Covid Grants 1–4

The Union’s Covid Grants 1 and 2 were to be applied for in 2020, and the Covid Grant 3 in 2021 and the fourth Covid Grant in January of 2022. The grants were available through the Union’s mobile application.

The grant has been awarded for music work on a need-by-need basis. Its amount is 1000 € (equivalent to a work period of under two weeks) or 500 € (equivalent to a one-week work period).

In 2020, 983 grants totaling 701.000 € were distributed in rounds 1 and 2. A total of 1 813 applications were received in rounds 1 and 2.

In 2021 in the round 3 grants were awarded to 373 applicants for a total of 250.000 €, and 664 applications were received.

In January of 2022 in the round 4 grants were awarded to 448 applicants for a total of 300.000 €, and 985 applications were received.

Priority has been given to those who have not received grants or benefits in compensation for lost revenue, or whose received grants or benefits do not offer a basic means of living.

Additional information:
+ 358 (0) 50 4063 377, Sari Löytynoja, producer