Berlin residence rental guide

1.1 Entering the residence

The mail address of the residence is

Finnish Musicians Union
Gneisenaustrasse 113 ETW nr 7
10961 Berlin

The rental period starts on Monday at 18:00. If, for some reason, you need to get in the apartment already before 15:00, for example to bring in your luggage, you need to arrange this well in advance with the previous guest (not calling the same day) and also inform the union office. You will get contact information from the union office.

In case you need to get in the apartment between 15:00 and 18:00, when it is being cleaned, you must agree this with the union office. We need to give the cleaners enough time to do their job.

1.2 Leaving the apartment

The rental period ends on Monday at 15:00. If you need to stay longer you must arrange it with the union office well in advance. If you need to stay after 18:00, you must agree this also with the next guest well in advance. It is too late to call on the arrival day. You can get contact information from the union office.

Before leaving, remember to:

  • do the dishes and put them in place
  • take the trash out to the trashcans in the courtyard
  • put new bags in the wasteboxes
  • return empty bottles in one of the grocery stores
  • put used towels and linen from beds to the laundry baskets
  • put blankets and pillows used with the sofa beds in the bedboxes in the sofa beds
  • make sure that furniture and other objects are in place
  • turn off electric appliances
  • return keys to the velcro board/shelf
  • return heating settings to their original values if they have been changed
  • close all windows
  • close the grand piano top and keyboard cover
  • contribute to the guest book
  • lock both doors (upstairs and downstairs)
  • take the keys you got from the union office back to Finland with you.

1.3 Keys

Two keys are needed for the residence, one for the door from the street and the other for both apartment doors (upstairs and downstairs) and the security lock upstairs. Don’t leave the key in the lock inside, as the lock cannot then be opened from outside. When exiting the apartment, do not leave the security chain on in the downstairs bedroom.

Do not give the keys to outsiders in any situation.

To lock the apartment doors, rotate the key two full turns clockwise. This applies to the security lock upstairs as well. To open, turn key anti-clockwise two full turns. The locks may need some determination to operate, but you shouldn’t use force. It is important to note, that the doors will not be properly locked just by closing them, as in Finland, but you always need to use the key. The insurance company requires doors to be locked properly.

Please return the keys you got from the union office back to the office in time. Leave the keys that were waiting for you in the apartment on the velcro board at the upper level exit.

Bicycle keys are kept on the main entrance hallway shelf.

1.4 Damages, deficiencies and contact details

If something that should be in the apartment is missing or if there are damages, please report to the union office without delay.

Contact details:

Union office:
Pieni Roobertinkatu 16
00120 Helsinki

Kaisu Junno, Office Manager of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+ 358 (0) 44 544 0206

Ahti Vänttinen, Chairperson of the Finnish Musicians’ Union:
+358 (0) 50 569 5585

Check that power on light is lit at least in the left and right speakers if you want to listen to stereo material. If power lights are off, turn the speakers on using the dial in the low left corner on the front of the speakers, and turn the dial fully clockwise. When listening to multichannel audio or using ambient simulations, turn on all of the 5 speakers, unless they are already switched on. Volume is controlled using the remote control (Yamaha).

2.1 CD’s

You can listen to CD’s using the Blu-Ray player upstairs (Samsung, top left on the shelf):

  1. Turn on the Blu-Ray player with a remote.
  2. Turn on the TV with a remote (Panasonic).
  3. With the TV remote, press AV (top right corner) and then select HDMI 1 from the menu that pops up.

If you want to listen to CD’s on the Playstation 3 console, choose HDMI 2.

When listening to normal stereo material, select a STEREO program, and to bypass ambient simulations select STRAIGHT. Volume is controlled using the large +/- buttons of the remote.

2.2 Listening to music from your own device

You can listen to music from your phone, laptop etc:

  1. Connect your device to the white cable (3,5 mm mini stereo headphone type jack) that is located either on or behind the TV shelf.
  2. Choose MD/CD-R as the amplifier (Yamaha) source.
  3. Choose either ”2 ch STEREO” or ”7 ch STEREO” as the sound program by pressing the blue ”STEREO” button on the amplifier’s remote.

You can also use the Bluetooth-receiver (Belkin P09) on the living room TV shelf. Choose ”CD” as the source.

2.3 Listening to music at the work station

You can also connect your own music players to the downstairs workstation speakers. Connect your device to the mixer using the cable on the table.

2.4 Speakers

All speakers in the residence are active speakers by Genelec. “Active” means that each speaker must be powered up before use. If there is no sound, check the power on LED in the front of the speakers first. To the left of the TV table upstairs there is an active subwoofer that must be powered up in order for the audio signal to pass to the satellite speakers (3 in front, 2 in the rear).

The speakers may be left powered up under normal circumstances, even when leaving the residence. Upstairs, four of the speakers are placed on a stand, but are not attached to the stand. The stands do not stand very firmly on the uneven wooden floor, so please do not move or push them.

You can view DVD/Blu-Ray discs with both televisions. Upstairs, discs can be played back with the Blu-Ray player (Samsung, top left on the shelf) or the Sony PS3 console (black, on the shelf to the right of the TV) and downstairs with a Blu-Ray disc player.

3.1 Watching DVD/Blu-Ray content:


  1. Open the TV with the remote controller (bigger Panasonic) by pressing the power button for two seconds.
  2. Press AV button (upper right corner of the remote) and select HDMI 1. If you want to watch content on a PS3 console, select HDMI 2.
  3. Turn on the amplifier (Yamaha, bottom left on shelf) using the remote or the unit’s power switch.
  4. Select CBL/DTV (TV sound) as the audio source using the remote (Yamaha). When the remote’s yellow switch is set to ”AMP”, you can choose stereo sound modes with blue buttons on the remote. Select your movie sound mode with the ”Movie” button; ”Standard” is a decent basic setting.
  5. Check that power LED is lit on all speakers (3 front, 2 rear). If not, switch speakers on by turning the rotating dial (volume) on the lower left corner of the speakers fully clockwise.
  6. Volume is controlled by the amplifier remote controller and indicated on the amplifier display in decibels (dB) – usable volume is between –40 and –20 dB.
  7. ALWAYS turn off the plasma TV after use to avoid static images burning permanently onto the screen.

User manuals are kept in the shelf left of the upstairs bathroom door for further reference.


  1. Open the TV using the remote controller (Panasonic) and select AV (upper right corner of the remote).
  2. Select HDMI 2 from the menu and press ENTER.
  3. Turn the Blu-Ray player on and insert the disc. The sound will be output by the TV speakers.
  4. ALWAYS turn off the plasma TV after use to avoid still images burning permanently onto the screen.

3.2 Watching your own content

You can mirror your laptop to the TV upstairs:

  1. Connect your laptop to the HDMI cable on the TV shelf.
  2. From the TV remote, press AV button.
  3. Choose HDMI 4 from the menu.

If you don’t see an HDMI cable on the TV shelf, you can connect your laptop with an HDMI cable to the HDMI 4 input which is located behind the lid of the lower front panel. The sound is played from the Genelec speakers when you choose CBL/DTV input from the Yamaha amplifier.

3.3 Films

List of Blu-Rays and DVDs in the residence:

  • Amadeus,1984 (DVD)
  • American Gangster, 2008 (DVD)
  • America’s Sweethearts, 2002 (DVD)
  • Aquarium, 2009 (BD)
  • Australia, 2008 (BD)
  • Beware of Mr. Baker, 2013 (DVD)
  • Boblins: Värikkäät lehmät, 2004 (DVD)
  • Cadillac Records, 2008 (BD)
  • Die Legende von Paul und Paula, 1999 (DVD)
  • Hancock, 2008 (BD)
  • Hui kauhistus, family opera (Jukka Linkola), 2009 (DVD)
  • Jaco, 2015 (BD)
  • Jeff Beck performing this week live at Ronnie Scott’s, 2009 (BD)
  • Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light, 2010/1979 (DVD)
  • Kovasikajuttu, movie about the band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, 2012 (DVD)
  • Godfather II, 1974 (DVD)
  • The Reunion, 2013 (DVD)
  • Mamma Mia, 2008 (BD)
  • Mauerflug, 2005 (DVD) – Doesn’t work on the upstairs Blu-Ray player.
  • No Country for Old Men, 2007 (DVD)
  • Michael Jackson’s This Is It, 2010 (BD)
  • Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas 1999 (DVD)
  • The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002 (DVD)
  • Monty Python and The Holy Grail, 1974 (DVD)
  • Musiikin muisti, Songs from the past, 2011 (DVD)
  • New Morning: The Paris Concert – Mike Stern Band, 2009 (BD)
  • Nick Cave, 20.000 Days on Earth, 2014 (DVD)
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975 (DVD)
  • Orchestra Wives, 1942 (DVD)
  • Touch of Evil, 1958 (DVD)
  • Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up – Live, 2006 (BD)
  • Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S., 2002 (DVD)
  • Pearl Harbor, 2007 (BD)
  • Planet Erde (Planet Earth, the complete BBC series), 2006 (BD)
  • Ran, 1985 (DVD)
  • Sieben Leben (Seven Pounds), 2008 (BD)
  • Smokey and the Bandit II ja III, 1980 ja 1983 (DVD)
  • Star, 1968 (DVD)
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble: Live at the El Mocambo, 1991 (DVD)
  • Stevie Wonder: Live at Last, 2009 (BD)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum, 2007 (DVD)
  • The Police: Certifiable, Live in Buenos Aires, 2008 (BD)
  • The Recruit, 2003 (DVD)
  • Tokasikajuttu, 2018 (DVD)
  • Trip to Asia, Die Suche nach dem Einklang, 2008 (DVD)
  • U-571, 2000 (DVD)
  • Whitesnake: Live at Castle Donington, 2008 (DVD)
  • Yellowjackets, The Paris Concert, 2008 (BD)
  • Zodiac, 2007 (BD)
  • ZweiOhrKüken, 2009 (BD)

Please don’t take movies with you from the residence. If you want to leave some of your own discs in the residence, future guests will thank you.

3.4 Playstation 3 and games

The Playstation 3 (PS3) console attached to the HDMI 2 input of the TV upstairs is a multifunctional entertainment device. You can play games, watch movies in almost any format (DVD, Blu-Ray etc.), listen to music (CD, mp3 etc.), view digital photos and browse the internet. The residence doesn’t have an internet connection, so if you need one for the PS3, you would have to share the connection from your own device.

Do not:

  • Create unnecessary user accounts
  • Change the console’s settings unless you actually know what you are doing
  • Alter the physical connections
  • Leave your own files on the hard disk.

The console has a dedicated remote (Sony).

Pressing the PS button on the controller turns the controller and the console on. The console can be shut down by pressing the PS button for a while and choosing TURN OFF THE SYSTEM from the menu. Controllers are charged by connecting them to the console with a USB cable while the console is on. When the battery of the controller is almost empty, there will be an on-screen warning. You should then connect the controller to the console with a USB cable. You can use another controller by pressing the PS button on it. You can also continue using the previous controller with the USB cable connected. If you use the controllers, please charge them fully for the next guest before you leave, and turn off the PS3 console (the red light will be lit).

When starting to use the PS3, if the status led on the right is not lit, turn power on from the extension cord socket switch on the floor under the AV cabinet (this powers all the AV devices). If the light is still not on, turn power on from the switch at the back panel of the PS3.


  • After Hours Athletes
  • Destiny
  • Little BIG Planet
  • Little BIG Planet 2
  • Minecraft
  • Singstar Abba
  • Singstar Queen
  • Singstar Motown

For SingStar games there are two wireless (and one wired) microphones, whose monitoring volume can be individually adjusted in the game. To save batteries (AA), turn off the wireless mics after use by pushing the switch forward for a moment until the light turns off. There are also two Move controllers to be used with games requiring these controllers or including Move features.

4.1 Practicing and working

All the doors of the upper living room must be closed when you play, sing or listen to music/watch TV, movies etc. in a way that produces noise.

The residence is in an ordinary residential block of flats. Behave responsibly and use common sense in how much noise the neighbours can be exposed to and what is an appropriate time of the day for such exposure. As the grand piano can be played also silently using the headphones, it is wise to do this whenever possible. You can also listen to the bass amp using headphones.

There are active speakers in the downstairs workspace, too, but especially in the evening and night it is advisable to use headphones. The speakers can be turned off by turning the dial at the bottom left corner of the speakers fully anti-clockwise.

Five music stands, five battery-powered notelights as well as three microphone stands are provided.

4.2 Grand piano

The grand piano is Yamaha model C3 silent (186 cm), so it can also be played silently using headphones. On the left side below the keys there is a lever which you need to pull in order to transform the instrument into a silent digital piano. Beside the headphone input there is a volume dial.

There is also a MIDI/USB cable interface (Roland UM-ONE) attached to the MIDI terminal of the grand piano. You can use the grand piano as a master keyboard and connect it, for example, to your laptop computer. Instructions and drivers can be found online.

The digital piano is always in tune, also when the acoustic grand piano isn’t anymore. The tuning of the grand piano must be agreed with the union office. We hope everyone understands that it cannot be tuned every week. When playing acoustically you can detach the music stand and lift it on top of the closed lid, which makes the sound a bit quieter.

4.3 Guitar and bass

There is a steel-string guitar (LAG) and an acoustic bass guitar (Höfner) hanging over the workstation downstairs. Please handle them carefully to maintain them in good condition for other users, and return them in their wall holders after use. If a string is broken, please change the whole set. If there are no string sets in the soft cases (in the cleaning closet downstairs), there are several guitar shops in Berlin.

Please don’t try to adjust the truss rods unless you know what you are doing.

There is also a small bass combo with amp modeling, effects and a rhythm machine. There are two foldable stools suitable for playing.

4.4 Workstation

The downstairs workstation is equipped with:

  • Yamaha MIDI/USB keyboard
  • 24 inch FullHD LCD display (with VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs)
  • 2 Genelec active speakers
  • a mixer
  • a bass amp
  • a laser printer
  • headphones

Basic connections are ready, do not change them unnecessarily. If you change any connections, change them back before leaving the residence. There are adaptors for connecting a Mac laptop to the display. Please do not take them away.

User manuals are on the table or in the TV shelf. In order to use the master keyboard (Yamaha), you may need to install drivers from the disc or from Yamaha website. You can use the keyboard in USB or MIDI mode, so please make sure you select the correct option from the keyboard menu. The keyboard is just a controller, so it doesn’t produce any sound by itself.

If you need more space for accommodation, the downstairs workstation table may be placed in front of the window. Move the curtain to the side first. Please be careful with cables (detach what is necessary first), and don’t try to move the table alone. Return the workstation to its original location and re-connect cables before you leave the residence.

The small table in the dining room doubles as an extra work surface in the workstation. Please return it upstairs before you leave.

5.1 Public transportation

Public transportation tickets are valid for all mass transport vehicles: S-Bahn, subway, buses, trams and ferries.

5.2 Bicycles

At the courtyard, there are four bicycles belonging to the residence:

  • a black 28 inch unisex city bike
  • a slightly smaller brownish red city bike
  • a dark blue lowframe model with 7 gears
  • a blue ladies frame bike with 7 gears

The bikes are marked with the letters “SML”. The keys are on the shelf in the main entry hallway. You can also rent more bikes from the nearby shops, or with different mobile apps such as NextBike, Call-A-Bike or Donkey Republic.

You can find a foot pump equipped with a pressure meter at the entry hallway. Follow these instructions to fill the tires:

  1. Some of the tyres have “presta” valves, which means there is a small plug under the plastic dust cover of the valve. You need to carefully rotate it counter-clockwise to fully open it.
  2. Attach the smaller hole of the pump mouthpiece deep over the plug, keeping it strictly in 90 degree angle in relation to the rim.
  3. Lock the mouthpiece to the valve with the lever in the mouthpiece. Then just pump. If you have difficulties keeping the mouthpiece in the valve while pumping, you may need to hold the mouthpiece manually.
  4. The proper pressure is 65 PSI, except for the dark blue lowframe bike, whose max pressure is 40 PSI.
  5. When you’re done, open the lever, take the mouthpiece off the valve, and in the presta valves rotate the plug clockwise to tightly close the valve. Finally, close the plastic dust cover.

You can and should adjust saddle height with the tools on the shelf at the entry hallway.

There are battery-powered LED lights for the bikes in the basket in the entry hallway. The law says you need to use a white light in front and a red one in the rear when it’s dark. Put new batteries in and charge rechargeable ones when necessary and don’t leave lamps on the bikes. If the fixed lights don’t work, please use the LED lights found on the entry hallway shelf.

There are three size-adjustable helmets on the entry hallway shelf.

If you feel there is something wrong with the bikes, or if you can’t get air in the tyres, there are several bike service shops nearby. The bikes are used a lot and they’re kept outdoors, so it’s recommended to check their condition and test the brakes before riding them.

Riding the bikes happens at your own risk.

6.1 Beds

In the residence, the following beds are available:

  1. Downstairs small bedroom: 2 separate beds
  2. Downstairs master bedroom: a twin bed
  3. Downstairs work/living room: 2 expandable sleeper sofas (max 4 narrow bed spaces)
  4. Movable sleeping footstool (1 person)

In addition, the upstairs sofa can be used as a temporary bed.

6.2 Capacity

There are a maximum of 10 beds, but for a comfortable sleep, there’s room for 7 persons. If each guest wants a private bedroom, 3 persons can be accommodated (4 persons including the upstairs sofa).

6.3 Bed linen

Bed linen is provided for the number of persons stated in the rental contract. If you use more, you will be charged separately. Minimum charge is EUR 43 until June 30th, and EUR 45 from July 1st.

Please note that there are different types of sheets for different beds.

Used bed linen should be placed in the laundry baskets in the downstairs bathroom. The caretaker will take them out on Mondays.

Clean sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and pillowcases are in the master bedroom cupboard. There might also be some in bedboxes in the sofa beds as well as in the small downstairs bedroom shelf.

6.4 Shower

The ceiling fan in upstairs bathroom turns itself in a couple of minutes after the lights have been turned on, and it shuts itself off after the lights have been turned off. It’s recommended to keep the lights on for approximately 15 minutes after shower to evaporate the moisture in the bathroom.

Due to the water’s high calcium concentration, the glasswall in downstairs bathroom must be wiped with a squeegee after each shower. The squeegee is held in a cabin opposite of the shower.

6.5 Towels

There will be enough towels in the master bedroom cupboard for the number of guests mentioned in the rental agreement (1 large and 1 small per guest).

Please put used towels (not too wet, please) in the laundry basket for the cleaner to take away on Monday.

7.1 Printer

At the downstairs workstation there is a USB laser printer with wireless connectivity. You can find paper in the downstairs bookshelf. If paper runs out, it is polite to get some more for the next user. If ink is low and you can’t find new cartridges from stores, please inform the union office (preferably a little before it runs out entirely).

7.2 Televisions

There are two FullHD plasma televisions in the apartment. It is important not to leave a still image unnecessarily on the screen, and to turn off the TV sets when they are not in use, as they use up a lot of energy. A static image can burn in even a modern plasma screen, and then the TV is ruined. You shouldn’t touch the plasma screens. Pay special attention to this if you are staying with children.

For free TV channels, there are small antenna receivers on both TV shelves.

  1. From the TV remote’s AV button, choose HDMI 3 upstairs, or HDMI 1 downstairs.
  2. In upstairs the sound is played from the Genelec speakers when you choose CBL/DTV input from the Yamaha amplifier. In downstairs the sound can only be played from the TV speakers.

7.3 Books, magazines, maps and guides

The the map on the dining room wall is there – besides helping you find your way around –. to collect tips for good restaurants, shopping, specialty stores and other services, clubs, music venues etc. To keep it in organized, let’s just put a color-coded number tag in the pin, and write the explanation in the notebook. You shouldn’t add regular tourist attractions which are readily found in tourist guides, but rather try to include interesting things you have experienced or found yourself.

You will find maps of Berlin in tourist guides left in the apartment. You can find them also in kiosks and bookstores. There is a good map with search function on the Berlin city webpage.

If you want to leave books or Berlin guides in the residence, that will be appreciated by future guests. Guides, maps and leaflets are kept in the upper drawer of the cupboard left of the upstairs bathroom door. Do not leave unnecessary or irrelevant material, such as advertisements. Throw away outdated material.

7.4 Hair dryer

A hair dryer is provided in both bathrooms.

7.5 Umbrellas

There are two big umbrellas by the upper entry hallway for your use.

7.6 Ironing

There is a steam iron in the downstairs bathroom. The ironing board can be found in the downstairs cleaning closet.

7.7 Laundry

In the bathroom downstairs there is a washing machine which is also capable of drying the laundry. Please see user manual in the bathroom shelf. Drying laundry in other ways is not recommended.

8.1 Cutlery, tableware and cooking

There is a basic cooking kit in the apartment. Due to the abundance of restaurants in the vicinity and in the whole of Berlin, and the reasonable prices in restaurants, there are no special utensils.

A basic assortment of tableware, cutlery as well as a basic cooking kit is available. A dishwasher can be found in the kitchen. If something essential is missing, please let us know at the union office.

Please wash the dishes before leaving the residence and put things where they belong. Doing the dishes is not part of the weekly cleaning service. Do not put the espresso kettle in the dishwasher.

8.2 Refrigerator/freezer

Do not leave food that can go bad in the refrigerator/freezer. Moderate amounts of unopened food products that can be stored for a long time, and whose best before date is indicated in the package, as well as unopened beverages may be left in the refrigerator to be used by future guests.

8.3 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

In the kitchen there are trash cans on the floor. Sort waste bags into the garbage cans at the courtyard. Please empty the trash cans in the kitchen before you leave, and put in new waste bags. Emptying the trash cans is not included in the weekly cleaning service. Please return empty bottles in one of the grocery stores.

9.1 Doors, windows and staircase

Some of the doors in the residence are not very high. If you are tall, please be careful. Don’t slam the old wooden doors, as they are easily damaged. Close them by pushing slowly and firmly.

You must not leave windows open while you are out of the apartment.

The spiral staircase connecting the upper and lower floor can be hazardous to small children and even adults. Please note the TV under the staircase. Be careful not to drop anything from the staircase. If you are tall, beware of your head.

9.2 Internet

There is no WLAN in the apartment. Please use your personal EU mobile data connection – almost every Finnish phone plan comes with a hefty package of EU mobile data. It is wise to check this in advance.

9.3 Safety

Berlin is considered to be a relatively safe city, but be careful anyway. Save in your mobile phone all the numbers (including area codes) you might need in various situations. There is a compilation of the most important numbers on the fridge. Remember to add the area code for Germany.

The doors of the apartment are safe, but be sure to learn the routine of locking all the doors properly the first day of your stay. If a door is not security locked (two full turns of the key), insurance will not cover damages or losses due to burglary, for example.

In the upstairs dining room there is a first aid/medicine cabinet and a dry power extinguisher. Don’t remove the keys. On the kitchen wall there is a fire blanket.

9.4 Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the residence. The closest place to smoke is the courtyard.

9.5 Water

Please use water sparingly. Water is heated with gas heaters situated in the bathrooms. Warm water production may not be as even as we have gotten used to in Finland. If warm water stops, close the tap and open it again. Gas heater should start again.

Tap water in Berlin is drinkable, but because of the pipes’ bad condition it may be wise to drink bottled water.

9.6 Parties, social functions and visitors

Neighbours should be informed of parties and other social functions in the apartment, which can cause noise or other disturbance, for example, by placing a note in the staircase (preferably in German). Of course, you can also go and tell them face to face.

You can invite visitors to the residence in moderate numbers at your own responsibility. It is, however, not allowed to accommodate visitors in the residence. For safety reasons, we do not recommend inviting strangers to the residence.

The apartment and its belongings are at the guest’s responsibility in all situations.

9.7 Pets

Pets are not allowed in the residence.

9.8 Cleaning

The weekly cleaning service will take place on Mondays between 14:00–18:00. The cleaner will enter the apartment with his/her own keys.

Included in the service is:

  • cleaning surfaces (floors, tables etc.)
  • taking out the laundry from laundry baskets downstairs and bringing in clean linen/towels.

You can find a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment in the closet in the small bedroom downstairs.