In the rules of the Musicians’ Union regarding industrial action, the following is stated:

24 § Industrial Action

If the board does not approve the negotiation outcome of a collective agreement, it can organize a consultative member vote on commencing industrial action. Only members of the branches whose employment would immediately be affected by the potential industrial action are allowed to participate in the vote. Based on the vote, the board decides on necessary actions. Industrial action cannot be initiated unless at least two-thirds (2/3) of the participating members support commencing industrial action.

All information regarding planned or ongoing industrial action is confidential between the relevant branch and the board and cannot be disclosed to outsiders without the board’s permission.

During industrial action, the branch must ensure that factors affecting the course and outcome of the industrial action are communicated to the board.

The board or the general assembly has the right to end industrial action if it deems it necessary.

Only notices of industrial action issued by the board are binding on the union members.

25 § Strike Assistance

Members of a section affected by industrial action are eligible for assistance.

Industrial actions that qualify for assistance include:

Assistance is granted to a member who has been a member of the section for at least 6 months before the start of the industrial action and has no unpaid membership fees for reasons other than those stated in § 33. For special reasons, the board may decide to grant the right to strike assistance based on membership of less than 6 months.

The amount of strike assistance is determined by the board, taking into account the extent and expected duration of the industrial action. The board has the right to grant additional assistance at its discretion to those involved in industrial action.

Assistance begins on the eighth day from the start of the strike, including the eighth day, and is paid until the strike is declared over. Saturdays and Sundays are also counted as assistance days.

The section and its members eligible for strike assistance are required to follow the board’s instructions and regulations on the distribution of strike assistance.

Anyone seeking strike assistance must register with their section or the union office within seven days of the start of the industrial action. If registration occurs later, the member’s right to assistance begins from the date of registration.

If a member receiving assistance obtains temporary work paying at least the amount of assistance, they are not entitled to assistance for the duration of the employment. After the work ends, they are immediately entitled to assistance.

A branch member who engages in work subject to industrial action or does not follow the instructions given by the board or the branch forfeits their right to assistance and may be required to repay the assistance received.

If circumstances require, assistance may be paid to the family of the recipient.