The membership fee for the Finnish Musicians’ Union is determined by the General Assembly, while the amount of the membership fee for the unemployment fund A-kassa is set annually by the Financial Supervisory Authority. In 2024, the membership fee for the union is EUR 26 per month. There are two payment methods: employer withholding and self-payment.

The membership fee for full-time music students is EUR 10 per month, and the fees are billed in three-month installments. It is advisable for student members to join the unemployment fund before the end of their studies.

For members who are retired or on indefinite disability pension, the membership fee is EUR 50 per year.

Membership fees are tax-deductible, and the union annually provides the tax authorities with information about paid membership fees.

Members under employer withholding are those working in indefinite or over 3-month continuous fixed-term employment in city orchestras and city theaters, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO), as well as the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Based on the authorization provided by the member, the employer collects the union and unemployment fund membership fees and remits them to the union. Members can track the collection of membership fees, for example, from their payroll statements. If there are any uncertainties regarding the collection, please contact the union office. When changing workplaces, the member must make a new collection agreement with the new employer and cancel the agreement with the former employer. Authorization forms are available from orchestra shop stewards, payroll offices, and the union office.

It’s important that membership fees are paid with the correct reference number so that they are correctly recorded in personal membership register information.

The Finnish Musicians’ Union is an electronic invoicer, so self-paying members can change their membership fee invoice to an e-invoice in their online bank by ordering an e-invoice from the directory for the Finnish Musicians’ Union.

Member is exempt from membership fees for the period during which they are on maternity, paternity, or parental leave, or performing military service, up to a maximum of one year. Membership fee exemption is granted only for unpaid periods, and it must be applied for separately.

The board of the Finnish Musicians’ Union may grant an exemption from membership fees for a specific period due to long-term illness or disability. The exemption can last for up to one year and can only be granted for the period during which the applicant does not receive a salary for musician work under the law or contract.

An informal application must be submitted to the union’s office, and it should include, for example, a copy of a medical certificate indicating the duration of the illness or a decision from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

A member cannot be exempt from paying the unemployment fund’s membership fee.

Changes to membership fees and membership status should be communicated to the union office via email at

Changes of address or name have to be reported both to the union office and to the unemployment fund A-kassa office.

Members can transfer to another branch of the union. For example, when a member moves to another city, it’s recommended that they transfer to the nearest section of the union. Notification of the transfer should be sent to the union’s office.

When a member goes on a leave of absence, takes parental leave, moves abroad for work, or becomes unemployed, they must notify the union office. In such cases, if the member’s membership fees were previously collected through employer collection, the employer will no longer deduct membership fees, and the union office will bill the member directly.

Resignation from the union and unemployment fund’s membership has to be announced by a written notification to the union office. Resignation is valid at the end of the month the notification has been done.

Periods of employment and insurance acquired as a member of the unemployment fund will be maintained if you transfer from one unemployment fund to another within one month. Membership fees must have been paid to the previous unemployment fund / union until the time of resignation, as prescribed by the rules. If the one-month transition period is exceeded, you will have to re-fill the periods of employment and insurance with the new unemployment fund. You cannot be a member of two unemployment funds at the same time. You must take care of terminating your membership of another unemployment fund / union yourself.

Members whose membership fee is collected by the employer (permanently employed orchestra musicians) should make sure that their withdrawal has been completed. These members also fill up a cancellation of the power of attorney. To end the membership, the musician also has to make a written notification to the union office. In many cases a former orchestra musician continues the membership in A category.

A member can be dismissed due to unpaid membership fees. If the fees have not been paid for a period of six months, the member is dismissed according to the union rules.