Villa Vikan rental guide, main villa

Villa Vikan’s main building is a two-storey villa built by Martin Wegelius in 1897-98, owned by the Finnish Music Foundation (MES) and located in Raasepori at Vikan 30, 10420 Pohjankuru. The main building and the two modern log cabins on the site as well as the surroundings were refurbished in 2013-14 for residential use with funds received from the Residence Fund of the Finnish Music Foundation. In the vicinity of the main building, there are also two other residential buildings as well as utility buildings. The maximum number of beds is eight.

If each guest is to have a room of their own, the main building can provide overnight accommodation for four. The guests have a sauna, a pier, a rowing boat and bicycles at their disposal. The building includes basic equipment for making recordings and other music work as well as Internet access. Villa Vikan is used throughout the year.

You can find more details on the equipment and other instructions below in alphabetical order. If you find something essential to be missing, please contact the Union office. Thank you!

Note! Starting from July 1st 2024 tenants can arrive at earliest on Monday at 4pm and they are to leave at latest on Monday at 10am. Residences are cleaned on Mondays between 10am and 4pm.

1.1 Arrival to Vikan

Villa Vikan’s main villa is located at the shore of Lake Långträsket in Raasepori. The address is:

Vikan 30
10420 Pohjankuru

The rental period begins on Sunday at 16.00 when the guests may enter the house. The apartment is cleaned between 10.00 and 16.00 when the cleaners must be allowed to work undisturbed. Minor repairs might also be carried out at the same time.

1.2 Public transportation

The nearest bus stop is located on the Kuninkaantie road to the west of the Skarpkullantie intersection about 2.5 km away. The bus journey to Karjaa takes about half an hour.

There is a train connection from the Karjaa Railway Station to Helsinki and Turku (coastal rail line). The distance between the station and Vikan is just under 19 km.

To order a taxi, call the number of the Karjaa or Tammisaari Taxi Centre:

  • KARJAA 019 1069 1169
  • TAMMISAARI 019 1069 191

It is best to order a taxi from the centre which is in the direction where you are going. A taxi ride between Karjaa and Vikan costs approximately 35 euros depending on the time of day and the number of people.

You can also order a taxi from the following local taxi operators (within a 10 km radius, from nearest to farthest):

  • Roger Fyrqvist 040 558 9924
  • Matts Malmberg 050 593 2704
  • Leif-Erik Lindman 0400 840 390
  • Tage Lindblom 0400 471 149

1.3 Departure

The rental period ends on Sunday at 10.00. Guests must leave the building by the end of the rental period. At that time, the cleaner will arrive and must be allowed to work undisturbed.

1.4 Checklist for departure

Before leaving, you should:

  • wash the dishes and put them away
  • take the rubbish to the waste container
  • put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers and bed linen in the laundry basket in the cleaning cupboard under the stairs (leave the cupboard door slightly open)
  • ensure that all items and furniture are in their proper places and that any changes made to equipment connections are restored
  • switch off electrical appliances and lights (except for the Genelec speakers)
  • return the keys back to their original place
  • close the windows and lock external doors
  • put the seat cushions for outdoor furniture as well as blankets back in their proper places in the linen cupboards (first ensure that they are dry)
  • close the lids of the piano and the keyboard and cover the piano
  • empty the sauna firebox and ash drawer and tidy up the sauna if you have used it
  • turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline if you have used it
  • put the PS4 controllers on the charging cradle
  • write in the guest book
  • activate the alarm system.

Cleaning of the grill and barbecue shed is the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant fails to clean the grill and the shed, an additional invoice will be sent to the tenant.

1.5 Keys and the alarm system

The main entrance of all rental buildings at Vikan is equipped with a code lock. No keys are necessary, since the lock opens with a four-digit code provided when signing the rental agreement. If the door is locked, enter the code to open it.

The building is equipped with an alarm system. To activate the alarm system, exit the building with all doors closed and enter the code twice in succession (wait a few seconds in between). When the alarm system is activated, the motion detectors will sense if there is movement in the building. To deactivate the alarm system, enter the door code once, and the door will open. If the alarm is on, use the door code to enter, not the keys.

All the external doors (including the roof terrace door) can be opened with the key hanging on the key rack. You MUST return the key to its place when you leave Vikan.

When Vikan is left empty, using the alarm system is mandatory.

1.6 Deficiencies and repair needs

Report any damage to the property or its movables to the Union office immediately. If, upon arrival, you find that something is missing that should be in the house, report the matter to the Union office immediately. Also report any general deficiencies in the equipment or condition of the house that you think should be fixed to the Union office. Outside office hours, you can send an email or text message.

1.7 Contact details

Office of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585

Heikki Isokoski, Caretaker of Vikan:
+358 (0) 400 706 521

2.1 CDs

In the living room, CDs can be listened to with the Blu-ray player (LG BP730), the Playstation 4 console or by connecting your own player to the AV preamplifier (Denon DN-500AV). For mobile and other devices, the preamplifier is equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo jack cable which must be left on top of the amplifier. If you decide to use the preamplifier, select “DVD” as the signal source. You can also listen to music with the speakers in the downstairs workroom by connecting your player to the mixer.

There are some CDs available on the equipment shelf in the living room. Put them back after use. You can leave disks behind for use by future guests.

2.2 Bluetooth

You can use the Bluetooth receiver (Nokia MD-310) located on the shelf of the TV stand and connected to the DOCK input of the preamplifier, to listen to music on Bluetooth devices, such as your mobile phone.

  1. First, pair your device with the Bluetooth receiver.
  2. Check that the power indicator of the speakers used is lit when the signal is being transmitted.
  3. To adjust the volume, use the remote control of the preamplifier, the volume knob and/or the volume control of the player.

Do not change the connections of the equipment, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem. There are more operating instructions in the desk drawer of the downstairs workroom. Put them back after use.

3.1 Watching Blu-Ray/DVD movies

DVD/Blu-Ray movies can be watched on the living room TV using the Blu-Ray Player (LG BP730) on the equipment shelf. You can also use the PS4 game console to watch movies. If you have a player of your own, you can play disks on the TV/monitor in the downstairs workroom.

  1. Switch on the TV in the living room with the remote control and select HDMI 1 as input
  2. Switch on the preamplifier (Denon) and select an input that matches the player (BD/Blu-Ray or GAME 1/PS4)
  3. Play the disk with your preferred player
  4. Check that the power indicator is lit on all the speakers (3 in the front, 2 in the rear) when the signal is being transmitted. Use the remote control of the preamplifier (Denon) to adjust the volume.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses, 4 pairs of which are available on the shelf of the TV stand. Put them back after use.

Operating instructions can be found on the shelf of the TV stand (return them after use) or on the Internet.

Do not make changes to the connections of the equipment. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem.

There are more operating instructions in the desk drawer of the downstairs workroom. Put them back after use.

3.2 Movies

Some movies have been provided for residents. Do not take the movies away. If you purchase or bring more movies and leave them behind, future guests will thank you.

3.3 Playstation 4 and games

You can use the Playstation 4 console to play PS4 games. The ones currently in the apartment include (check age recommendations):

  • FIFA 14 (3)
  • Tomb Raider – Definitive Edition (18)
  • Rayman Legends (7)

The Playstation 4 (PS4) console is a multipurpose device used with the PS4 controller (2). The PS4 console is connected to the preamplifier’s (Denon) GAME 1/PS4 input. Choose HDMI 2 as source on the TV. You can play PS4 games, watch movies in almost any format (DVD, BluRay, etc.), listen to music (CD, mp3, etc.), browse the Internet, etc. Do not create unnecessary user names. Do not change the device settings unless you really know what you are doing and why. Do not change the connections. Do not leave your own files on the PS4 hard drive. You should delete them when you leave.

There are two wireless game controllers which are kept on the charging rack on the shelf of the TV stand. To switch on the controller and the PS4 console, press the PS key (a button with the Playstation logo on it in the middle of the controller). To switch off the PS4 console, press and hold down the PS key or use the small power switch on the front panel of the PS4 console.

4.1 Grand piano

The grand piano is a fully restored Steinway & Sons model B-211 from 1939 (New York). Cover the piano when you leave and when it is not being used. It is the cleaner’s job to fill the humidifier tank of the piano, but you might want to check it just in case. The water in the humidifier tank should not run out. The indicators below the keyboard show the level of water in the tank. The filling jug and the additive as well as instructions are provided on the shelf of the chest of drawers in the entryway.

The piano includes microphones (2 x DPA d:vote 4099) that you can use for recording.

The piano is tuned from time to time, but if you need extra tuning for a recording project, for example, contact the Union office. The piano may not be tuned without the consent of the Union office.

4.2 Workroom facilities

The downstairs work space is intended for electronic music work, such as recordings. You can set up a control centre in the workroom, and the wall cabling makes it possible to make recordings in the living room (on both sides) and the bedroom above the workroom.

Basic connections have already been made. Do not change them needlessly, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving.

For more details, see the “Recording” section below.

4.3 Music and microphone stands

There are 6 music stands with lights and 10 microphone stands (8 long and 2 short). They are kept in the cupboard below the stairs. Be careful not to to damage the walls when moving the stands.

4.4 Internet

The apartment has a broadband connection and a wireless network (WLAN).

Network: Musiikki

Password: Vikan312021

The wireless network works everywhere in the building, but the signal strength may vary.

If the connection is lost and cannot be re-established, restart your device and wait for the the connection to start working again. If this does not help, you can reset the modem which is located on a shelf in the electrical cabinet in the entryway. Follow the operating instructions (under the device on the shelf).

4.5 Speakers

All the speakers in the apartment are Genelec powered speakers made in Finland. Each speaker you intend to use must be switched on when listening. If no sound is heard even though the signal is being transmitted to the speaker, first check that the power indicator is lit on the front panel of the speakers. On the living room floor, there is a powered subwoofer which must be switched on for the audio signal to reach the other speakers (3 in the front and 2 in the rear). Normally, the speakers are always switched on and you do not need to switch them off when leaving. Do not change the connections.

4.6 Recording

Vikan’s main building has basic equipment for making recordings, etc. for music work. Depending on your requirements, you may need to bring your own equipment for added functionality.

In the living room (on both sides), in the downstairs workroom and in the bedroom above the workroom, there are wall sockets for connecting microphones and audio devices.

It is easiest to set up the control centre in the downstairs workroom where all the lines from the wall sockets come together in a box and which has monitor speakers, 2 displays and a desk available.

In the living room, there is also a monitoring camera which is connected to the terminal box in the workroom (HDMI). If the camera is switched off, gently press the power switch on the camera (you can find a ladder in the small shed in the yard). For monitoring, there is a digital system with all necessary components enabling four simultaneous personal listening sessions. On the control centre table, there is also a 12-channel standard mixer, but you can naturally also use your own.

The grand piano is set up with microphones.

Equipment list:

  • Monitor speakers: 2 x Genelec 8040
  • Headphones: AKG K.240 and 4 x Audio-Technica ATH-M40 X
  • Mixer: Soundcraft Spirit M12
  • Display 1: Philips 42-inch 42PUS7809 Smart 4K UltraHD 3D LED, 600 Hz(HDMI)
  • Display 2: Samsung 27-inch LED FullHD (HDMI, VGA)
  • Grand piano microphones: 2 x DPA d:vote 4099 condenser microphone
  • Monitoring converter: Behringer Powerplay P16I Module 16 ch AD Converter
  • Monitoring distributor: Behringer Powerplay P16D Ultranet Distributor
  • Monitor mixers: 4 x Behringer Powerplay P16M Personal Mixer, 16 ch, brackets for the microphone stand
  • Master keyboard: Yamaha P 155
  • DI boxes: 2 x Radial Engineering Pro D2 – passive stereo Dl
  • Microphone stands: 8 x K&M 210/2 (normal), 2 x K&M 25935 (low)
  • Microphone screen: SE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro
  • Equipment rack: a 4U standard rack on the desk with 3U empty
  • Microphone cables: 10 x 10 m Cordial CXM 10, 24 x 5 m Cordial CXM 5 (Neutrik NC3 connectors)
  • Music stands and lights: 6 x Thomann Orchestra Stand Deluxe, 10 x Mighty Bright Duet 2 (AAA batteries)

For more details, search for the equipment on the Internet. User guides are available in the desk drawers. Put them back after use.

5.1 Toilets

The apartment has two toilets, one downstairs and one upstairs. To avoid clogging, do not put large amounts of toilet paper in the toilet bowl at a time.

5.2 Showers

The apartment has two showers, one downstairs and one upstairs. Please use water sparingly. There is also a shower in the washroom of the main building sauna. Its water comes from the lake. The pump switch is located in the washroom. Switch the pump on before use and off when you are done with bathing. The pump clogs easily, so you should use the shower with discretion. If the pump gets clogged, contact the caretaker.

5.3 Sauna

The sauna is located at the waterfront at the end of the path starting near the front door of the main building. Wood for the stove can be found behind the sauna, and if it runs out, there is more in the shed to the right of the main building entrance.

Before you light a fire in the stove, please check that the firebox and the ash drawer are empty. The damper must be opened before ignition. For more instructions, see the wall of the entryway to the sauna. Remember to check that the water tank next to the stove is full.

Make sure that the sauna is tidy after use, and do not leave water in any vessels. Empty the firebox and the ash drawer before your departure. Water for washing must be taken from the lake. The water pump used for obtaining water from the lake does not work properly, but you can try to use it if you wish. The pump fuse (in the electric cabin behind the sauna) must be switched on. If people swim near the waterfront, the pump will easily clog.

The use of the sauna 2 times a week is included in the rent. If you wish to use the sauna more often, the charge is 6 euros for each use to be paid to the Union office afterwards.

5.4 Water and sewers

Please use water sparingly. Do not let anything inappropriate enter the sewers.

6.1 Beds and capacity

The apartment has beds as follows:

  • Main bedroom upstairs: a double bed and a single bed
  • Smaller bedrooms upstairs: each with two single beds
  • Downstairs workroom: one single bed

Hence, the maximum number of beds is eight. If each guest is to have a room of their own, the main building can provide overnight accommodation for four.

6.2 Bed linen

The rental price includes bed linen for the number of people specified in the rental agreement. The use of more bed linen is charged afterwards according to laundry costs. The minimum charge is 32 euros. Clean bed linen can be found in the bedroom wardrobe.

Put any used bed linen (not wet) in the laundry basket in the cleaning cupboard under the stairs where the cleaner will pick it up for washing on Mondays (if used bed linen is not removed, this will cost extra; the minimum charge for additional work is 32 euros).

6.3 Towels and sauna seat covers

For each person indicated in the rental agreement, you will find 1 large and 1 small towel as well as 1 sauna seat cover on top of the beds upon arrival. Put any used towels and sauna seat covers (not wet) in the laundry basket in the cleaning cupboard under the stairs where the cleaner will pick them up for washing on Mondays. Leave the cupboard door slightly open.

7.1 Cleaning

There is cleaning equipment in the downstairs cupboard below the stairs.

The weekly cleaning takes place on Sundays between 10.00 and 16.00. The cleaners use their own keys to enter. The cleaners are expected to clean the floors, tables and other surfaces, remove used bed linen, towels and sauna seat covers and make the beds. The cleaners also tidy up the terrace, the sauna and the washroom. If you have any complaints regarding the work of the cleaners, you should contact the Union office immediately.

7.2 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

The waste container enclosure is located, if viewed from the main door, on the left below the hill. You should take the rubbish to the container whenever needed and definitely when you leave. You should also clear away any empty bottles.

7.3 Washing laundry

The kitchen has a washer dryer. Follow the instructions kept in a plastic box in the kitchen cupboard. If you wish to dry laundry inside, use the washer dryer and its drying program. In the cleaning cupboard under the stairs, you will find a drying rack that you can use to dry laundry outdoors.

8.1 Televisions

There is a high quality 65-inch LG 65LA965W 4K 3D LED TV in the living room. To operate the remote control, point it at the desired location on the screen and the cursor will follow accordingly. If the cursor does not appear on the screen, scroll the selector in the middle up or down.

Do not touch the screen. Take particular care if there are children around.

The Denon preamplifier is connected to the TV’s HDMI1 channel which you should select on the TV when using a Blu-Ray player or the PS4 console.

If you want to use your own signal source, such as a laptop, connect it with the HDMI cable next to the center speaker to a DVD input. By selecting DVD input your laptop screen is mirrored to the TV screen and the sound is coming from the speakers. You can mirror your phone to the TV by using Miracast-connection.

The TV’s sound comes from the 5.1-channel speaker system via the preamplifier if you select the following in the TV’s “Asetukset” (Settings) menu (indicated by a gear symbol in the SMART menu): “Ääni” (Audio) – “Äänilähtö” (Audio output) – “Ulkoinen kaiutin” (External speaker). Restore the setting to “TV-kaiutin” (TV speaker) when you leave, since regular TV users will not hear the TV’s sound otherwise.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses, 4 pairs of which are available on the shelf of the TV stand.

The downstairs workroom has a 40-inch Philips 42PUS7809 Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV that can also be used as an additional computer display through the HDMI channel. The 3D glasses are kept in the desktop drawer.

8.2 Bicycles

There are four bicycles shared by the main building and the cabins which are kept behind the left-most door of the rather large utility building on the left hand side of the entrance road. Do not leave the bicycles in the rain, or they will soon rust and get destroyed.

Basically, two bicycles are reserved for the main building and one for each cabin. The black bicycles are intended for the main building, the brown one for cabin 1 and the orange one for cabin 2. If you need more than your allocated number of bicycles, ask the guests of the other buildings whether you can use theirs. If there is a building with no guests, its bicycle(s) are available for use by the other guests on a first-come-first-served basis. The bicycles are not available for use in the winter if there is snow or ice on the ground.

The bicycles are 3-speed small-size women’s models that can be used by almost anyone. The bicycles have a front basket, a carrier, an automatic hub dynamo light (on/off switch at the rear of the lamp) and mudguards. A foot pump with a meter can be found in the bicycle storage where it should always be kept. You can take the smaller hand pump with you when you go on a ride, but you must also leave that one in the bicycle basket in the storage area after use. Keep the tyres at a sufficient pressure (50 to 75 PSI depending on the cyclist’s weight) to ensure that riding is not too strenuous and the rims are not damaged.

Next to the bicycles on top of the refrigerator, there are tool bags with items such as a box spanner for adjusting the height of the saddle. In the same place, you will also find chain oil.

All bicycles are equipped with a number lock the code of which is 1897 (the year when the Vikan villa was built). Always use the wire lock to attach the bicycles to a solid object when you leave them somewhere other than the bicycle storage.

When riding, be careful since winding roads have limited visibility. A helmet is necessary when cycling, but you should bring your own helmets with you.

You are expected to perform minor adjustments, such as pumping tyres and oiling chains, yourself. If you do not know how, you can contact the caretaker or the Union office.

8.3 Hair dryer

The apartment has a hairdryer which is kept in the upstairs bathroom.

8.4 Ironing

The iron and the ironing board are kept in the downstairs cupboard below the stairs.

8.5 Outdoor furniture

The seat cushions for the outdoor furniture on the downstairs terraces are kept in the linen cupboard of the bedroom above the control room.

The seat cushions for the upstairs terrace are kept in the linen cupboard of the small upstairs bedroom. Do not leave the cushions on the roof terrace where they are subject to rain, and place all cushions (dry) in cupboards before leaving Vikan. In the linen cupboard of the control room, there are also 8 blankets which guests can use, for instance, to keep warm on the terraces. Also put the blankets (dry) in the cupboard before leaving Vikan.

To switch the terrace heater on, pull the cord provided. It is also used for choosing the heating power from three settings (max. 2,000W).

Do not move the heater unnecessarily, and not at all when it is switched on. Be careful not to turn the pole sideways. The infrared heater only heats objects and people, not air. Apply appropriate heating power and switch the heater off whenever it is not needed because it consumes a lot of electricity.

8.6 Boat and pier

Be careful when on the pier and especially watch over small children.

There is a fibreglass rowing boat down by the lake with a set of oars kept on the sauna terrace. Do not remove the drain bung; instead, empty the boat of rainwater with a ladle or by tilting it. The caretaker takes care of the boats, but it may be necessary, for instance, to brush them every now and then. Turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline when you stop using it.

There are a couple of life jackets on the coat rack in the entryway, but you might want to bring your own life jackets for extra protection. This is especially important if you have small children who need appropriately sized life jackets. If the life jackets get wet, dry them thoroughly before hanging them on the coat rack.

8.7 Maps, books, newspapers and magazines

There is a map of the area on the kitchen wall.

If you choose to leave books at the residence, future guest will thank you. However, do not leave any newspapers or magazines since they will soon turn into big piles. Also, do not leave unnecessary items, such as advertising materials, in the residence. There is a paper recycling container in the waste container enclosure.

9.1 Dining table

The dining table in the kitchen is extendable. The extension piece that can be added to the end which is nearest the facade is kept in the cupboard under the stairs..

9.2 Cooking

The apartment has basic equipment for cooking, but nothing special. If you wish, you can leave items such as basic spices behind for future guests. However, do not rely on the fact that there will be a particular spice or things such as flour in the cupboard.

Instructions for the household machines are available in a plastic box in the the kitchen cupboard. Put them back after use.

9.3 Tableware and cutlery

The kitchen has a basic set of dishes, cutlery and cookware as well as a dishwasher.

Please wash the dishes and put them back in place before leaving. Washing dishes is not included in the weekly cleaning service.

9.4 Refrigerator/freezer

Do not leave any perishable foods or ingredients in the refrigerator/freezer. You can leave small quantities of unopened products that keep well and are clearly marked with use-by and best before dates as well as unopened beverages to be consumed by future guests. Therefore, before you leave, go through the contents of the refrigerator and remove any useless items. Basically, the refrigerator should be (almost) empty when you leave so that the next guest can use it normally.

10.1 Windows and doors

Windows and doors must be kept closed when the apartment is empty.

The doors and windows of the living room should not be kept open unless it is absolutely necessary, because the tuning of the piano may suffer. Also, the main door should not be kept open for the same reason.

10.2 Heating

The building has a remote controlled geothermal heating system. Contact the Union office, if the heating does not work or works erratically.

Do not make any changes to the heating settings. In the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs rooms, there is underfloor heating which must be left at the standard 22 degrees at the end of the rental period.

10.3 Staircase

Please be careful when you walk on the stairs and especially watch over small children. While carrying suitcases and other things, take care not to damage the walls of the staircase.

10.4 Electricity

The electricity bill is Vikan’s biggest single expense. Please use electricity sparingly. If not necessary, do not keep the lights on or the doors and windows open.

10.5 Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors. When smoking on terraces, use an ashtray.

10.6 Pets

Pets are not allowed in Vikan. You should also turn back any creatures trying to enter from the garden.

10.7 Mail

The mailing address of the residence is:

Villa Vikan
Vikan 30
10420 Pohjankuru

The mailbox is located at the start of the entrance road at the intersection where the neighbouring house is located.

11.1 Safety and emergency number

Ensure safety especially when swimming in the lake. Keep children under supervision when they swim, and do not swim if you are intoxicated.

Dial the general emergency number 112 to reach the emergency services (ambulance, police or fire and rescue). No area code is required.

The nearest hospital is 23 kilometres away:

West Uusimaa Hospital
Itäinen Rantakatu 9
10601 Tammisaari
telephone (Mon-Fri 7:30-18, Sat-Sun 10-16): 019-2241, on call 24 h: 019-224 2800

Joint on-call service for health centres: 019-224 2890

11.2 Visitors

You can invite a reasonable number of visitors to the apartment at your own responsibility. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight in the apartment.

For security reasons, we do not recommend letting complete strangers inside. The guest is fully responsible for the apartment and its movables at all times.

11.3 Surroundings

A revamped path starting near the gate next to the rapids goes around the Vikan site. The area around the rapids and the river is protected because dichelyma moss is found there.

The Vikan cape (Vikaudden) is open for use by all guests. However, the area in the immediate vicinity of each building is reserved for its guests. In the case of the cabins, that area includes the pier and the shore, and in the case of the main building, the sauna and the shore. The revamped path that goes around the site is open to everyone; however, you are not allowed to walk the path along the shore of cabin 1 or near cabin 2 when it is dark, or at any other time if you cause disturbance.

Avoid unnecessary movement in the area surrounding the river as it is protected. The old bridge leading to the island in the middle of the rapids must not be used until it is rebuilt. Do not litter or damage the environment.

11.4 Convenience store

The nearest convenience store is located in Pohja 9 km away:

S-Market Pohja

Pohjantie 2
(010) 7626350
Mon-Fri from 8am to 9pm, Sat from 10am to 6pm, Sun from 12am to 6pm