The facilities are suitable for personal practice with acoustic instruments and, for example, for use by a vocal group, brass band or other assembly. Both classrooms available for booking are equipped with an upright piano and a grand piano.


Opening hours and contact information

Spring 2018: 9 January to 25 May*
Mon-Fri 9.30-13.00

*Exceptions: Closed: 26 January, 19-23 February, 14 March, 30 March, 2 April, 1 May, 4 May, 10 May

Address: Helsinginkatu 3–5 (the ‘Ebeneser’ building, about 100 m from the Sörnäinen metro station).

For the time being, the school is accessed by the door on the Harjukatu street.



For booking credentials, please contact the Union office at

A user can only book one room at a time from 9.30 to 13.00 when KHMO is open. Shorter or longer reservations are not possible.

A reservation can be cancelled 24 hours before the start of the session at the latest. After that, the reservation cannot be cancelled and it will be charged according to the current rate.

Prices and billing

1 session EUR 15.00
10 sessions EUR 100.00 (per autumn or spring period)

One session means one reservation (9.30 to 13.00) in one day. Billing takes place retroactively for the autumn and spring periods; the user is billed for the total sum of all reservations made during the past period. The price for 10 sessions is charged for each full set of 10 reservations; otherwise the price is EUR 15 per session.

Use of the facilities

There are two classrooms with an upright piano and a grand piano and two music stands.

The rehearsal spaces are primarily intended for personal practice with acoustic instruments with the exception of very loud instruments, such as drum sets. The facilities can also be used by small groups practising with acoustic instruments provided that the noise is not excessive.

After use, the facilities must be left in the same condition as they were on arrival. You are not allowed to leave instruments, equipment or other belongings behind. All your items must be removed at the end of each practice session. Eating, smoking and the use of intoxicants is forbidden on the premises. The person who makes the reservation assumes responsibility for the group using the space.

Access to the facilities

The key to the rehearsal space can be picked up from the KHMO office on the 4th floor. Press the buzzer to enter.

The key must be returned to the KHMO office after the practice session.

It is up to the person who booked the space to pick up and return the key.