Sami Vähäkangas

Producer, Student Liaison

Producer Sami Vähäkangas works with events, communications, and the website at the Finnish Musicians’ Union. Sami is studying cultural management, so event productions from planning to execution are familiar to him. Sami is happy to assist with questions related to events and the website.

Sami also serves as the liaison for students within the union – you can contact him for student services, school visits, or issues related to student membership.

Supporting musicians in their work and advocacy work motivates Sami in his job.

“I’ve experienced some of the most memorable moments of my life through music and concerts. In my career, I want to be involved in enabling musicians to focus on the essential aspects of their work so they can offer us all these amazing experiences. What interests me most in my work is societal impact and interactions with industry representatives and musicians.”

Sami serves as a deputy member of the board of Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry (The Association For Culture on Equal Terms) and as a member of the steering group of Kestävämmän Musiikkialan Työkalupakki (the Sustainable Music Industry Toolkit), better known as KEMUT, network.