London residence rental guide

1.1 Arrival

The residence is located in Fulham, at 2 Knivet Road.

The rental period starts on Monday at 16.00.

If, for some reason, you wish to enter the apartment before 11.30 – for example, to leave your luggage inside – it is imperative that you check this with the previous guest in good time (not the same day when you arrive) and also inform the Union office about it. For contact information, ask the Union office.

If you need to enter the apartment between 11.30 and 16.00, when the apartment is being cleaned, you must check this with the Union office. The cleaners must be allowed to work undisturbed.

1.2 Departure

The rental period ends on Monday at 11.30.

If you wish to stay longer or leave, for example, luggage in the apartment, arrange this in advance with the Union office. If you need to stay past 16.00, when the next guest’s rental period begins, you have to arrange this well in advance with the next guest (not the same day). For contact information, ask the Union office.

Before leaving, you should:

  • wash the dishes and put them away
  • ensure that there are no trash bags on the yard
  • put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers and bathrobes as well as bed linen in the vanity cabinet of the mid-floor bathroom
  • ensure that all items and furniture are in their proper places
  • switch off electrical appliances and lights (except for the Genelec speakers)
  • return the keys of the apartment onto the hooks in the hall
  • restore the central/floor heating settings back to their original values if you have changed them
  • close the windows
  • close the lid of the grand piano and the keyboard
  • charge the PS3 controllers and the 3D glasses (make sure the power switch is in the off position) if you have used them, and then disconnect them from the chargers
  • write in the guest book
  • lock all the doors (do not forget to engage the safety lock on the front door); use a separate key to engage the locks on the upper and lower edge of the doors leading to the back yard and the lightwell (leave the keys in the locks)
  • take the keys you received from the Union office back to Finland.

1.3 Keys

The residence keychain has 2 keys, the smaller one is for the upper and the larger one for the lower safety lock.

The keychains are kept on the letter-coded hooks below the underground map in the hall. If you have trouble opening the upper lock of the front door, remember not to push the key all the way in. The keys to the back yard and the living room lightwell are in the doors. If you have trouble opening the back yard door, open all the locks and push both parts of the door open.

The key of the bicycle U-lock is attached to a different keychain (B) in the hall.

Do not give the keys to outsiders in any situation. You should be very careful with the keys. In addition to practical difficulties and expenses, you will also have to remunerate the cost of making new keys.

1.4 Contact details

Report any damage to the property or its movables to the Union office immediately. If, upon arrival, you find that something is missing that should be in the apartment, report the matter to the Union office immediately. Also report any general deficiencies in the equipment or condition of the apartment that you think should be fixed to the Union office.


Union office:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585

You can listen to music from your own device (smart phone, computer etc.) from the living room sound system or the work space upstairs. CDs can be listened to using the Blu-Ray player (Cambridge Audio) or the Playstation 3 console in the living room.

There are some CDs available in the apartment. After use, put them back on the shelf of the upstairs work space or the living room.

Do not, under any circumstances, change the connections of the equipment. If you do however change the connections, return them back when you’re finished. Otherwise, these instructions will no longer be valid and the next user might have a problem.

2.1 Music listening in the living room

  1. Check that the power indicator is lit at least on the front speakers (left and right). If not, check that the power outlet, to which the speaker is connected, is switched on (the red side of the switch should be visible).
  2. If the power indicator is still not lit, check the power switch below the input cable at the rear of the speaker.
  3. Turn the volume control at the front edge of the speaker clockwise as far as it goes. If you are listening to multi-channel sound, follow the same procedure to switch on all the speakers if they are not already on.
  4. To adjust the volume, use the remote control of the amplifier (Yamaha).
  5. The relative volume is shown on the amplifier display in decibels.

2.2 Music listening from your own device

  1. Connect your device to the 3.5 mm mini-stereo plug of the cable located on the amplifier.
  2. Be sure to return the end of the cable to the same spot in full view so that others will also find it.
  3. Choose “Audio 2” as the audio source on the amplifier by pressing the “Audio” key repeatedly until “MINI PLUG” is displayed.
  4. Press the ”MUSIC” button on the remote.

2.3 Music listening at work space

Connect your device to the mixer using the cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug which is located on the desk/shelf.

2.4 Speakers

All the speakers in the apartment are Genelec powered speakers made in Finland. Each speaker you intend to use must be switched on when listening. If no sound is heard, first check that the power indicator on the front panel of the speakers is lit. The powered subwoofer on the floor to the left of the downstairs TV must be switched on for the audio signal to reach the other speakers (3 in the front and 2 in the rear).

Normally, the speakers are always switched on and you do not need to switch them off when leaving.

There are powered speakers on stands in the upstairs work space. Do not change the connections.

If the speakers in the living room emit a disturbing low-frequency hum when the amplifier (Yamaha) is switched off, switch on the amplifier or switch off both sockets behind the subwoofer.

On the kitchen windowsill, there is a ceramic horn in which you can put a suitable-sized mobile phone to listen to acoustically amplified music from its speaker. Place the mobile phone so that its speaker points towards the inside of the horn.

To play DVD/Blu-Ray disks, you can use the Blu-ray player in the living room (Cambridge Audio, on a glass shelf beneath the TV) or the Sony PS3 console (also on the glass shelf. You can also use the PS3 console to watch some video services (requires a PSN account).

3.1 Using the Blu-Ray player

  1. Switch on the TV with the remote control (Panasonic) by pressing the button for more than a second.
  2. On the remote control, choose AV (upper right corner) and use the arrow keys to select HDMI 1 in a menu.
  3. Switch on the amplifier (Yamaha, on the bottom shelf).
  4. On the amplifier, choose HDMI 2 (row of buttons at the top of the remote control with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4) to display “BD/DVD/CD”.
  5. Press “MOVIE” button on the remote.

3.2 Mirroring your own device

  1. Connect your device to an HDMI cable, whose other end goes to the AV amplifier.
  2. Press “HDMI 1” button on the remote.
  3. Screen should now display “LAPTOP”.

Check that the power indicator is lit on all the speakers (3 in the front, 2 in the rear). If not, switch the power on as described in the “Music listening” section. It is advisable to keep the speaker volume controls in the maximum position.

To adjust the volume, use the amplifier’s remote control (Yamaha). The relative volume is shown on the amplifier display in decibels.

3.3 3D glasses

To watch 3D movies, you need a 3D movie and 3D glasses available in black cases on the glass shelf.

Using the 3D glasses:

  1. Charge the glasses with a USB cable (on PS3, for example).
  2. Turn on the glasses from the power switch located at the bottom of the temple arm.
  3. On the TV remote control, press the 3D button.
  4. The viewing area of the 3D glasses is not very wide in the lateral direction, so you should position yourself as close to the centre as possible.
  5. Keep the 3D glasses in their cases with the power switched off when not in use.

Do not scratch the glasses.

3.4 Films

Blu-Rays and DVDs in the residence:

  • Billy Elliot (DVD)
  • Californication: The People vs. Hank Moody, The Complete Season 4
  • Coriolanus (Blu-Ray)
  • Finnish Rockumentary 2004-05 (DVD)
  • Harry Brown (DVD)
  • Harry Potter ja Viisasten Kivi (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) (DVD)
  • Hugo (Blu-Ray 3D)
  • Jonesin perhe (The Joneses) (DVD)
  • Kesken jäänyt elämä (An Unfinished Life) (DVD)
  • Loma Roomassa (Roman Holiday) (DVD)
  • Love actually (DVD)
  • Music and lyrics (DVD)
  • Nanny McPhee ja suuri pamaus (Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang) (DVD)
  • No Limits by Jeremy Clarkson (DVD)
  • Notting Hill (DVD)
  • Paholainen pukeutuu Pradaan (The Devil Wears Prada) (DVD)
  • The Queen (DVD)
  • Rio (Blu-Ray)
  • Soundbreaker, Accordion Music Kimmo Pohjonen (DVD)
  • The Artist (Blu-Ray)
  • The Tourist (Blu-Ray)
  • Tron (Blu-Ray 3D)
  • Vampire Hunter (DVD)
  • Vettä elefanteille (Water for Elephants) (Blu-Ray)

Do not take them away. If you purchase or bring more movies and leave them behind, future guests will thank you.

4.1 Practicing and working

The residence is a flat in an ordinary apartment building. Therefore, undue noise should be avoided. Since the grand piano can be played with headphones, use that option.

The upstairs work space has speakers, but especially in the evenings it might be advisable to use headphones which are connected to the mixer or directly to the keyboard instrument. If necessary, you can switch the speakers off by turning the volume control at the lower left corner counterclockwise as far as it goes.

Four music stands and microphone stands together with adapters are available on the bottom shelf of the cupboard in bedroom 4.

4.2 Grand piano

The grand piano is a Yamaha model C3 silent (186 cm), so you can also play it with headphones. There is a lever underneath the keyboard that you can pull to turn the grand piano into a silent digital grand piano. It is advisable to leave the headphones hanging on the hook on the left-hand side of the grand piano.

The volume and echo controls are located next to the headphone terminal. You can also record your playing. The user manual is available on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard.

There is also a MIDI/USB cable interface (Roland UM-ONE MK2) attached to the MIDI terminal of the grand piano. You can use the grand piano as a master keyboard and connect it, for example, to your laptop computer. Instructions and drivers can be found online.

The digital mechanism of the grand piano is always in tune, even when the acoustic piano is not. The tuning of the grand piano is agreed upon with the Union office.

4.3 Guitars, bass and cajón

In the apartment, there are two acoustic steel-string guitars and an acoustic bass guitar, which are kept on wall mounts in the 1st floor work space and bedrooms 2 and 4. Handle them with care so that they will also serve future users, and put them back after use.

If strings break, replace the whole set. If there are no string sets in the pocket of the guitar case (in the cupboard next to the work space), pay a visit to one of the many guitar/music stores in London.

Do not adjust the neck of the guitar or bass unless you know what you are doing.

If necessary, you can amplify the sound of a Basson or Tanglewood guitar by using the upstairs mixer and speakers. In the work space, there is also a small stereo amplifier for an electroacoustic guitar (Yamaha THR5A) that features mic models, effects and a USB connector for the computer.

Do not leave the guitar or bass with the power switched on. You should also disconnect guitar cables after use. Replace batteries when needed.

Under the desk in the work space, you will also find a cajón drum which should not be played late at night since its fairly loud sound penetrates the structures through the floor.

4.4 Work space

The upstairs work space is intended for electronic music work.

The equipment includes:

  • A Yamaha CP50 MIDI/USB keyboard/electric piano
  • A 27-inch Samsung Full HD LCD LED display with RGB and HDMI inputs
  • 2 Genelec 8020B powered speakers
  • A Mackie 1202-VLZ3 mixer
  • A Yamaha THR5A amplifier for an electro-acoustic guitar
  • A Samsung ML-2955DW B&W printer
  • Beyerdynamic DT-240 PRO headphones

There is an RGB cable, a DVI adapter, Apple adapters etc. on the shelf as well as operating instructions.

The intention is that users bring their own computers for work purposes. You can place them on the stand at the end of the movable arm.

It is important that the rear leg of the chair points directly away from the desk, otherwise the chair may tip over when you lean backwards.

Basic connections have already been made. Do not change them needlessly, or if you do, restore them back to their original configuration before leaving.

To connect the keyboard to your computer, you probably need a driver that can be found on the Yamaha web site under model name CP50 (support / downloads). Install the driver program on your computer as instructed.

There are also 4 music and microphone stands together with adapters on the lower shelf of the adjacent cupboard.

4.5 Internet

The apartment has a BT (British Telecom) broadband connection and a wireless network (WLAN).

Network name: BTHub3-T5PC

Password: bea5b7c327

The network name and password can also be found on the front panel of the WLAN hub on the shelf of the first floor work space. The wireless network can be accessed in all rooms and in the backyard. You can use the Internet connection with your own device or the PS3 console in the living room. In the work space on the first floor, you can connect your computer with a network cable to the WLAN hub (terminals 1-4 on the back of the device) to ensure maximum speed and minimum interference. The printer in the work space is WLAN enabled.

If the connection is lost and cannot be re-established, restart your computer and wait for the connection to start working again. Then, open the Web browser. If this does not help, you can reset the modem by pressing the reset button on the back of the device with the tip of a pen for 15 seconds. Then, wait for the modem to find all the settings.

5.1 Toilets

The house has three toilets: one on the ground floor, one on the 1st floor and one in the attic room.

5.2 Showers

The apartment has 5 showers, 1 in the attic room, 1 in the first floor bathroom, 1 in the street level bathroom and 2 in the washroom of the sauna in the yard, which is also equipped with handheld showers.

Please use water sparingly.

Leave the lights on in bathrooms after taking a shower until the fan has dried the shower area. You can speed up drying by leaving the door slightly open.

The use of upstairs showers is not recommended between 22.00 and 06.00, as the water pumps are noisy.

5.3 Sauna

One use of the sauna is included in the rent. If you wish to use the sauna more often, the charge is 6 euros for each use (max 3 hours). After the end of the rental period, please inform the Union office of the number of times/hours you used the sauna and pay the charge in cash when you return the keys.

Leave your shoes outside the sauna by the door if the weather allows it, as the dirt from outside easily sticks to the shower room floor.

The heater controls are located at the bottom of the heater on the door side, which are a bit difficult to see behind the guard rail. The leftmost control is the timer and the rightmost one the temperature control. When heating the sauna, the ventilation hatch on the back wall near the ceiling must be kept closed and the lights switched off so that the shower room fan does not draw warm air out from the sauna from under the door.

When using the sauna, the ventilation hatch must be kept open and the outside door of the washroom shut, so that the shower room fan draws fresh air into the steam room through the ventilation hatch.

After bathing, leave the lights on until the shower room and the steam room are completely dry. This may take several hours. When the lights are switched off, the fan will stop after a while. You can speed up drying by keeping the doors slightly open. Keep the sauna and washroom tidy and use sauna seat covers available in the cupboards.

The electric switches of the sauna building and the floor heating control are located to the right of the door in an enclosure on the outer wall. Do not change the settings.

5.4 Water and sewers

The tap water is officially drinkable, but quite many seem to drink bottled water.

The washbasins in the toilets of the upstairs and mid-floor bedrooms in particular are susceptible to clogging, so do not put anything other than water in them.

Please use water sparingly.

6.1 Beds

The apartment has beds as follows:

  1. Street level bedroom 1: two separate beds.
  2. Street level bedroom 2: one bed and one convertible chair bed.
  3. First floor bedroom 3: one large double bed and one convertible bench bed (for a person under 185 cm tall).
  4. First floor bedroom 4: two separate beds
  5. Attic room: one bed and one extra pull-out bed

6.2 Capacity

At most, the apartment can accommodate 11 guests, or 9 guests if you appreciate comfort. If each guest wants to have a room of their own, the house can accommodate five.

6.3 Bed linen

The apartment has bed linen for the number of people specified in the rental agreement. The use of more bed linen is charged afterwards according to laundry costs. The minimum charge is EUR 48. Clean bed linen can be found in the bedroom wardrobe.

Put any used bed linen in the vanity cabinet of the mid-floor bathroom where the cleaner will pick it up for washing on Mondays. If the used bed linen is not removed, this will cost extra; the minimum charge is EUR 48.

6.4 Towels and bathrobes

For each person indicated in the rental agreement, there is 1 large and 1 small towel and 1 sauna seat cover which are kept in the bedroom wardrobes. When you leave, put any used towels (not wet), sauna seat covers, bathrobes and bed linen in the vanity cabinet of the mid-floor bathroom where the cleaner will pick them up for washing on Mondays.

7.1 Printer

The cupboard next to the upstairs work space holds a laser printer equipped with a USB and a wireless connection.

The USB cable of the printer is routed to the desk through the hole in the cupboard wall. The printer is also accessible on the wireless network.

IP address:

To set up your own device to print wirelessly, follow the instructions provided for changing the network settings.

Printing paper is available on the shelf. If the paper or toner run out, you can purchase them from the office supplies stores nearby. Follow the instructions for removing and attaching the toner cartridge.

7.2 Television

The living room has a 3D Full HD Plasma TV. Do not leave a still picture on the screen or the TV switched on needlessly. Also, do not touch the the screen. Take particular care if there are children around.

If you wish to listen to the TV as high quality stereo or multi-channel sound, turn on the amplifier (Yamaha) and select “AV5” to display “TV” on the amplifier display. You should also mute the TV’s own sound to avoid an irritating delay.

To view 3D content, you need 3D glasses. For detailed instructions, see section ”3D glasses”.

7.3 Bicycle

One women’s bicycle has been purchased for the residence. You should always lock the bicycle by attaching its frame to a solid object using the U-lock provided. It is also advisable to lock the front wheel with a separate wire lock. Lock the bicycle to the iron rail in front of the house for the night, preferably so that the frame is attached with a U-lock and the front and rear wheels as well as the saddle are attached with separate wire locks.

Equipment and tools for minor maintenance, such as adjusting the height of the saddle, are available in the hall table drawer which is nearest to the entrance. The bicycle only has hand brakes. For the bicycle, there are detachable battery-powered lights, a small hand pump and a foot pump with a meter (in bedroom 1). If you want to wear a helmet, which is strongly recommended, bring your own with you.

Pumping the tires:

  1. Prior to pumping, first unscrew the nut on top of the valve.
  2. Then, press the the pump nozzle over the valve at an angle of 90 degrees and push it all the way down. Finally, turn the nozzle locking lever of the foot pump to align it with the valve in order to lock it and enable pumping.
  3. When removing the pump from the valve, first turn the nozzle locking lever so that it is at an angle of 90 degrees to the valve.
  4. Finally, screw the valve nut tightly and place the protective cap on it.

The recommended tire pressure is 65 PSI.

7.4 Hair dryer

The apartment has a hair dryer, which is kept in the wardrobe of either bedroom 3 or 4.

7.5 Umbrellas

There are 2 fair-sized umbrellas available for guests. Be sure to look after them and leave them in good condition for the next guests.

8.1 Cooking

The apartment has basic equipment for cooking, but since London is full of restaurants, no special equipment has been purchased. If you think that the cooking utensils are not adequate, please contact the Union office.

The kitchen stove has an oven with an integrated microwave. Instructions for the household appliances are available in the kitchen cupboard.

8.2 Dining table

The table is extendable. The end pieces are moved by pulling/pushing, and the centre piece rotates around its axis. Extension pieces are kept in the boiler room at the back of the living room.

8.3 Waste

There are two waste bins in the residence: one on the high floor next to the backyard door and one under the kitchen sink. A clear recycling bag is placed in the high bin and any other colour bag can be placed in the sink cupboard bin.

Waste is collected in Fulham on Thursday mornings from the front of the house. The clear recycling bag is used to put all empty packaging, bottles, etc., which are sorted centrally by the waste management company. Other waste, such as biowaste, is put in another bag, which is placed under the bin in the bucket.

Please put your well-sealed bags outside the building by Thursday morning before 6am – no bags should be put out before Wednesday evening. Bags must be visible on the ground at the time of collection and not in the bin. The container can be used to store the bags temporarily. If you neglect to put the bags in the right place for collection, they will not be collected until the following Thursday. Do not put loose waste in the bin.

Please ensure that there are no bags in the front yard at the end of your rental period.

8.3.1 Organic waste

Bio-waste can also be sorted at the residence:

  • Put a bio-bag in the rubbish bin, do not use a plastic bag.
  • When the bio-bag is full, take the bag outside to the front of the house next to the rubbish bin no later than Thursday morning before 6am.

9.1 Staircase

London residence isn’t unobstructed.

Be careful when moving on the stairs. Keep an eye on small children when they use the stairs.

While carrying suitcases and other things, take care not to damage the walls of the staircase and avoid noise for the neighbours’ sake.

9.2 Electricity

Finnish electrical appliances can be used with London electricity. The voltage is the same, 230 V, but you need a plug adapter, several of which are available in the apartment. The wall outlets have a switch which is on (powered) when the red upper edge is visible (the underside of the switch is pressed in).

The circuit breaker cabinet is located behind the grand piano in the living room above the door to the boiler room.

Kitchen appliances have a separate circuit breaker cabinet in the kitchen, by the dishwasher.

9.3 Safety

Keep the safety chain on when you are inside, especially at night, and not to open the door to strangers

In the stairwell recess downstairs, there are two fire extinguishers; a larger foam extinguisher (not for electric appliances) and a smaller CO2 extinguisher. On the wall above them, there is a fire blanket. The upstairs fire extinguisher is located beneath the table in bedroom 3.

9.4 Smoking

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the residence, but allowed in the backyard. Make sure not to leave any cigarette butts in the yard or ashtrays when leaving the residence.