Sanni Kahilainen

Communications Manager

Sanni Kahilainen is Head of Communications at the Finnish Musicians’ Union. Her responsibilities include communications and events of the union, as well as communications of Radio Helsinki and Helsinki G Livelab venue.

Sanni works on societal and decision-making cooperation, collaborations, equality, freedom of expression and music rights, as well as international affairs. Kahilainen is a member of the boards of Livelaboratorio Oy and ESES foundation, and the Vice Chair of the boards of the International Music Council (IMC) and Freemuse, an organization monitoring and defending freedom of expression internationally.

Sanni can be contacted broadly regarding communications and collaborations for the union, Radio Helsinki, and Helsinki G Livelab club, as well as other themes mentioned above.

In her work, Sanni is motivated by the union’s membership and their work.

“What motivates me in my work is the union’s wonderful and diverse membership. Our members should be able to focus on their music career – to achieve this, the union promotes other matters on their behalf.

At the same time, we must promote the future of music life in Finland and internationally – the opportunity to create art is not at all self-evident. Culture, democracy, peace, and well-being go hand in hand.

A big source of inspiration is, of course, all the great music for which we can thank our members!”