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Finnish Musicians’ Union is an organization for music performers, founded in 1917. It has approximately 3,800 members. Nearly one-third of the membership consists of orchestral musicians, while the rest work as freelancers or entrepreneurs in various sectors of the music industry.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union has 25 collective agreements in various production sectors of music. It offers personalized advisory and consulting services to its members regarding contracts, taxes, copyright, social security matters, and various work-related situations. The union also provides legal assistance to its members. Additionally, sector-specific and workplace-specific representatives are available to the membership.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union offers several benefits and services to its members, including insurance coverage and artist residencies.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union advocates for the overall interests of the music industry by influencing cultural policies and legislation.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union promotes the music industry and owns Radio Helsinki as well as G Livelab venues in Helsinki and Tampere.


The Finnish Musicians’ Union has branches as members. When new individual members wish to join a branch, its executive board processes the applications and confirms membership in the branch and thereby in the Finnish Musicians’ Union.

Why join?

As a member of the Finnish Musicians’ Union, you are entitled to many services and benefits and are welcome to attend the union’s events.

If you wish to express your interest in participating in the organization of the union’s events, you can contact the union’s Producer Sami Vähäkangas at:

Musicians’ Sick Fund and unemployment fund A-kassa

When you join the Finnish Musicians’ Union, you also become a member of the Musicians’ Sick Fund.

If you work as an employee, you can also join the unemployment fund A-kassa as a member. The membership fee for A-kassa in 2024 is EUR 8/month.

The unemployment fund Finka merged into the new A-kassa at the beginning of 2022.

Membership fee and payment options

The membership fee for the Finnish Musician’s Union is determined by the General Assembly, and the membership fee for the A-kassa unemployment fund is set annually by the Financial Supervisory Authority. In 2024, the union membership fee is EUR 26/month. There are two payment methods: employer collection and self-payment.

The membership fee for full-time music students is EUR 10/month, billed in three-month installments. Student members should consider joining the unemployment fund at the latest towards the end of their studies.

For members who are retired or on indefinite disability pension, the membership fee is EUR 50/year.

The membership fee is tax-deductible, and the union annually provides information to the tax authorities about the paid membership fees.