Musicians’ Union register description

Updated 20.5.2020

  1. Register holder

The Finnish Musicians’ Union
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16, 00120 Helsinki

Data protection officer Mirkka Kivilehto

Contact information, Musicians’ union register official


  1. Register name

The Finnish Musicians’ Union’s membership register.


  1. Reasons for processing personal information

The membership register functions, within the parameters of the Finnish Associations Act, as a list of the members of the departments of the Finnish Musicians’ Union. The register serves the union’s statistical goals, internal communications, distribution of member benefits, and collection of membership fees.


  1. Registered group

The registered group includes persons who have become members of the Finnish Musicians’ Union in writing and individuals who have resigned or been discharged from the union, within the time limits stated in Section 9.


  1. Data stored in the membership register

The register is used to process the personal and contact details of the members of the Finnish Musicians’ Union, alongside other necessary information on membership and service provision.

This information is as follows:

  • member name and personal identification number
  • birthplace
    contact details
  • date of joining and/or resignation/discharge
  • union branch
  • union-allocated membership number
  • instrument
  • employer
  • possible entrepreneur status
    possible student status
  • salary information
  • information specific to the duration of an employment relationship, such as maternity leave
  • positions of responsibility in union and union department
  • membership of Unemployment Fund Finka (start and end date)
  • membership of any other trade union
  • payment of membership fees
  • refusal to receive direct marketing


  1. Regulated sources of information

For the most part, data is gathered directly from registered members. Membership data is also collected from members’ employers, while the union’s departments provide information on membership approvals and positions of responsibility in the union.


  1. Regulated disclosures and transfers of personal information

Information may be disclosed outside the Musicians’ Union as follows: membership data to the Finnish tax administration; member contact details to SAK, the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions, for research purposes; addresses to the Kaleva insurance company, for IF union insurance; data to the Musicians’ Health Fund on members insured by that organisation; and data on joint members—in accordance with the cooperation agreement—to the Finka Unemployment Fund. Addresses are sent to the member magazine producers and to the providers of union membership cards. Data will not be released to the European Union or outside the European economic area.


  1. Protection of the register

a) Data stored electronically

Union personnel authorised to use the register have personal user IDs with access passwords that are changed every three months, allowing those personnel to search for and store information in an electronic format, to the extent that their positions require.

b) Hard copies

Hard copies of register information are stored on union premises, which are locked when the union staff are elsewhere. The files are kept in locked storage spaces.


  1. Sub-registers created

When arranging the furthering of member interests and the promotion of union membership benefits, sub-registers are created, such as for legal aid and for artists’ residences. These sub-registers are stored separately in the register official’s personal folder, in password-protected excel tables and word documents.


  1. Storage of personal information

Personal information will be stored in the register for as long as the person in question is a union member, following which the data will be stored for ten years, on the basis of the justifiable interest of the register official (KKO 2017: 15). Personal data may also be stored for longer than ten years, if required by the applicable law or by the Musicians’ Union’s contractual obligations to third parties.


  1. A person’s right of inspection

A person has the right to know what information about himself or herself is recorded in the register.


  1. A registered person’s right to refuse

A person registered has the right to refuse the processing of data relating to himself or herself for the purposes of direct advertising. Refusals can be sent to a register official.


  1. Information correction

A register official will, without undue delay, unprompted or at the demand of the person registered, remove or complete personal information that is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete, or out-of-date in processing terms. Requests for correction must be sent to a register official.


The Musicians’ Union application ”Muusikkojen liitto”

Information we collect directly from you via the Musicians’ Union application

Upon logging in as a user of the Musicians’ Union application, we ask for your name, email address, telephone number, and password. We also request your union membership number or personal identification number as part of secure authentication via the Visma Sign system. This information will identify you in the service and will be used to provide the service itself. Any use of information for marketing purposes will occur only with your express, separate consent. No passwords will be stored in a readable format in any context.


Information we collect from third parties or when you use the service

Third parties gather or receive data through the Musicians’ Union application and use this information to provide analytics services and to target advertisements. The third parties in our service are as follows:

The Google Firebase Crashlytics expansion, which collects anonymous data about user equipment in the event of application error. We use this data to locate and repair errors. By logging onto the application, you are approving this privacy policy and consenting to the collection of this information. Data collection through Crashlytics is interrupted by restarting the application, having logged out. For more information, click here.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union processes personal information gathered in the application in order to fulfil the obligations stipulated by the agreements. The legal bases for this processing are as follows.


Implementing the agreement:

Fulfilling the obligations of the service agreement, which is to say, providing our service, is the principal legal basis for processing personal data. An agreement is formed between us when you register for the service. By using the service, you agree that data will be processed in accordance with the privacy statement. We will process personal information in order to produce the service ordered from us, to the extent necessary.


Data recipients and transfer to third countries

The server system used to provide the service is located in the Heroku service providers’ servers in Ireland, owned by Salesforce. Information on the Heroku privacy policies can be found by following the links below:


The privacy policy of the Musicians’ Union newsletter (in Finnish) >