Villa Vikan rental guide, cabins 1 and 2

Villa Vikan’s log cabins which were built by Teosto in the 1980s are located by the Långträsket lake in Raasepori, address: Vikan 30, 10420 Pohjankuru. The cabins were donated to the Residence Fund of the Finnish Music Foundation as part of the Vikan donation. The Residence Fund renovated the main building and the cabins in 2014.

The cabins have separate beds for four people (two double bedrooms). Cabin users have a sauna, a pier, a rowing boat and a bicycle at their disposal. The cabins have a work space equipped for electronic music work and with Internet access. The cabins, which are available year round, have identical facilities.

If you find something essential to be missing, please contact the Union office.

1.1 Arrival to the residence and access to the cabins

Villa Vikan’s cabins are located at the shore of Lake Långträsket in Raasepori. The address is:

Vikan 30
10420 Pohjankuru

The tenants can arrive to the cabins after 16.00 on Sundays, which is when the rental period starts.

Cabin 1 is located near the shore on the right when viewed from the main building entrance. The road to the cabin goes between the main building and the small caretaker’s cottage and then downwards to the front yard of Cabin 1.

Cabin 2 is located at the end of a rocky cape farther away from the main building. The road to the cabin goes straight from Vikan’s entrance gate between the residential building on the right and the utility building on the left. You will find Cabin 2 at the end of the road.

1.2 Public transportation and taxis

The nearest bus stop is located on the Kuninkaantie road to the west of the Skarpkullantie intersection about 2.5 km away. The bus journey to Karjaa takes about half an hour.

There is a train connection from the Karjaa Railway Station to Helsinki and Turku (coastal rail line). The distance between the station and Vikan is just under 19 km.

You can order a taxi from the Karjaa or Tammisaari Taxi Centre:

  • KARJAA 019 1069 1169
  • TAMMISAARI 019 1069 191

It is best to order a taxi from the centre which is in the direction where you are going. A taxi ride between Karjaa and Vikan costs approximately 35 euros depending on the time of day and the number of people.

You can also order a taxi from the following local taxi operators (within a 10 km radius, from nearest to farthest):

  • Roger Fyrqvist 040 558 9924
  • Matts Malmberg 050 593 2704
  • Leif-Erik Lindman 0400 840 390
  • Tage Lindblom 0400 471 149

1.3 Departure

The rental period ends on Sunday at 10.00, when guests must leave the cabins at the latest. At that time, the cleaner will arrive and must be allowed to work undisturbed.

Before leaving, you should:

  • wash the dishes and put them away
  • take the rubbish to the waste container
  • put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers and bed linen in the laundry basket in the entranceway to the sauna
  • ensure that all items and furniture are in their proper places and that any changes made to equipment connections are restored
  • switch off electrical appliances and lights (except for the Genelec speakers)
  • return the keys back to their original place
  • close the windows and external doors
  • empty the sauna firebox and ash drawer and tidy up the sauna if you have used it
  • turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline if you have used it
  • put the PS4 controllers on the charging cradle
  • write in the guest book
  • lock all doors
  • activate the alarm system.

Cleaning of the grill and barbecue shed is the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant fails to clean the grill and the shed, an additional invoice will be sent to the tenant.

1.4 Keys and the alarm system

The main entrance of all rental buildings at Vikan is equipped with a code lock. No keys are necessary, since the lock opens with a four-digit code provided when signing the rental agreement. If the door is locked, enter the code to open it. If the alarm is on, use the door code to enter, not the keys.

To activate the alarm system, close the door and enter the code twice in succession (wait a few seconds in between). When the alarm system is activated, the motion detectors will sense if there is movement in the building.

The doors can also be opened with the keys found on the wall of the entrance way. You must leave them there upon departure.

The cabins are equipped with an alarm system. When the building is vacated, the alarm system must be activated.

To deactivate the alarm system, enter the door code once, and the door will open. If the alarm is on, use the door code to enter, not the keys.

When you exit the building, activate the alarm system by entering the door code twice in succession.

1.5 Contact

Office of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585

Heikki Isokoski, Caretaker of Vikan:
+358 (0) 400 706 521

2.1 Watching Blu-Rays and DVDs

You can watch Blu-Ray/DVD movies on the Playstation 4 console connected to the TV (HDMI 1).

  1. Open the TV with the remote control (Philips), press the SOURCES button and select HDMI 1 as input in the menu displayed.
  2. Open PS4 by touching the narrow vertical power switch on the right-hand side of the shiny top panel on the left.
  3. Touch the switch below the power switch to remove a disk from the unit.
  4. Check that the mixer’s power indicator is on.
  5. The PS4 console’s sound goes via the TV to the mixer’s stereo channel 7/8 and from there to the Genelec speakers. If you are happy with the sound of the TV’s built-in speakers, turn off the volume control of mixer channel 7/8.

2.2 Movies

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses, 4 pairs of which are available on the right-most middle shelf of the desk. Return the glasses after use.

Operating instructions on the audio/video technology can be found on the middle shelf of the desk on the right (return them after use) or on the Internet.

Do not, under any circumstances, change the connections of the equipment, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem.

There are some Blu-Ray movies available in the cabins:

Cabin 1:

  • Remains of the Day
  • Blindness

Cabin 2:

  • Music and Lyrics
  • Adjustment Bureau

Do not take the movies away. If you choose to purchase or bring more movies and leave them at the residence, future guests will thank you.

2.3 Speakers

All the speakers at Vikan are Genelec powered speakers made in Finland. Each speaker you intend to use must be switched on when listening. If no sound is heard even though the signal is being transmitted to the speaker, first check that the power indicator is lit on the front panel of the speakers. Normally, the speakers are always switched on and you do not need to switch them off when leaving. Do not change the connections.

2.4 Music listening

Bluetooth devices, such as a mobile phone, can be used to listen to music via the Bluetooth receiver (Nokia MD-310) which is located on the right hand side of the desk and connected to the mixer’s stereo channel 5/6. First, pair your device with the Bluetooth receiver.

CDs can be listened to using, for example, the Playstation 4 console (PS4) located on the upper shelf of the desk on the right. PS4 is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable (HDMI 1), and the sound goes from the mixer via the 7/8 stereo channel dedicated to the TV to the Genelec active speakers. The TV must be switched on; you can use the PS4 controllers to control playback. For instructions on how to use the PS4 system, see the “Playstation” section below and the PS4 User Guide.

You can connect other players to the mixer channels as needed.

Do not change the connections of the equipment, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem.

2.5 Playstation 4 (PS4)

The Playstation 4 (PS4) console is a multipurpose device. It is connected to the TV’s HDMI 1 input which is selected from the menu displayed by pressing the SOURCES button on the TV’s remote control. The sound from PS4 goes through the HDMI channel to the TV and from there to the Genelec speakers via the mixer (stereo channel 7/8). If you are happy with the sound of the TV’s speakers, you can turn off the volume control of mixer channel 7/8.

You can play PS4 games, watch movies in almost any format (DVD, BluRay, etc.), listen to music (CD, mp3, etc.), browse the Internet, etc.

Do not:

  • create unnecessary usernames
  • change the device settings unless you really know what you are doing and why
  • change the connections
  • leave your own files on the PS4 hard drive. You should remove them when you leave.

You can use the Playstation 4 console to play PS4 games. The ones currently in the apartment include (check age recommendations):

Cabin 1: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (7)
Cabin 2: LEGO The Hobbit (7)

There are two wireless game controllers which are kept on the charging rack on the table. Press the PS key (a button with the Playstation logo on it in the middle of the controller) to switch on the controller and the PS4 console. To switch off the PS4 console, press and hold down the PS key or use the small power switch on the front panel of PS4.

The PS4 Quick Start Guide is available on the desktop shelf and the complete user guide can be found on the Internet.

3.1 Work space

The work space equipped for music work includes:

  • a Yamaha P-105 keyboard/electric piano
  • 2 Genelec GTwo powered speakers
  • a Philips 42PUS7809 42″ Smart 4K Ultra HD LED TV
  • a Yamaha MG10XU-mixer.

You can connect your laptop and other similar devices to the mixer and the TV/display for a higher quality audio and video. The mixer has a USB port. Operating instructions are available on the middle shelf of the desk on the right (return them after use) or on the Internet.

There are two music stands and lights in the cabin. They are kept below the coat rack.

4.1 Towels and sauna seat covers

For each person indicated in the rental agreement, you will find 1 large and 1 small towel as well as 1 sauna seat cover on top of the beds upon arrival. When you leave, put the used towels and sauna seat covers (not wet) in the laundry basket in the entranceway to the sauna where the cleaner will pick them up for washing on Sundays.

4.2 Sauna

The cabin has an electrically heated sauna, which is available to guests. Keep the sauna tidy and do not leave water in the pail. The use of the sauna 2 times a week is included in the rent. If you wish to use the sauna more often, the charge is 6 euros for each use to be paid to the Union office afterwards.

Do not switch off the trace heating for incoming water (the switch is located in the sauna entryway).

4.3 Shower

There is a shower in the sauna washroom. Please use water sparingly.

4.4 Beds and bed linen

The cabin has four separate beds in two bedrooms.

The rental price includes bed linen for the number of people specified in the rental agreement. The use of more bed linen is charged afterwards according to laundry costs. The minimum charge is 32 euros. If needed, more bed linen can be found in the plastic boxes under the beds.

Put any used bed linen (not wet) in the laundry basket in the entranceway to the sauna where the cleaner will pick it up for washing on Sundays. If used bed linen is not removed, you will be charged extra.

4.5 Water and sewers

Please use water sparingly. Do not let anything inappropriate enter the sewers.

5.1 Pier

The pier can take the weight of 4 to 6 people, but you should not rock it unnecessarily. Be careful on the pier especially when it is wet. Children should not be allowed to play on the pier without supervision.

5.2 Other buildings

In addition to the main building and the two cabins, there are two other residential buildings in the Vikan area which are not used as artist residences. The smaller building in front of the main building is used by Vikan’s caretaker couple, Heikki Isokoski and Ritva Hynninen. If you encounter problems, you can turn to them for help and advice.

5.3 Surroundings

A revamped path starting near the gate next to the rapids goes around the Vikan site. The area around the rapids and the river is protected because dichelyma moss is found there.

The Vikan cape (Vikaudden) is open for use by all guests. However, the area in the immediate vicinity of each building is reserved for its guests. In the case of the cabins, that area includes the pier and the shore, and in the case of the main building, the sauna and the shore. The revamped path that goes around the site is open to everyone; however, you are not allowed to walk the path along the shore of cabin 1 or near cabin 2 when it is dark, or at any other time if you cause disturbance.

Avoid unnecessary movement in the area surrounding the river as it is protected. The old bridge leading to the island in the middle of the rapids must not be used until it is rebuilt.

Do not litter or damage the environment.

5.4 Boat

There is a rowing boat down by the lake with a set of oars kept in the entryway of the sauna. Do not remove the drain bung; instead, empty the boat of rainwater with a ladle or by tilting it.

The caretaker takes care of the boats, but it may be necessary, for instance, to brush them every now and then. Turn the boat over at least 2 metres away from the shoreline when you stop using it.

There are a couple of life jackets on the coat rack in the entryway, but you might want to bring your own life jackets for extra protection. This is especially important if you have small children who need appropriately sized life jackets. If the life jackets get wet, dry them thoroughly before hanging them on the coat rack.

6.1 Bicycles

There are four bicycles shared by the main building and the cabins which are kept behind the left-most door of the rather large utility building on the left hand side of the entrance road. The key to the door is kept on a hook in the recess below ground level leading to the basement of the residential building opposite the utility building. When you go down a few steps in the recess and look to your upper right, you will see an ancient key hanging from a red ribbon which must not be lost. Return it after use. Do not leave the bicycles in the rain, or they will soon rust and get destroyed.

Basically, two bicycles are reserved for the main building and one for each cabin. The black bicycles are intended for the main building, the brown one for cabin 1 and the orange one for cabin 2. If you need more than your allocated number of bicycles, ask the guests of the other buildings whether you can use theirs. If there is a building with no guests, its bicycle(s) are available for use by the other guests on a first-come-first-served basis. The bicycles are not available for use in the winter if there is snow or ice on the ground.

The bicycles are 3-speed small-size women’s models that can be used by almost anyone. The bicycles have a front basket, a carrier, an automatic hub dynamo light (on/off switch at the rear of the lamp) and mudguards. A foot pump with a meter can be found in the bicycle storage where it should always be kept. You can take the smaller hand pump with you when you go on a ride, but you must also leave that one in the bicycle basket in the storage area after use. Keep the tyres at a sufficient pressure (50 to 75 PSI depending on the cyclist’s weight) to ensure that riding is not too strenuous and the rims are not damaged.

Next to the bicycles on top of the refrigerator, there are tool bags with items such as a box spanner for adjusting the height of the saddle. In the same place, you will also find chain oil.

All bicycles are equipped with a number lock the code of which is 1897 (the year when the Vikan villa was built). Always use the wire lock to attach the bicycles to a solid object when you leave them somewhere other than the bicycle storage.

When riding, be careful since winding roads have limited visibility. A helmet is necessary when cycling, but you should bring your own helmets with you. A bicycle is an easy and ecological alternative for visiting Fiskars or Billnäs or the shops in Karjaa.

You are expected to perform minor adjustments, such as pumping tyres and oiling chains, yourself. If you do not know how, you can contact the caretaker or the Union office.

6.2 Television

There is a high quality 42-inch 4K 3D LED TV equipped with Smart features (Phillips 42PUS7809), which can also be used as a big computer display by connecting the computer to the TV’s HDMI 3 input port located behind the TV on the left. Connected to the port, you will find an HDMI cable. Leave its unconnected end in a visible location on the desk after use.

If you need to use your own display cable and disconnect the HDMI cable already attached to the TV, reattach it to the same port (HDMI 3, lower port) for future users when you leave.

You can find operating instructions for the TV on the Internet and by pressing HOME > OHJE (HELP) on the remote control and choosing a topic.

Do not touch the TV screen. This is especially important if there are children present.

If you wish to listen to the TV in high quality stereo, open the mixer’s LEVEL STEREO control and the 7/8 volume control dedicated to the TV.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses, 4 pairs of which are available on the right-most middle shelf of the desk.

6.3 Hair dryer

The cabins have a hair dryer which is kept in the toilet.

7.1 Tableware and cutlery

The cabins have a basic set of dishes, cutlery and cookware as well as a dishwasher. Please wash the dishes and put them back in place before leaving. Washing dishes is not included in the weekly cleaning service.

7.2 Grill

The cabins have a gas grill. Purchasing gas and cleaning the grill after use is at the responsibility of the guests. Gas is available from service stations and hardware stores – all you need to do is return the empty bottle and replace it with a full one.

Cleaning of the grill and barbecue shed is the responsibility of the tenant. If the tenant fails to clean the grill and the shed, an additional invoice will be sent to the tenant.

7.3 Refrigerator/freezer

Do not leave any perishable foods or ingredients in the refrigerator/freezer. You can leave small quantities of unopened products that keep well and are clearly marked with use-by and best before dates as well as unopened beverages to be consumed by future guests. Therefore, before you leave, go through the contents of the refrigerator and remove any useless items. Basically, the refrigerator should be (almost) empty when you leave so that the next guest can use it normally.

7.4 Household appliances

The cabin has a refrigerator/freezer, electric stove/oven/microwave, coffee maker, water kettle, toaster and dishwasher. Operating instructions can be found in a plastic container in the lower kitchen cupboard. Put them back after use.

7.5 Cooking and convenience store

The apartment has basic equipment for cooking, but nothing special. If you wish, you can leave items such as basic spices behind for future guests. However, do not rely on the fact that there will be a particular spice or things such as flour in the cupboard.

Instructions for the household machines can be found in the lower kitchen cupboard.

The nearest convenience store is located in Pohja 9 km away:

S-Market Pohja
Pohjantie 2
(010) 7626350
Mon-Fri from 8am to 9pm, Sat from 8am to 6pm, Sun from 12pm to 6pm

8.1 Emergency number

Dial the general emergency number 112 to reach the emergency services (ambulance, police or fire and rescue). No area code is required.

The nearest hospital is 23 kilometres away:

West Uusimaa Hospital
Itäinen Rantakatu 9
10601 Tammisaari
Telephone (Mon-Fri from 7:30am to 6pm, Sat-Sun from 10am to 4pm): 019-2241 on call 24 h: 019-224 2800

Joint on-call service for health centres: 019-224 2890

8.2 Windows and doors

Windows and doors must be kept closed when the apartment is empty.

8.3 Internet

The cabins have an unsecured WLAN connection with no password.

8.4 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

The waste container enclosure is located, if viewed from the main door, on the left below the hill. You should take the rubbish to the container whenever needed and definitely when you leave. You should also clear away any empty bottles.

8.5 Books, newspapers and magazines

If you want to leave books in the cabin, future guests will thank you. We recommend not leaving newspapers or magazines since they will soon turn into big piles. Also, do not leave unnecessary items, such as advertising materials, in the residence. There is a paper recycling container in the waste container enclosure.

8.6 Pets

Cabin no. 2 can also accommodate pets. Pets are not allowed in the other buildings.

8.7 Heating

The building has electrically heated radiators and an air heat pump. The heating is remote controlled. Contact the Union office, if the heating does not work or works erratically.

8.8 Cleaning

The weekly cleaning takes place on Mondays between 10.00 and 12.00. The cleaners use their own keys to enter. The cleaners are expected to clean the floors, tables and other surfaces, remove used bed linen, towels and sauna seat covers and make the beds. The cleaners also tidy up the terrace, the sauna and the washroom. If you have any complaints regarding the work of the cleaners, you should contact the Union office immediately.

8.9 Electricity

The electricity bill is Vikan’s biggest single expense. Please use electricity sparingly. If not necessary, do not keep the lights on or the doors and windows open.

8.10 Smoking

Smoking inside the cabins is strictly prohibited. When smoking on terraces, use an ashtray.

8.11 Safety

Ensure safety especially when swimming and using the pier. Keep children under supervision when they swim or spend time near the shore, and do not swim if you are intoxicated.

8.12 Damage and deficiencies

If something is missing or has been broken, please inform the Union office at the earliest opportunity. Outside office hours, you can send an email or text message.

8.13 Visitors

You can invite a reasonable number of visitors to the cabins at your own responsibility. However, they are not allowed to stay overnight in the cabins. For security reasons, we do not recommend letting complete strangers inside. The guest has full responsibility for the cabin and its movables at all times.