Jaakko Kämäräinen

Freelance Coordinator

Jaakko Kämäräinen is the Freelance Coordinator at the Finnish Musicians’ Union, and he advocates comprehensively for the interests of freelance musicians. Currently, Jaakko’s work focuses particularly on mental well-being within the ongoing Mental Health Toolkit project.

With over twenty years of experience as a freelance musician and qualifications as a supervisor, Jaakko has gained a broad understanding of the challenges and phenomena encountered in the musician’s profession. Working as a freelance musician has provided Jaakko with insight into various aspects of the profession. Supervision provides tools for self-awareness and supports well-being at work.

Jaakko can be contacted regarding issues related to the freelance musician’s working life – he provides advice and support to union members.

Jaakko is particularly motivated by the development and improvement of musicians’ working life.

“My interest is especially focused on developing work well-being with both individual musicians and various groups.”

Jaakko sits on the boards of the Finnish Musicians’ Union and the ESES foundation. He is also a member of the Gramex Council, the steering group of the Sustainable Music Industry Toolkit (KEMUT) network, the steering group of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Continuing Education, and the Music as a Profession working group of the Finnish Music Council (FMC).