Rock Beats Scissors

The peaceful Rock Beats Scissors protest was held on Monday, April 15, 2024. The purpose of the protest was to remind that creative industries have a significant impact on both the economy and national identity and well-being. As the bedrock of society, culture is an important part of mental resilience and produces considerable researched well-being and health effects. Culture helps Finns cope with everyday challenges, despite the grim news coming from around the world.

Held concurrently with Petteri Orpo’s government’s framework session, the aim of the protest was to justify that it is not advisable to cut state funding for culture by highlighting the proven results and future benefits that our sector produces, and to provide information to ensure fair decision-making regarding state budget austerity measures.

Participating in the protest were:

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The peaceful Rock Beats Scissors protest for creative professionals, which began on Friday, March 22, is visible on social media and at creative industry events during March and April 2024.

The importance of the creative industries as employers and their share of the gross domestic product have been steadily increasing.

The theme of the protest is Rock Beats Scissors, which is familiar to everyone from the rock-paper-scissors game. The rock symbolizes the bedrock of culture, which stands united against threatening scissors, reminding us of the intangible capital created by creative professionals, which enriches both Finnish cultural life and the economy. We hold in our hands a significant growth sector, the care of which has a great impact on the vitality of society as a whole.

Creative professionals appeal to decision-makers: no more cuts targeting the passionate and tireless work to boost Finnish economic growth with original and interesting work.