Applying for membership

A musician can apply for membership in the union by filling up the membership application. In addition to filling in personal information, you choose one of the local branches you want to join. Membership applications can be found at the union office, local branches and symphony orchestra shop stewards. The same application is used in applying for membership in the unemployment fund and the sick fund. Students and part-time members cannot become members of the unemployment fund. They can join the fund later, after they have become full-time professionals. This can be done by filling up the unemployment fund’s membership application.

Fill up the membership application carefully. Return the application the union office.

If you have already been a member but have been dismissed due to overdue payments, you can only re-join the union after you have paid the so-called six month arrears.

If you are about to transfer to the Musicians’ Union from another trade union, attach a membership certificate from the previous union. Membership at another unemployment fund can be credited only if you join the unemployment fund within one month after your withdrawal from the previous fund. It is not possible to transfer during unemployment. If you are a freelance musician, deliver a certificate of employment from the month you are about to transfer the trade union.

Membership fee

Membership fee 2023

  • 26 € per month
  • 10 € per month for Students
  • 50 € per year for retired members or for members in disability pension

Employer collection

If you have a permanent employment contract with a symphony orchestra, theatre orchestra or the Finnish National Opera (orchestra, choir, ballet, office), you have to fill up a power of attorney. Power of attorneys can be found at the union office, local branches and symphony orchestra shop stewards. According to the power of attorney, employer collects the trade union membership fee directly from the salary and accounts it to the union. Musicians’ union and local branches receive a copy of the power of attorney from the employer.

Bank collection

Members who pay membership fees themselves are placed in the membership fee table on the basis of their monthly salary.

Full-time students

Membership fee for a full-time music student is 10 € per month. The fee does not include fee for the unemployment fund. Student members get all union benefits. Students are also members of the sick fund (after the normal qualifying period).

Members who have retired

Membership fee for the retired members is 50 euros per year. Members in this category are typically either on retirement or disability pension. The fee does not include fees for the sick fund nor the unemployment fund. Members in this category can receive legal aid only based on a decision by the union board. Membership fee is collected once a year.

The Musicians’ Union switched to a flat membership fee in 2022. Read more >

Unemployment Fund A-kassa

If you are a wage earner, you can join the unemployment fund at the same time.

The membership fee in 2023 of the fund A-kassa is 8 euros per month.

A member of the unemployment fund has to be permanently employed as a musician or singer. Weekly working time has to be at least 18 hours.

Sectors with exceptional working hours arrangements have their own regulations concerning the meeting of weekly working hours requirements. Examples of such sectors include teaching, housekeeping under an employment contract, and artistic, creative and public performance work. The working hours of creative and performance work are treated as follows: in employment relationship of less than one month in duration where the share of creative or performing work is decisive, time in employment can be deemed to include each calendar week in which the taxable income received from the work by the person during a review period of one month was at least EUR 1165.


If a member moves permanently to another city, he/she should also transfer to the relevant local branch. Moving should be reported to the union office.
If a member transfers to another trade union, he/she has to organize the transfer him/herself. The same applies if a member wants to transfer to the Musicians Union from another trade union.

Change of address or name

Changes of address or name have to be reported both to the union office and to the unemployment fund office.

Exemption from the membership fee

A member can apply for an exemption from the membership fee during the time he/she is on maternity or family leave or in the military service. In each case the exemption can last for a maximum of one year. The union board can also grant the exemption due to a long illness or disability to work. In these cases the exemption can last for a maximum of one year and can be granted to the unsalaried period.

Withdrawal from the membership

Resignation from the union and unemployment fund’s membership has to be announced by a written notification to the union office. Resignation is valid at the end of the month the notification has been done.

Periods of employment and insurance acquired as a member of the unemployment fund will be maintained if you transfer from one unemployment fund to another within one month. Membership fees must have been paid to the previous unemployment fund / union until the time of resignation, as prescribed by the rules. If the one-month transition period is exceeded, you will have to re-fill the periods of employment and insurance with the new unemployment fund. You cannot be a member of two unemployment funds at the same time. You must take care of terminating your membership of another unemployment fund / union yourself.

Members whose membership fee is collected by the employer (permanently employed orchestra musicians) should make sure that their withdrawal has been completed. These members also fill up a cancellation of the power of attorney. To end the membership, the musician also has to make a written notification to the union office. In many cases a former orchestra musician continues the membership in A category.


A member can be dismissed due to unpaid membership fees. If the fees have not been paid for a period of six months, the member is dismissed according to the union rules.