Residence application instructions

Applications for the residences may only be submitted during the announced application period. Applications received outside that period or outside the application form will not be included in the draw.

The residencies are open for application two times a year:

The residencies are open for application the same time every year.

Application conditions

The applicant must be a member of the Musicians’ Union, and membership must have lasted for at least three months by the start of the residency period. This is also required for any other members of the Musicians’ Union who is joining the applicant. Members of the Union and family members are welcome to travel to the residency with the applicant. Other people are also welcome to Villa Vikan.

If the applicant or any other member joining the applicant has payment arrears on the date of the application, the application will not be included in the draw. The case is the same with unpaid membership fees.


The residencies are open for application only during the announced application periods via the application form.

The following information is asked in the form:

The applicant may request several weeks and if the applicant wishes, put the weeks in order; if the first week requested is no longer available, the applicant will be granted the next available week.


The draw will take place after the application period ends. Applicants will be informed of the result of the draw in person.

Rental period and invoicing

The rental period is one week from Monday to Monday. For Villa Vikan until week 26/2024 it is from Sunday to Sunday and from week 27/2024 it is from Monday to Monday. This means, for example, that you have to pay a full week’s rent even if you only spend four days at the residence. The booking is binding once the rent has been paid.

Rental prices can be found on the residence website.