Application periods 2019:

Berlin & London: weeks 27–52
Application period Feb 21 10.00 am to March 4 10.00 am.

Villa Vikan: weeks 27–52
Application period March 14 10.00 am to March 25 10.00 am.

Artist residences

The members of the Musicians’ Union have three artist residences at their disposal. The residences abroad are located in Kreuzberg in Berlin and Fulham in London. The Villa Vikan residence in Raasepori includes three separate buildings.

The members can use the residences for practising, other work or even promotional purposes. Since the residences are mainly intended for work purposes, you cannot bring guests apart from your family members. Villa Vikan’s cabin no. 2 can also accommodate pets, but they are not allowed in the other buildings. Pets are not allowed in the Berlin and London residences. The residences are furnished with work-related equipment.

The right to use the residences is granted to members based on draws for specific weeks held every six months. Members of the Musicians’ Union who have been members for at least six months by the application date can participate in the draws. For more information on applying as well as prices and application periods, see the page for the residence in question.