Berlin residence rental guide

8. Kitchen

8.1 Cutlery, tableware and cooking

There is a basic cooking kit in the apartment. Due to the abundance of restaurants in the vicinity and in the whole of Berlin, and the reasonable prices in restaurants, there are no special utensils.

A basic assortment of tableware, cutlery as well as a basic cooking kit is available. A dishwasher can be found in the kitchen. If something essential is missing, please let us know at the union office.

Please wash the dishes before leaving the residence and put things where they belong. Doing the dishes is not part of the weekly cleaning service. Do not put the espresso kettle in the dishwasher.

8.2 Refrigerator/freezer

Do not leave food that can go bad in the refrigerator/freezer. Moderate amounts of unopened food products that can be stored for a long time, and whose best before date is indicated in the package, as well as unopened beverages may be left in the refrigerator to be used by future guests.

8.3 Waste, rubbish and empty bottles

In the kitchen there are trash cans on the floor. Sort waste bags into the garbage cans at the courtyard. Please empty the trash cans in the kitchen before you leave, and put in new waste bags. Emptying the trash cans is not included in the weekly cleaning service. Please return empty bottles in one of the grocery stores.