London residence rental guide

7. Other devices and items

7.1 Printer

The cupboard next to the upstairs work space holds a laser printer equipped with a USB and a wireless connection.

The USB cable of the printer is routed to the desk through the hole in the cupboard wall. The printer is also accessible on the wireless network.

IP address:

To set up your own device to print wirelessly, follow the instructions provided for changing the network settings.

Printing paper is available on the shelf. If the paper or toner run out, you can purchase them from the office supplies stores nearby. Follow the instructions for removing and attaching the toner cartridge.

7.2 Television

The living room has a 3D Full HD Plasma TV. Do not leave a still picture on the screen or the TV switched on needlessly. Also, do not touch the the screen. Take particular care if there are children around.

If you wish to listen to the TV as high quality stereo or multi-channel sound, turn on the amplifier (Yamaha) and select “AV5” to display “TV” on the amplifier display. You should also mute the TV’s own sound to avoid an irritating delay.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses. For detailed instructions, see section ”3D glasses”.

7.3 Bicycle

One women’s bicycle has been purchased for the residence. You should always lock the bicycle by attaching its frame to a solid object using the U-lock provided. It is also advisable to lock the front wheel with a separate wire lock. Lock the bicycle to the iron rail in front of the house for the night, preferably so that the frame is attached with a U-lock and the front and rear wheels as well as the saddle are attached with separate wire locks.

Equipment and tools for minor maintenance, such as adjusting the height of the saddle, are available in the hall table drawer which is nearest to the entrance. The bicycle only has hand brakes. For the bicycle, there are detachable battery-powered lights, a small hand pump and a foot pump with a meter (in bedroom 1). If you want to wear a helmet, which is strongly recommended, bring your own with you.

Pumping the tires:

  • Prior to pumping, first unscrew the nut on top of the valve.
  • Then, press the the pump nozzle over the valve at an angle of 90 degrees and push it all the way down. Finally, turn the nozzle locking lever of the foot pump to align it with the valve in order to lock it and enable pumping.
  • When removing the pump from the valve, first turn the nozzle locking lever so that it is at an angle of 90 degrees to the valve.
  • Finally, screw the valve nut tightly and place the protective cap on it.

The recommended tire pressure is 65 PSI.

7.4 Hair dryer

The apartment has a hair dryer, which is kept in the wardrobe of either bedroom 3 or 4.

7.5 Umbrellas

There are 2 fair-sized umbrellas available for guests. Be sure to look after them and leave them in good condition for the next guests.