Global Music Centre Living Room Session 20.6.2022: How can we make Finland a better place for musicians?

The Global Music Centre is hosting a discussion event for musicians on Monday the 20th of June at 5 pm. The aim of the event is to discover ways of making Finland a better place for musicians with native languages other than Finnish and hear how immigrant musicians see the opportunities in the Finnish music scene. The event also includes a presentation on building an international career.

The event begins with a presentation by manager Minna Huuskonen entitled “How to build an international career?” and continues with a panel discussion on the theme of ”How can we make Finland a better place for musicians?”. Featured in the panel discussion will be musicians and music business professionals Iara Dias, NaharY, Barbaro Urbano Vargas and Natalia Castrillón. The moderator is musician and producer Julia Palmu.

The location is the Global Music Centre at Hämeentie 34 D in Helsinki’s Kallio district. The event will be held in English and is open to anyone. The audience will have a chance to ask questions and take part in the discussion. There is space for 25 attendees.

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17.00 Presentation: How to build an international career?

The presentation by Minna Huuskonen gives an overview of how to pursue an international career in the global music market; how to plan it, what it requires, and how to make sure you will be on top of the game. The topic will be spiced with some concrete examples and advice.

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18.00 Discussion: How can we make Finland a better place for musicians?

With the panelists: Barbaro El Urbano Vargas, Iara Dias, Natalia Castrillón and NaharY. The discussion will be moderated by Julia Palmu.

About the panelists

Barbaro El Urbano Vargas is a rap artist originally from Havana, Cuba, and currently based in Helsinki.

Iara Dias is an Author, Entrepreneur, Musician, Product Manager, Consultant and Metaverse Producer at Decentraland.

Natalia Castrillón is a harp performer, singer, improviser, and educator interested in sharing the sound of the lever harp in any context.

NaharY is an Angolan-born Finnish rapper who combines Afrobeats with Finnish rap in a fresh, original way. He released his El Patron EP in 2019 and has collaborated with artists including Seksikäs-Suklaa, Puppa J, Opa and Toinen Kadunpoika.

Julia Palmu is a singer-songwriter, dj, and a cultural producer working internationally in the music industry.