The members of the Musicians’ Union can make a reservation for the light-weight audio equipment owned by the Union for one-off performances. Borrowers must take care of the necessary transportation themselves. In Helsinki, any matters related to borrowing are handled by the Union office; in other towns and cities, the local branches will take care of them. The equipment in Helsinki is listed here. Contact information is available at the bottom of the page.

The purpose of lending audio equipment is first and foremost to facilitate performance activities whose cost structure is normally disproportionately focussed on audio equipment consuming a major part of the performance fee. The intention is also to support performers and bands that, for various reasons, are not yet able or cannot afford to acquire their own equipment. The event organiser or other party should not be charged rent for the equipment. The intention is that the portion saved on equipment rents will go towards paying the actual performers.

Adaptable equipment

The adaptable equipment includes JBL powered speakers, which can also be used as monitors, 8-16 channel mixers (Mackie and Soundcraft), basic effects equipment and equalizers as well as vocal and instrument microphones and stands. The equipment also includes necessary cables.

The intention is to keep the equipment as simple as possible, and the equipment is lent to users who are able to use it appropriately. The borrower is liable for intentional or negligent damage to or loss of the equipment, so you should take good care of the equipment. Pick-up and return times are agreed upon in advance and they must be complied with. If you fail to act accordingly, you may lose your right to borrow equipment in the future.

Contact information

Freelancemuusikot ry, Helsinki: Union’s office, Freelance Coordinator Jaakko Kämäräinen,, +358 (0) 50 368 4469

Joensuun Muusikot ry: Jarmo Kähkönen, +358 (0) 500 917 928
The equipments includes DB-Technologies ES503 -system, Allen & Heath ZED10FX -mixer and microphones, stands and capels.

Turun Muusikot ry, Nico Rantanen,, +358 (0) 40 7074 225

Keski-Suomen Muusikot ry: Seppo Niemi, (014) 644 838, +358 (0) 40 5661 825
The equipments includes RCF ART 300A -speakers, Soundcraft EFX12 -mixer, Cromo 10+ -monitors, 3 pcs Shure SMS58 -microphones, capels and stands.

Kotkan Muusikot ry: Olli Andersen, (05) 2688 774

Oulun Muusikot ry: Jukka Yletyinen, +358 (0) 400 615 109; Markku Korhonen, +358 (0) 40 7374 717; Jarmo Väärä, +358 (0) 400 587 454
The equipments includes RCF ART 300A -speakers, Soundcraft Spirit FX8 -mixer, 2 pcs Shure SM58 -microphones, capels and stands.

Rovaniemen Muusikot ry: Mikko Silander, +358 (0) 40 5491 434

Tampereen Muusikot ry: Petri Mäkiharju,,
040 5448855
The equipments includes 2 pcs QSC K10 -speakers, 2 kpl AKG microphone, mixer (Yamaha), capels and stands.