London residence rental guide

2. Music listening

You can listen to music from your own device (smart phone, computer etc.) from the living room sound system or the work space upstairs. CDs can be listened to using the Blu-Ray player (Cambridge Audio) or the Playstation 3 console in the living room.

There are some CDs available in the apartment. After use, put them back on the shelf of the upstairs work space or the living room.

Do not, under any circumstances, change the connections of the equipment. If you do however change the connections, return them back when you’re finished. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem.

2.1 Music listening in the living room

  1. Check that the power indicator is lit at least on the front speakers (left and right). If not, check that the power outlet, to which the speaker is connected, is switched on (the red side of the switch should be visible).
  2.  If the power indicator is still not lit, check the power switch below the input cable at the rear of the speaker.
  3. Turn the volume control at the front edge of the speaker clockwise as far as it goes. If you are listening to multi-channel sound, follow the same procedure to switch on all the speakers if they are not already on.
  4. To adjust the volume, use the remote control of the amplifier (Yamaha).
  5. The relative volume is shown on the amplifier display in decibels.

2.2 Music listening from your own device

  1. Connect your device to the 3.5 mm mini-stereo plug of the cable located on the amplifier.
  2.  Be sure to return the end of the cable to the same spot in full view so that others will also find it.
  3. Choose “Audio 2” as the audio source on the amplifier by pressing the “Audio” key repeatedly until “MINI PLUG” is displayed.
  4. Press the ”MUSIC” button on the remote.

2.3 Music listening at work space

  1. Connect your device to the mixer using the cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug which is located on the desk/shelf.

2.4 Speakers

All the speakers in the apartment are Genelec powered speakers made in Finland. Each speaker you intend to use must be switched on when listening. If no sound is heard, first check that the power indicator on the front panel of the speakers is lit. The powered subwoofer on the floor to the left of the downstairs TV must be switched on for the audio signal to reach the other speakers (3 in the front and 2 in the rear).

Normally, the speakers are always switched on and you do not need to switch them off when leaving.

There are powered speakers on stands in the upstairs work space. Do not change the connections.

If the speakers in the living room emit a disturbing low-frequency hum when the amplifier (Yamaha) is switched off, switch on the amplifier or switch off both sockets behind the subwoofer.

On the kitchen windowsill, there is a ceramic horn in which you can put a suitable-sized mobile phone to listen to acoustically amplified music from its speaker. Place the mobile phone so that its speaker points towards the inside of the horn.