Leisure time accident and travel insurance

  • The insurances comply with If’s valid Insurance Terms and Conditions.
  • Please apply for compensation on the If website www.if.fi by using your personal Omat sivut or the online claims form. If will process your claim and request for additional information, if necessary. You may also contact If’s Claims Services by phoning +358 10 19 18 18.
  • If reserves the right to verify from union that your membership is valid and in order.

Who are insured?

The insurance covers members as well as union staff of The Finnish Musicians’ Union under 70 years of age

  • who are within the scope of the Finnish Sickness Insurance Act,
  • and whose domicile according to the Act on the Municipality of Domicile is in Finland,
  • and who also live permanently in Finland. However, a person residing for more than six (6) calendar months abroad is not considered to be living permanently in Finland.

The insurance policy expires at the end of the year during which the Insured reaches the age of 70. Valid worldwide, the insurance covers accidents during leisure time.

Leisure time accident insurance

Cover for treatment expenses arising from an accident

Expenses for the treatment of an injury are compensated up to EUR 3 014 per accident, no deductible.

Cover for permanent handicap and death arising from an accident

Compensation for a handicap is paid for a permanent handicap arising from an accident. Such compensation is paid according to the degree of handicap. A lump sum compensation of EUR 30 205 is paid for a full permanent handicap. Based solely on the nature of the handicap, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s handicap categorisation system is used to determine the category. In a case of accidental death, a lump sum compensation of EUR 6 045 is paid to the Insured’s next-of-kin. The beneficiary cannot be changed.

Exclusions and further information

Accident refers to a sudden and unforeseeable occurrence arising from an external factor and causing bodily injury against the intentions of the Insured. Exclusions apply to competitive sports and related practice sessions, as well as certain sports and special hobbies specified separately in If’s Insurance Terms and Conditions. More detailed information on these exclusions is available in If’s currently valid Personal Insurance Terms and Conditions.

Leisure time travel insurance

The scope of the traveller’s insurance cover taken out by parents includes children under the age of 20 travelling with their parents. Children refers to the Insured’s own children, adopted children, children of the spouse, common-law spouse or registered partner, or longer-term foster children.

Travel insurance is valid on a leisure time journey lasting no more than 45 days. The insurance is not valid if the Insured is on a work-related or official journey. If a separate vacation-related journey is included in the official journey, the insurance is valid during the vacation-related journey. If one continuous journey lasts more than 45 days, it is advisable to take out an additional insurance policy with If for the duration of the journey time exceeding 45 days. Additional insurance cover must be applied for prior to beginning the journey.

The insurance is valid in Finland for leisure time journeys extending at least 50 kilometres, as the crow flies, from the Insured’s permanent residence, work place, or leisure time residence. However, the insurance is not valid during stays in the above-mentioned places, or for journeys between any two such places.

The membership card doubles as a traveller’s insurance card. In cases of serious illness or accident, the attending physician or the Insured must use the contact information on the back of the card. While travelling abroad, members may use the services of a network of If’s co-operative partner physicians. Please store your medical certificates, receipts and other documents carefully. If necessary, If may request them once you have reported a claim.

According to the insurance policy terms and conditions, traveller’s insurance covers:

  • medical treatment expenses arising from travel-related illness and accidents during a journey, with no upper limit in euros. In cases of travel illness, the cover is valid for no more than 90 days from the time treatment begins. For accidents during a journey, the period of validity is no more than three years from the time the accident occurred. Traveller’s insurance is not subject to a deductible.
  • compensation for treatment is paid with respect to expenses related to travel illness and accidents during a journey, as well as the cancellation or discontinuance of a journey, being late for a journey and either the costs of transportation or burial abroad in the case of a fatality, as specified in the insurance policy terms and conditions.
  • in addition to compensation for treatment, insurance cover for children under 20 years of age travelling with the Insured includes compensation for a permanent handicap caused by an accident, to an amount of no more than EUR 10,000 according to the degree of handicap, as well as EUR 2,000 compensation for accidental death.
  • Traveller’s insurance is not valid if the injury arose during a competition or match organised by a sports federation or club, or in connection with training programme-based or sport-specific practice sessions, or the range of sports and sports activities listed separately in the insurance policy terms and conditions.