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On Monday December 11th 2023 Horace Truridge, musician–songwriter and Vice Chairman of International Federation of Musicians (FIM) provided background information to the members of the union on the current situation of streaming revenue distribution and explained the music industry’s upheaval that led to it.

In Truridge’s English-language presentation titled “The Evolution of Performer’s Rights in Sound Recordings,” he delved into the development of performers’ rights and revenue distribution in the recording industry from the early 20th century to the present day and the streaming generation.

During the event, the impacts of the music industry’s transformation on performers’ incomes were outlined: as the industry shift has directed music consumption from radio and physical recordings to streaming services, performers’ earnings have plummeted. Artists receive minimal royalties, even though record companies’ profits have surged. Session musicians, on the other hand, receive a one-time fee, and streaming usage does not generate any income for them. This situation could be rectified by adding an inalienable remuneration right for performers from streaming use to the copyright law.