Berlin residence rental guide

9. General

9.1 Doors, windows and staircase

Some of the doors in the residence are not very high. If you are tall, please be careful. Don’t slam the old wooden doors, as they are easily damaged. Close them by pushing slowly and firmly.

You must not leave windows open while you are out of the apartment.

The spiral staircase connecting the upper and lower floor can be hazardous to small children and even adults. Please note the TV under the staircase. Be careful not to drop anything from the staircase. If you are tall, beware of your head.

9.2 Internet

There is no WLAN in the apartment. Please use your personal EU mobile data connection – almost every Finnish phone plan comes with a hefty package of EU mobile data. It is wise to check this in advance.

9.3 Safety

Berlin is considered to be a relatively safe city, but be careful anyway. Save in your mobile phone all the numbers (including area codes) you might need in various situations. There is a compilation of the most important numbers on the fridge. Remember to add the area code for Germany.

The doors of the apartment are safe, but be sure to learn the routine of locking all the doors properly the first day of your stay. If a door is not security locked (two full turns of the key), insurance will not cover damages or losses due to burglary, for example.

In the upstairs dining room there is a first aid/medicine cabinet and a dry power extinguisher. Don’t remove the keys. On the kitchen wall there is a fire blanket.

9.4 Smoking

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the residence. The closest place to smoke is the courtyard.

9.5 Water

Please use water sparingly. Water is heated with gas heaters situated in the bathrooms. Warm water production may not be as even as we have gotten used to in Finland. If warm water stops, close the tap and open it again. Gas heater should start again.

Tap water in Berlin is drinkable, but because of the pipes’ bad condition it may be wise to drink bottled water.

9.6 Parties, social functions and visitors

Neighbours should be informed of parties and other social functions in the apartment, which can cause noise or other disturbance, for example, by placing a note in the staircase (preferably in German). Of course, you can also go and tell them face to face.

You can invite visitors to the residence in moderate numbers at your own responsibility. It is, however, not allowed to accommodate visitors in the residence. For safety reasons, we do not recommend inviting strangers to the residence.

The apartment and its belongings are at the guest’s responsibility in all situations.

9.7 Pets

Pets are not allowed in the residence.

9.8 Cleaning

The weekly cleaning service will take place on Mondays between 14:00–18:00. The cleaner will enter the apartment with his/her own keys. Included in the service is:

  • cleaning surfaces (floors, tables etc.)
  • taking out the laundry from laundry baskets downstairs and bringing in clean linen/towels.

You can find a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment in the closet in the small bedroom downstairs.