Quarantine and communicable disease allowance

If you or your child under 16 is found to have contracted a generally hazardous communicable disease and you or your child under 16 is quarantined and you incur a loss of income as a result of this, you may be entitled to the communicable disease allowance.

If you work part-time and draw an adjusted earnings-related unemployment allowance, the communicable disease allowance will not prevent the payment of the earnings-related benefit, but the disease allowance will be deducted. Remember to indicate the social benefits you are receiving / have applied for in your application.

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Falling ill while drawing unemployment allowance


If you fall ill while drawing unemployment allowance, you may continue to apply for the allowance. An illness of short duration, less than 10 days, will not stop the payments of the unemployment allowance. If your illness lasts longer than 10 days, you need to apply to Kela for a sickness allowance. Then, your unemployment fund will pay your earnings-related unemployment allowance for the waiting period, subject to certain conditions.

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FAQ – Falling ill and quarantine


I have been quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic and must cancel gigs / stay at home. Will I continue to draw a salary while quarantined?

In order to prevent the spread of an infectious disease, you may be ordered to stay away from your workplace, self-isolate or be placed under quarantine. Any such order is personal and given by the physical responsible for communicable diseases. You will draw a salary or receive the communicable disease allowance for the duration of your absence. Whether or not you are entitled to pay during your absence depends on the collective labour agreement. If the collective agreement that applies to you stipulates that you will be paid during an absence under the terms of the Finnish Communicable Diseases Act, you will receive sick pay.

For example, the general municipal collective agreement (kunnallinen yleinen virka- ja työehtosopimus) stipulates that sick pay will be paid to staff who have been ordered to abstain from work or placed in isolation.

For musicians, collective agreements do not normally include provisions on the payment of wages, or work is carried out on a self-employed basis. Under these circumstances, all those who have been ordered to abstain from work or isolate or be quarantined are entitled to Kela’s communicable disease allowance. The same right is enjoyed by guardians of children under 16, if an order has been issued to keep such a child at home and the guardian is prevented from working because of such an order. No waiting period applies to Kela’s communicable disease allowance which provides full compensation for the loss of earnings due to absence, isolation or quarantine. The sickness allowance is calculated according to the salary you would have drawn if you had continued to work. If you are self-employed, your sickness allowance will be calculated on the basis of your annual YEL or MYEL contribution.

For the payment of the communicable disease allowance, Kela needs a statement from a physician responsible for communicable diseases in your municipality or hospital district confirming that you have been instructed to stay away from work, self-isolate or be quarantined. As the daily allowance is intended to cover the loss of income, it is only paid for the days when you have been unable to work due to isolation or quarantine.

This means that the daily allowance will not be paid during annual leaves or if you are able to work from home. A certificate issued by the employer is required to verify the loss of earnings. This is why it is important to ensure that all shifts and gigs are agreed upon in writing in advance.

Kela may also pay the daily allowance to persons who are placed under quarantine or isolation elsewhere in the EU territory. To receive the daily allowance you will need to present a statement by a physician authorised to issue isolation or quarantine orders.

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I have contracted the coronavirus. Am I eligible for sick pay?

In case of illness, the standard regulations regarding sick pay and the payment of sickness allowance by Kela will apply.


Will the Musicians’ Sickness Fund cover any loss of earnings or costs arising from the coronavirus pandemic?

The Musicians’ Sickness Fund provides insurance cover for members of the Musicians’ Union aged 16 to 67. The Sickness Fund is not intended for members in the ‘T’ fee category.

The fund will pay a daily sickness allowance for a period of up to 90 days for each work day agreed before the onset of the illness and lost because of it to cover the waiting period (usually nine days) specified in the Health Insurance Act, with the exception of the first day of incapacity for work. No daily allowance will be paid if you are in receipt of holiday pay, full sickness allowance, unemployment allowance, training or labour market subsidy, etc. If your employer pays part of your salary, the fund may supplement this by paying a partial daily allowance.

If you are admitted to hospital in Finland, the fund will compensate the in-patient charges and the basic charge levied by hospitals and health centres in accordance with the lowest payment category of a central hospital’s operational unit for up to 10 days each calendar year.