London residence rental guide

1. Arrival, departure and keys

1.1 Arrival

The residence is located in Fulham, at 2 Knivet Road.

The rental period starts on Monday at 16.00.

If, for some reason, you wish to enter the apartment before 11.30 – for example, to leave your luggage inside – it is imperative that you check this with the previous guest in good time (not the same day when you arrive) and also inform the Union office about it. For contact information, ask the Union office.

If you need to enter the apartment between 11.30 and 16.00, when the apartment is being cleaned, you must check this with the Union office. The cleaners must be allowed to work undisturbed.

1.2 Departure

The rental period ends on Monday at 11.30.

If you wish to stay longer or leave, for example, luggage in the apartment, arrange this in advance with the Union office. If you need to stay past 16.00, when the next guest’s rental period begins, you have to arrange this well in advance with the next guest (not the same day). For contact information, ask the Union office.

Before leaving, you should:  

  • wash the dishes and put them away
  • Ensure that there are no trash bags on the yard
  • put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers and bathrobes as well as bed linen in the vanity cabinet of the mid-floor bathroom
  • ensure that all items and furniture are in their proper places
  • switch off electrical appliances and lights (except for the Genelec speakers)
  • return the keys of the apartment onto the hooks in the hall
  • restore the central/floor heating settings back to their original values if you have changed them
  • close the windows
  • close the lid of the grand piano and the keyboard
  • charge the PS3 controllers and the 3D glasses (make sure the power switch is in the off position) if you have used them, and then disconnect them from the chargers
  • write in the guest book
  • lock all the doors (do not forget to engage the safety lock on the front door); use a separate key to engage the locks on the upper and lower edge of the doors leading to the back yard and the lightwell (leave the keys in the locks)
  • take the keys you received from the Union office back to Finland.

1.3 Keys

The residence keychain has 2 keys, the smaller one is for the upper and the larger one for the lower safety lock.

The keychains are kept on the letter-coded hooks below the underground map in the hall. If you have trouble opening the upper lock of the front door, remember not to push the key all the way in. The keys to the back yard and the living room lightwell are in the doors. If you have trouble opening the back yard door, open all the locks and push both parts of the door open.

The key of the bicycle U-lock is attached to a different keychain (B) in the hall.

Do not give the keys to outsiders in any situation. You should be very careful with the keys. In addition to practical difficulties and expenses, you will also have to remunerate the cost of making new keys.

1.4 Contact details

Report any damage to the property or its movables to the Union office immediately. If, upon arrival, you find that something is missing that should be in the apartment, report the matter to the Union office immediately. Also report any general deficiencies in the equipment or condition of the apartment that you think should be fixed to the Union office.


Union office:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585