Rental guide, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles residence is for Danish and Finnish songwriters, producers, and musicians. The house has four bedrooms divided between the Danish Songwriting Guild, DPA and The Finnish Musician’s Union, SML. You will therefore meet colleagues from both Denmark and Finland when you are staying in the house. We hope that this will be an opportunity to expand your network not only in Los Angeles, but also in the Nordic region. If you would like to know who is staying in the house for the same period as yourself, the members of the Finnish Musicians’ Union may contact:

6080 Rodgerton Drive, Los Angeles, California, US

There is a copy of this manual at the house.

1.1 Arrival and departure

Arrival: Monday after 3 pm or any weekday after that.
Departure: Monday at the latest at 12 pm (noon)

This is to ensure that new arrivals have a clean room when they arrive in the residence.

1.2 Before your stay

Make sure to read through the house manual and guidelines. All the necessary information and contacts are in this manual. Please contact your home organization representative or the L.A. House Manager for any questions you might have.

1.3 Keys

A set of keys for entry is in a lockbox on the right side of the driveway (when facing the house) attached to the black iron gate. The code will be provided to you before your arrival.

IMPORTANT: There should always be a set of keys left inside the lockbox. Please make sure of this when leaving the house. Once you arrive inside the house, return the key immediately in the lockbox for the next resident. You will have more keys inside the residency which you may use during your stay. There should always be a key in the lockbox as the next resident might come during the night. This is also to ensure that Heidi, the cleaning service, and any potential maintenance crew will have access to the house.

Do not share the lockbox code to outside people.

1.4 House address and contacts

The address of the property is 6080 Rodgerton Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068.

Don’t hesitate to call/text/or message day or night with any questions or concerns:

House Manager: Heidi Luukkonen +1 323 241-7310 (main contact),

House owner/landlord: Miranda Lee Richards +1 213 445-8758

1.5 Entering and exiting the property

PLEASE NOTE: The front door does not automatically lock, so you will need to lock the house when leaving and lock the front door from the inside when entering to ensure security of the property. The key is a master key and works with all points of entry.

1.6 Transportation from LAX to the house

Easiest way to get to the house is by using rideshare services Uber or Lyft. You can find free LAX-it shuttles outside baggage claim on level one to LAX-it lot where you can order your ride. More info >

If you are renting a car, all car rental services offer free shuttles from the airport to their locations. See more about parking at the house below.

You can find information about all the different transportation options from LAX here >

1.7 Parking

There is parking for 1–2 cars in the driveway and street parking for 2 or more cars. A parking pass is required only on the weekends for street parking, the rest of the time, you can park freely where there is space in front of the property. Parking passes and additional key sets are in the basket at the top of the inside stairwell.

1.8 Check out

To save time for housekeeping before the next guests, we ask that you:

  1. Start a full load of white laundry with bleach (see washing machine instructions above).
  2. Load and start the dishwasher.
  3. Leave parking passes and keys in the basket at the top of the stairs.
  4. Lock the front door.
  5. Place the last set of keys in the lockbox before departure.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $50 charge for lost parking passes.

2.1 Respectful behavior

Please keep in mind that you are sharing the house with up to three other people during your stay. It is extremely important to respect your colleague’s private space and any harassment of any kind will not be accepted by the organizations. Drugs of any kind are not allowed in the house. The house is a workspace for Finnish and Danish songwriters, musicians, and producers. It is not for parties. Of course, it is ok to gather a few colleagues and have a beer – just be considerate of your roommates.

If you have any questions or encounter uncomfortable situations at the house, please contact your home organization’s representative or Heidi.

  • No parties allowed.
  • No harassment of any kind allowed.
  • No smoking allowed inside. If you need to smoke, please do so in the outside areas, but make sure to throw away any cigarette stubs in the trash. This is a high-risk area for fires.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No unregistered overnight guests allowed.
  • No illegal substances allowed on the premises.
  • If you are 18 or older, but under the age of 21, please remember that you are considered underage under the United States laws.
  • No loud noise after 11 PM.

The tenants agree to follow the safer space principles of the LA residence. Please read more about the principles >

2.2 Working and sessions in the house

Working hours should be between 9 AM–10 PM. The rooms are not soundproof, so be respectful of the other house guests and let them know if you are making loud music. If several people are having sessions at the house, discuss it amongst yourselves and set potential times for everyone. Please use headphones when possible. If you have sessions running late, please discuss them with the other house guests.

There are two bedrooms on the first floor and three bedrooms on the ground floor. There is one en suite bathroom in the master bedroom and two additional bathrooms, one on each floor. Three of the rooms come with a small workstation and the following equipment:
The equipment is packed in a lidded box located in the closet of each bedroom.

3.1 Bird

Medium bedroom is located on the first floor and comes with a workstation.

  • 2 x Yamaha HS5 speaker
  • 1 x keyboard stand
  • 1 x mic stand
  • 1 x M-audio Oxygen 49 Gear Box 1: 2 x AKG 240 headphones
  • 2 x speaker cables
  • 1 x XLR mic cable
  • 1 x SE micscreen
  • 1 x windshield
  • 1x Aston origin mic

3.2 Loft

The Loft room is located on the first floor and has no workstation.

3.3 Beverly

The Master bedroom is located on the ground floor and comes with a workstation.

  • Speakers on the right side under the shelf
  • 2 x Yamaha HS5 speaker (in the closet right side under the shelf)
  • 1 x mic stand
  • 1 x keyboard stand
  • 4 x acoustic elements Gear Box 3:2 x speaker cables
  • 1 x Aston Origin mic
  • 1 x AKG 240 headphones
  • 1 x piano pedal
  • 1 x XLR mic cable
  • 1 x Mackie Mix5
  • 1 x Behringer Microamp HA400

3.4 Echo

The Echo room is located in the ground floor. The Echo room comes with a desk but no workstation.

3.5 Silver

The Medium bedroom is located in the ground floor and comes with a workstation.

  • 2 x Yamaha HS5 speaker with cushion
  • 1 x keyboard stand
  • 1 x mic stand
  • 1 x Ibanez electric guitar (two humbucker pickups)
  • Gear Box 2: 1 x AKG 240 headphones
  • 2 x speaker cables
  • 1 x M-audio Oxygen 49

3.6 Living room

The living room includes:

  • Acoustic steel string guitar
  • Yamaha 700 S
  • Upright Piano, Pease & co

3.7 Bedding

If you find there are too many pillows on the bed (most likely), please place extra decorative pillows on a bedroom surface or in the closet during your stay. There are more blankets and sheets in each bedroom closet, and plenty of throws, blankets, and pillows in the lower master bedroom entryway closet.

3.8 Bathrooms

There are extra towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bathmats in the downstairs shared bathroom linen closet (green bathroom). Hairdryers are located in the upper medicine cabinet of every bathroom. If possible, keep from wiping the floors with the white bath towels, there is a black floor towel and rags under the kitchen sink for spills and rags in the downstairs hallway closet.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not flush feminine products or baby wipes in the toilet. The house has a special pumped plumbing system that will be damaged in the event of misuse.

3.9 Washer and dryers

Washing machine:

  1. Open door
  2. Sort clothes by whites, colors, and darks
  3. Select cycle “BULKY/SHEETS” — select “DEEP WATER” (this machine only fills with enough water on these cycles for any size load).
  4. Select temperature (“Hot” for whites, “Warm” for colors, and “Cold” for darks)
  5. Pour laundry soap in the left-hand corner reservoir (1 capful). USE ½ CUP BLEACH PER FULL LOAD FOR WHITES ONLY and also pour into the left-hand corner reservoir.
  6. Press “START”.


Place a dryer sheet in the dryer if desired. Select drying cycle time. Press “START”.

4.1 Stove

Turn the desired burner to light position then adjust the flame. Turn oven dial to the desired temp. If any burners are inactive, they may be lit with a lighter in the left-hand drawer by the stove. Turn the range hood fan “ON” to absorb cooking odors and be sure all burners and oven are in the “OFF” position before leaving the house.

4.2 Microwave

Select desired time, then press “START”. Dishes and glass are microwave safe; do not place metal in the microwave.

4.3 Dish towels and pot holders

There are clean dish towels and potholders in the left-hand side drawer next to the stove.

4.4. Dishwasher

  1. Load the dishwasher properly by placing smaller items on the top rack and larger items on the lower rack. Be sure not to obstruct the path of the circular rinse/wash arms on each level. Do not place wood cutting boards or wooden spoons in the dishwasher.
  2. Load dishwashing soap into the grey soap dispenser on the inside of the door, close the latch to the dispenser.
  3. Turn the machine “ON” by pushing the power button on the left-hand side of the inner control panel and choose the cycle on the right.
  4. Simply close the door which will start the wash cycle.
  5. The machine will beep when the cycle is finished. Open the door to let the steam out and finish drying (about another hour or so if desired) but watch out for hot steam.
  6. Dish soap for handwashing dishes is on the counter by the kitchen sink in the black steel dispenser. There is more dish soap stored under the kitchen sink.

4.5 Setting the table

There is a selection of serving platters, a table runner, tablecloths, candlesticks, and placemats in the bank of cabinets beneath the glass dining room area cabinets.

4.6 Dishware and glassware

Dishware and glassware are located in the pantry cabinet area by the Dutch door in the kitchen.

4.7 Water

There is a filtered water spigot on the inside left-hand side of the inside of the fridge.

4.8 Coffee

Nespresso machine:

Pods are located on the same counter as the machine.

  1. Fill the reservoir with water
  2. Place the coffee pod (larger) or espresso pod (smaller) in the chamber and turn to the locked position.
  3. Place your cup on the grill under the spout.
  4. Turn the lever clockwise until it “clicks”.
  5. Press the coffee icon button on top of the machine until the cycle stars and the button is blinking.
  6. When pod reservoir is full, place used pods in the recycling bags provided under the cabinet beneath the machine to you right. Fill bags completely before sealing.

FOR LONG TERM BOOKINGS: Nespresso pods for the VertuoLine can be reordered on Amazon. Place any full sealed Nespresso recycling bags in the lower cabinet to the right of the trash cabinet.

Coffee pot (Recommended for larger or long-term groups):

  1. Open the top lid of the coffee maker.
  2. Place basket style coffee filter in bowl area (filters are in the upper righthand cabinet by the stove).
  3. Fill with desired amount of coffee grounds, about 1 heaping tablespoon per cup.
  4. Swing the plastic spout back over the basket area.
  5. Pour desired amount of water from the carafe into the reservoir.
  6. Press the “ON” button

You will need to purchase ground coffee and basket filters at the local grocer.

5.1 Wifi

Password: goodtimes

5.2 Television

Turn the TV ON with the main Samsung remote; turn the Apple TV on with the Apple TV remote. Cycle through the apps as you wish and sign into iTunes with your Apple ID. Watch on-demand content on our Netflix and Hulu as well, and/or sign into any other apps that you currently subscribe to. Do not reset the Apple TV.

5.3 Stereo

To play music with your device using the stereo equipment in the cabinet below the TV in the living room: Turn the system on and off using the labeled switch on the power strip instead of messing around with the amp which may change some settings. Sign on to Livingroom stereo wifi network with your device, (password is goodtimes), and use airplay on your device. Please turn the system off when not using it.

5.4 Heating/Air

There are 2 Nest thermostats, one upstairs in the main room by the TV, and one downstairs in the hallway. The temperatures can be different (around 68 degrees for Heat/72 degrees Cool), but the thermostats both need to be set to the same mode, either “Heat” in the winter, or “Cool” in the summer to work properly. (If they are set to different modes, both the heating and air conditioning can come on at the same time).

Feel free to ask us questions about these, as they can be a bit tricky. Turn the dial and press the face of the unit inward to select the desired mode and temperature. We ask that when the system is running, you keep the windows closed when it is very hot or cold outside and when it is raining.

6.1 Cleaning

Cleaning service is scheduled every Monday at 12 pm (noon).

They are advised to clean the general areas and all empty bedrooms after each visit.

It is the responsibility of each visitor to take care of their own dishes and keep the general areas and individual rooms tidy. In the case of excess uncleanliness and not tidying up after yourself in the common areas, the guest in question will be asked to pay an extra cleaning fee after their stay.

6.2 Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies, shammies for countertops, extra dish soap, dishwashing liquid, and a black towel for floor use are located under the kitchen sink. There is a mini dust broom, dustpan, and hand vac in the kitchen pantry cabinet by the Dutch door.

6.3 Iron and ironing board

Iron and ironing board are located in the lower master bedroom entryway closet.

6.4 Trash and recycling

The trash and recycling cans are located in the lower bank of the cabinets to the right of the kitchen sink. Trash bags (below the kitchen sink) and/or brown paper grocery bags (in the cabinet just left of the trash cabinet) can be used to line the cans. Blue is for recycling, black is trash; empty when full into the street level bins by the driveway (picked up every Friday).

7.1 Fireplace

Before using the fireplace, please make sure you have a tutorial first. It takes two people
to light it. It is a gas fireplace and burning wood inside the fireplace is not permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: The fireplace use is only permitted during the cool winter months and not during the spring, summer and fall fire season!

7.2 Upstairs lighting

As you walk into the property, the first bank of switches on your right will turn on ½ of the upstairs lighting and outdoor lighting. The 2nd bank of switches, located on the half wall of the kitchen, turn on the rest of the upstairs interior lighting. The switch for the disposal is on the right-hand side of the sink behind the microwave. All the switches in the house have been labeled.

7.3 Receiving packages

Receiving packages is very easy, just make sure they are addressed with your name, so they don’t get mixed up with another guest!

Signature confirmation is not recommended unless you are sure you will be home to receive the package.

7.4 Outdoor areas

PLEASE NOTE: Supervise young children and pets on front patio, back deck, and side master bedroom deck. Please be sure to lock the entry doors after using the outdoor areas, and don’t forget the Dutch door in the kitchen area! Please use the indoor stairway only during your stay.

8.1 ESTA and visitor Visa

It is your responsibility to make sure you have the necessary travel documents and authorizations to travel to the United States. Visitors from Denmark & Finland are required to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization, also known as ESTA >

For more information about traveling and entering the United States >

If you have any further questions, contact your home country’s US Embassy >

8.2 Lost or stolen passport

Contact your country’s consulate in Los Angeles for assistance.

Consulate General of Finland, Los Angeles:

  • Tel: +1 310 203 9903, ext. 1, from Monday to Thursday 10 am – 12 pm (noon)
  • Email:
  • Address: 11900 West Olympic Blvd, suite 580, Los Angeles, CA 90064

8.3 Insurance

Remember to have your own sufficient travel insurance as DPA and SML do not cover any injuries, broken, missing, or stolen items during your stay. There are no locks on the bedrooms, but the only people staying in the house are people who have applied for a stay through our organizations. If you would like to know who is staying in the house for the same period as yourself, please contact:

8.4 Emergencies

Call 911 for medical or police assistance.

TIP: Most smartphones have an emergency button or sequence for situations, where calling the emergency number is not possible. Make sure you know how to use your phone in case of such situations.

TIP: If you are using Uber or Lyft and encounter an uncomfortable or dangerous situation with the driver or other passengers, open the app and press the “panic button”, it will automatically call 911.

Official guide to LA >
Things to do >

Where to find restaurants/bars/music venues/shopping etc >

(online “yellow pages”, you can also download their app for Android or iPhone)

9.1 Getting around

Los Angeles is a widespread city and getting around from one place to another varies a lot depending on the time of day and traffic. This is why distances in LA are measured in minutes and hours instead of miles by locals. Make sure you reserve enough time to get to your appointments and places you want to visit.

The easiest way to get around without a rental car is using rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber. Taxis are not as common anymore and they are not allowed to pick up customers curbside. There are people offering illegal taxi services and they should be avoided.

Public transportation is available and services most of the city. LA Metro busses and subway operate across the city. It is an affordable way to get around popular areas but can take a long time and several exchanges between different routes.

Stored passes can be bought at all metro stations and online > 

PLEASE NOTE: There is no direct public transportation service to the house.

Closest metro stop: Hollywood/Western and Hollywood/Vine
Closest bus stop: Franklin & Beachwood (LA Metro busses)

9.2 Safety

Most areas in Los Angeles are safe during the day and it is safe to explore and get to know the city. But just like in any major city, it’s good to be alert at all times and make sure your valuables such as phone, wallet and passport are kept in a secure place. Do not leave any bags or valuables inside your rental car where they are visible. Store all luggage and bags in the trunk. Remember to lock the car doors at all times when exiting the vehicle. Avoid alleys, homeless encampments and unpopulated areas at night.

9.3 Places of interest

9.3.1 Grocery stores

Beachwood Market
2701 Belden Dr. 90068
This is literally right down the road – as a matter of fact, you passed it coming to the house! It is within walking distance, and/or a very short one-minute drive.

Gelson’s Market
5877 Franklin Ave. 90068
This is a beautiful, full-service supermarket in the heart of Franklin Village, just down the way at the foot of Beachwood Canyon to your left.

Trader Joe’s (Hollywood)
1600 N. Vine St. 90028
One our favorite local markets for the best prices on everything, including organic produce, specialty food, and wine.

Lassen’s Natural Foods and Vitamins
2080 Hillhurst Ave. 90027
Small, quality health food store with the best juice bar in town.

Hollywood Farmers Market
1600 Ivar Ave. 90028
Every Sunday 8am-1pm
Some of the best food vendors in the world!

Larchmont Village Farmers Market
209 N. Larchmont Blvd. 90004
Every Sunday 8am-2pm; Wednesday 12pm-4pm
Situated in one of the other most beautiful neighborhoods in all of L.A., Larchmont Village is one of the few places you can park, walk and shop.

9.3.2 Restaurants

5925 Franklin Ave, 90028
Iconic “pub grub” spot. Bar, rotisserie chicken, onion rings, soups, salads.

La Villita Cantina
New Mexican with an updated and creative spin
Bar, craft beer menu, vegan (and meat) tacos, specialty margaritas

La Poubelle Bistro & Bar
5907 Franklin Ave. 90028
A little more upscale for “the block”; classy French food and bar that has been there for
fifty years! Many local organic ingredients are used, extensive wine list.

Sushi Stop Hollywood
5917 Franklin Ave. 90028
Great sushi in Franklin Village.

Pimai Thai
5923 Franklin 90028
Classic Thai food

9.3.3 Pizza delivery

Village Pizzeria
131 N. Larchmont Blvd. 90004 (323) 465-5566

Fresh Brothers Pizza
1923 N. Bronson Ave. (323) 962-6262

Lucifer’s Pizza
6104 Sunset Blvd. 90028

9.3.4 Breakfast and lunch

Beachwood Cafe (now made famous in a song, also open for dinner)
2695 Beachwood Dr. 90068
Delicious New American, everything made from scratch. If you can, go early on the weekends to avoid the wait.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
1514 Gower St. 90028
World famous soul food eatery with a name that says it all.

Kettle Glazed Donuts
6211 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Best donuts and coffee, promise! They have gluten free donuts too.

The Waffle
6255 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Go during the week to ensure you get in! Serving gluten free waffles as well.

9.4 Things to do

Hollywood Sign Drive, Lake Hollywood Park
3160 Canyon Lake Drive 90068
Amazing flat grassy park and Hollywood sign view!

Hollywood Sign Hike (directions not in GPS):
You can hike up to the top of Mt. Lee and look out over the entire Los Angeles basin, gazing from behind the “H” in the Hollywood Sign! The gate to the trailhead closes at 6 pm.

INSTRUCTIONS: From the front door, facing the street, WALK LEFT on Rodgerton → make your first RIGHT onto Deronda → walk all the way to the dead end of Deronda → go RIGHT onto the Mt. Lee Dr. fire road and follow it all the way up to the Hollywood sign! (About a 2-mile hike round trip).

Lake Hollywood Reservoir Walk (directions not in GPS)
There is a beautiful, flat surface paved 3 mile walk around the Lake Hollywood Reservoir, located just below Lake Hollywood Park. There is a wonderful ½ way viewpoint from the dam and bridge overlooking all of Los Angeles.

INSTRUCTIONS: From the front door facing the street, DRIVE LEFT on Rodgerton Dr. → at the first fork in the road, make RIGHT and continue up Ledgewood Dr. (NOT Deronda) → follow Ledgewood all the way up → make a LEFT on Mulholland Highway → follow it around until you arrive at the lookout point just above Lake Hollywood Park → continue on this road, Canyon Lake Dr. → make a LEFT at the bottom of the hill on Tahoe Dr. → In ¼ mile, park and begin walk at entrance along Lake Hollywood Dr.

PLEASE NOTE – HEAT WARNING: We recommend that you DO NOT attempt these walks/hike when it is 90 degrees or over Fahrenheit, as it can be deceptively hot. Bring water, wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses even in the cooler months.

Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame
Hollywood and Highland Center
6801 Hollywood Blvd. 90028
From here, you can explore the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and Grauman’s Egyptian Theater, and Walk of Fame.

Griffith Observatory
2800 E Observatory Rd. 90027
Incredible planetarium and museum of astronomy and science. Give yourself plenty of time to park and walk on the weekends, as there is a lot of traffic.

Hollywood Bowl
2301 N. Highland Ave. 90068
If there is a concert you want to see while in Los Angeles, this is the place to see it!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Blvd. 90038
Los Angeles was initially supposed to be a city of parks in its design, but as land values increased and city planning fell by the wayside, places like Hollywood Forever Cemetery now serve as much-needed urban green space. Some of Hollywood’s most famous stars are buried here, and it is a beautiful place to take a stroll or see a movie in the summer (through Cinespia). Read more >

Paramount Studios
5515 Melrose Ave. 90038
If you are into filmmaking, take a tour of Paramount Studios!

Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608
This is more like a theme park.

1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802

Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park
26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355

Hurricane Harbor water slides (seasonal)
26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355

Venice Beach
Check out the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier A 90401
Historic Pier near the 3rd St. Promenade shopping district

Heritage Square Museum
3800 Homer St. 90031
People don’t think of Los Angeles as having many Victorian or vintage neighborhoods, but that’s because many of them do not survive today. See some of the stateliest homes of the past here.

Angelino Heights
Historic Victorian neighborhood in Echo Park.

9.4.1 Museums

1.     Broad
2.     LACMA
3.     Geffen Contemporary
4.     MOMA
5.     Getty
6.     Heritage Square

9.4.2 Live music

1.     The Echo/Echoplex
2.     The Hotel Café
3.     The Hollywood Bowl
4.     The Greek Theater
5.     Henry Fonda Theater
6.     The Lovesong Bar

9.4.3 Classic bars

1.     Cafe Stella
2.     The Red Lion
3.     Barbrix
4.     Edendale Grill
5.     Tiki-Ti

9.4.4 Live comedy theater

The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
5919 Franklin Ave. 90068