Musical Instrument insurance

Your membership of the Finnish Musicians’ Union automatically includes Musical Instrument insurance up to 3 000€. This is one of the benefits that the Union has negotiated on your behalf with Brookfield, a specialist insurer of musical instruments.

Musicians’ Sick Fund

The benefits offered by the Musicians’ Sick Fund include a daily allowance for loss of work due to illness, a compensation for dental and hearing examination costs as well as purchase of hearing protectors, and remuneration of in-patient charges of hospitals and health centres.

Finka Unemployment Fund

The Finka Unemployment Fund manages your unemployment security professionally and reliably. If you are a wage earner, you can join Finka as a member. In 2016, the membership fee of Finka was 14.50 euros per month. A full-time self-employed business owner is not entitled to the benefits paid by Finka, and should join the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs instead.

Leisure-time accident and travel insurance

The Musicians’ Union has ensured its members under the If Insurance for Unions, which is a leisure-time accident and travel insurance covering all members and employees under 70 years of age. The insurance also covers children and grandchildren under 20 years of age travelling with their insured parent. The insurance is valid at any time other than at work or on a business trip, but it does not cover luggage.

Primus life and accident insurance

As a member, you are entitled to a Primus life insurance policy, which is the most advantageous in Finland*, as well as affordable accident insurance policies for your entire family:

1. Finland’s most advantageous Primus life insurance for you and your spouse; the membership discount is up to 61%*. For example: EUR 6 per month, age 44, life insurance cover EUR 50,000.

2. Extensive Primus accident insurance for yourself and your spouse with up to 54% discount. Choose additional options to complement the leisure-time insurance taken by the Musicians’ Union.

3. Accident insurance for children without excess approximately EUR 2-3 per month – valid always and everywhere. The insurance also covers competitive sports until the age of 18.

4. In addition, you will get a EUR 2,000 survivor’s insurance (Selviytymisturva) as part of all new Primus insurance policies as an extra benefit free of charge.

*Price comparison by the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau (9/2016). The Primus insurance policies are provided by Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company.

Insurance discounts from If

As a member of the Musicians’ Union, you are entitled to sizable concentration discounts on If insurance policies offered to organisation clients.

You only need one insurance policy to join the If Etuohjelma scheme which provides you with discounts if all your insurance mail is sent electronically to If’s My Pages. For instance, if you have an all-risk insurance policy for your car, you will get an 11% discount on your insurance premiums*.

At the highest level of the scheme, you will get up to 16% discount and a personal service advisor. As an If customer, you will accrue a bonus of up to EUR 40 for each accident-free year, the maximum being EUR 200, which you can use to reduce your excess.

Read more about your membership benefits at or call If’s customer service at 010 19 19 19.