What should be taken into consideration when doing live stream gigs?

Info on Teosto’s website: Streaming and use of music during the corona situation (in Finnish).

Live streaming of music on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram is permitted without a specific contract. Teosto has in place a licensing agreement with said service providers under which they pay royalties to Testo for the use of music. You can perform your own music or that of others. Private individuals may also post their published live streams on said services for later viewing. Moreover, companies and organisations may, exceptionally, post live streams on said services after the live event is over. For companies and organisations, this is a temporary exceptional arrangement that will be in force as long the restrictions on gatherings apply.

Aside from Teosto permits, it is advisable to check whether the existing gig sales or recording agreements have a bearing on this. For example, a recording agreement may specify that the record label’s consent is required for the recording of all types of performances. On the other hand, media work such a live streaming may not be automatically included in the gig sales agreement. Performance within the meaning of a gig sales agreement usually means a live performance for a live audience, whereas a webcast over the electronic media is more akin to TV or other such transmissions.

If the event is organised by somebody else, it is advisable to check the Musicians’ Union’s live streaming and recording rates (recommendation, in Finnish). It applies to live streaming and recording of a live event and specifies a minimum compensation of EUR 183.74 per person for the on-demand rights of a performing artist. Normally, the royalties are paid through Gramex (Musicians’ Union’s form for reporting royalties for live streaming – Muusikkojen liiton livesuoratoistokorvausta koskeva ilmoituslomake), but now payments can also be made directly to the performers to expedite money transactions. If the organiser is Yle, the collective agreement specifying minimum rates may also come into play.

If any playback tapes are to be used during the gig, it is advisable to check who holds the rights to the tapes.

Advice and assistance are provided by the Finnish Musicians’ Union, if necessary.