As a member of the Musicians’ Union you are entitled to many services and benefits and are welcome to attend events organised by the Union.

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The Musicians’ Union has branches as members. When new individual members wish to join a  branch, its executive board processes the applications and confirms membership in the branch and thereby in the Musicians’ Union.

Musician’s income and membership fee

The Union’s membership fee is based on earnings. Therefore, applicants are asked to indicate their income (gross) from working as a musician, or salary or other income from a company in the music business. Grants or royalties and income from other sources than working as a musician are not included. The membership fee is 1% of gross income or a minimum of 20 euros per month. Members who pay their membership fee themselves are charged according to their position in the membership fee table (A-F) based on their income from working as a musician. The membership fee of a full-time music student is 10 euros per month.

If your employment contract is for an indefinite term or more than 3 months and you are employed by a city orchestra, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra or the Finnish National Opera (orchestra, choir, ballet, soloist, office) give your employer a power of attorney for the collection of the membership fee of the Musicians’ Union and the employment fund. Under the power of attorney, the employer will collect the membership fees for the Union and the employment fund and pay them to the Union.

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Musicians’ Sick Fund

When joining the Musicians’ Union, you also join the Musicians’ Sick Fund.

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Finka Unemployment Fund

If you are a wage earner, you can join the Finka unemployment fund at the same time. In 2021, the membership fee of Finka is 16,50 euros per month. A full-time self-employed business owner is not entitled to the benefits paid by Finka, and should join the unemployment fund for entrepreneurs instead.

If you like, you can also print the form and submit it to the Union office once completed.

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