Berlin residence rental guide

6. Beds and shower

6.1 Beds

In the residence, the following beds are available:

  1. Downstairs small bedroom: 2 separate beds
  2. Downstairs master bedroom: a twin bed
  3. Downstairs work/living room: 2 expandable sleeper sofas (max 4 narrow bed spaces)
  4. Movable sleeping footstool (1 person)

In addition, the upstairs sofa can be used as a temporary bed.

6.2 Capacity

There are a maximum of 10 beds, but for a comfortable sleep, there’s room for 7 persons. If each guest wants a private bedroom, 3 persons can be accommodated (4 persons including the upstairs sofa).

6.3 Bed linen

Bed linen is provided for the number of persons stated in the rental contract. If you use more, you will be charged separately. Minimum charge is 43 €.

Please note that there are different types of sheets for different beds.

Used bed linen should be placed in the laundry baskets in the downstairs bathroom. The caretaker will take them out on Mondays.

Clean sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and pillowcases are in the master bedroom cupboard. There might also be some in bedboxes in the sofa beds as well as in the small downstairs bedroom shelf.

6.4 Shower

The ceiling fan in upstairs bathroom turns itself in a couple of minutes after the lights have been turned on, and it shuts itself off after the lights have been turned off. It’s recommended to keep the lights on for approximately 15 minutes after shower to evaporate the moisture in the bathroom.

Due to the water’s high calcium concentration, the glasswall in downstairs bathroom must be wiped with a squeegee after each shower. The squeegee is held in a cabin opposite of the shower.

6.5 Towels

There will be enough towels in the master bedroom cupboard for the number of guests mentioned in the rental agreement (1 large and 1 small per guest).

Please put used towels (not too wet, please) in the laundry basket for the cleaner to take away on Monday.