is on (powered) when the red upper edge is visible (the underside of the switch is pressed in).

The circuit breaker cabinet is located behind the grand piano in the living room above the door to the boiler room.

Kitchen appliances have a separate circuit breaker cabinet in the kitchen, by the dishwasher.

9.3 Safety

Keep the safety chain on when you are inside, especially at night, and not to open the door to strangers

In the stairwell recess downstairs, there are two fire extinguishers; a larger foam extinguisher (not for electric appliances) and a smaller CO2 extinguisher. On the wall above them, there is a fire blanket. The upstairs fire extinguisher is located beneath the table in bedroom 3.

9.4 Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the residence, but allowed in the backyard. Make sure not to leave any cigarette butts in the yard or ashtrays when leaving the residence.