Rosanna Mantila

Communications Planner

Finnish Musicians’ Union’s Communications Planner, Rosanna Mantila, handles a diverse range of communication and production tasks in her daily work. She is responsible for the union’s social media, website, and the production of the monthly newsletter. She also works with the union’s artist residencies – particularly handling the daily affairs of the residencies in Los Angeles, Mijas, and London.

Rosanna holds a Master’s degree in philosophy. She has studied musicology at the University of Helsinki, with sociology and communication as her minor subjects. She has gained expertise in music industry communication tasks and event management. As a side job, Rosanna is a radio journalist, which has provided her with an understanding of the media industry. She is also a musician herself.

Rosanna finds inspiration in the communications opportunities within the union and the media.

“The Finnish Musicians’ Union, as its slogan suggests, is a supporter of voices – our mission is to act as a mouthpiece for musicians and the music industry in various societal issues. It’s important that we advocate for the status and significance of the industry and its creators.”

Rosanna can be contacted for communications and website-related matters. She can also be approached for questions regarding the residencies.

Rosanna serves as a member of the board of Yhdenvertaisen kulttuurin puolesta ry (The Association For Culture on Equal Terms).