Berlin residence rental guide

5. Moving around Berlin

5.1 Public transportation

Public transportation tickets are valid for all mass transport vehicles: S-Bahn, subway, buses, trams and ferries.

You can find more information about the public transportation in here >

5.2 Bicycles

At the courtyard, there are four bicycles belonging to the residence:

  • a black 28 inch unisex city bike
  • a slightly smaller brownish red city bike
  • a dark blue lowframe model with 7 gears
  • a blue ladies frame bike with 7 gears

The bikes are marked with the letters “SML”. The keys are on the shelf in the main entry hallway. You can also rent more bikes from the nearby shops, or with different mobile apps such as NextBike, Call-A-Bike or Donkey Republic.

You can find a foot pump equipped with a pressure meter at the entry hallway. Follow these instructions to fill the tires:

  1. Some of the tyres have “presta” valves, which means there is a small plug under the plastic dust cover of the valve. You need to carefully rotate it counter-clockwise to fully open it.
  2. Attach the smaller hole of the pump mouthpiece deep over the plug, keeping it strictly in 90 degree angle in relation to the rim.
  3. Lock the mouthpiece to the valve with the lever in the mouthpiece. Then just pump. If you have difficulties keeping the mouthpiece in the valve while pumping, you may need to hold the mouthpiece manually.
  4. The proper pressure is 65 PSI, except for the dark blue lowframe bike, whose max pressure is 40 PSI.
  5. When you’re done, open the lever, take the mouthpiece off the valve, and in the presta valves rotate the plug clockwise to tightly close the valve. Finally, close the plastic dust cover.

You can and should adjust saddle height with the tools on the shelf at the entry hallway.

There are battery-powered LED lights for the bikes in the basket in the entry hallway. The law says you need to use a white light in front and a red one in the rear when it’s dark. Put new batteries in and charge rechargeable ones when necessary and don’t leave lamps on the bikes. If the fixed lights don’t work, please use the LED lights found on the entry hallway shelf.

There are three size-adjustable helmets on the entry hallway shelf.

If you feel there is something wrong with the bikes, or if you can’t get air in the tyres, there are several bike service shops nearby. The bikes are used a lot and they’re kept outdoors, so it’s recommended to check their condition and test the brakes before riding them.

Riding the bikes happens at your own risk.