Berlin residence rental guide

7. Other devices and items

7.1 Printer

At the downstairs workstation there is a USB laser printer with wireless connectivity. You can find paper in the downstairs bookshelf. If paper runs out, it is polite to get some more for the next user. If ink is low and you can’t find new cartridges from stores, please inform the union office (preferably a little before it runs out entirely).

7.2 Televisions

There are two FullHD plasma televisions in the apartment. It is important not to leave a still image unnecessarily on the screen, and to turn off the TV sets when they are not in use, as they use up a lot of energy. A static image can burn in even a modern plasma screen, and then the TV is ruined. You shouldn’t touch the plasma screens. Pay special attention to this if you are staying with children.

For free TV channels, there are small antenna receivers on both TV shelves.

  1. From the TV remote’s AV button, choose HDMI 3 upstairs, or HDMI 1 downstairs.
  2. In upstairs the sound is played from the Genelec speakers when you choose CBL/DTV input from the Yamaha amplifier. In downstairs the sound can only be played from the TV speakers.

7.3 Books, magazines, maps and guides

The the map on the dining room wall is there – besides helping you find your way around –. to collect tips for good restaurants, shopping, specialty stores and other services, clubs, music venues etc. To keep it in organized, let’s just put a color-coded number tag in the pin, and write the explanation in the notebook. You shouldn’t add regular tourist attractions which are readily found in tourist guides, but rather try to include interesting things you have experienced or found yourself.

You will find maps of Berlin in tourist guides left in the apartment. You can find them also in kiosks and bookstores. There is a good map with search function on the Berlin city webpage.

If you want to leave books or Berlin guides in the residence, that will be appreciated by future guests. Guides, maps and leaflets are kept in the upper drawer of the cupboard left of the upstairs bathroom door. Do not leave unnecessary or irrelevant material, such as advertisements. Throw away outdated material.

7.4 Hair dryer

A hair dryer is provided in both bathrooms.

7.5 Umbrellas

There are two big umbrellas by the upper entry hallway for your use.

7.6 Ironing

There is a steam iron in the downstairs bathroom. The ironing board can be found in the downstairs cleaning closet.

7.7 Laundry

In the bathroom downstairs there is a washing machine which is also capable of drying the laundry. Please see user manual in the bathroom shelf. Drying laundry in other ways is not recommended.