The Musicians’ Union offers its members health guidance which is provided by Elina Lamminmäki, an occupational physical therapist and musician.

The service includes guidance, mapping and analysing problems, and instructions on how to get the best possible help in any given situation. Instructions and guidance may also concern physical therapy and such things as a musician’s ergonomics or body care.

The reason behind the provision of the service is the growing need of musicians to receive help for their occupational health problems. More often than not, the special problems of musicians are left untreated in occupational health care – especially in the case of freelancers who have practically no access to occupational health care.

A member of the Union is entitled to one free-of-charge appointment during each calendar year. The reception is located in Espoo, but the visit can also be organized remotely.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment for health guidance, please contact the Union office: